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Introduction:If you are familiar with the current popular Survival Games (1 and 2) But think the map are to huge, and just want to play with your friends.
Just a few hours ago I reported on ARK: Survival Evolved, a multiplayer first person survival game coming to Early Access in June 2015, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions planned for 2016. ARK: Survival Evolved will be powered by UE4 and will support DX12, joining Fable Legends, Ashes of Singularity and King of Wushu as the first DX12 titles. ARK: Survival Evolved takes on the survival genre with a unique blend of emergent multiplayer cooperation and competition. Use cunning strategy and tactics to tame and ride the many dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the dynamic, persistent ecosystems across land, sea, air, and even underground. Tame one of 60 amazing dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts, including gargantuan creatures on a scale never before seen in video games!
We will bring you any new information on ARK: Survival Evolved as soon as it becomes available. Knowing the map is also important so you can communicate with your tribe as to exactly where you want to be. Northern Plains – The Northern Plains are in the northern most region of the island which features a river that splits it in two.
Smuggler’s Pass – Smuggler’s Pass is a ravine of sorts which stretches across a lake and has forests on both sides. Hidden Lake – The Hidden Lake is a valley with a small lake which is hidden in the hills and trees of the northern region.
Dead Island – The Dead Island is an Island located off the cost which is known for having multiple beacons that spawn here. Eastern Plains – The Eastern Plains is similar to that of the Northern Plains in terms of dinosaurs and resources.
Eastern Forest – The Eastern Forest is located between the Eastern Plains and the Southern Islets.
Southern Islets – The Southern Islets are an archipelago that stretches across the southern coast. Cragg’s Island – Cragg’s Island is located in the southern most region and home to the Red Obelisk. Western Coast – The Western Coast is one of the largest areas as it spans most of the western coast. Western Plains – The Western Plains are unique for their waterfall which is a popular place for new players to flock to.
The Whitesky Peak – The Whitesky Peak is a frozen tundra region where cold resistance is definitely needed. Deep Island – Deep Island is located in the center of the island which is home to the Grand Peak.
Toch ga ik hem even promoten, na dit weer is gespeeld te hebben is het een must play PVP map. Deel 2 is een beetje aangepast en heeft de beste materialen in het midden in dit geval dus de DIAMONDS, deze zijn dus pas bereikbaar als de muur naar beneden komt.
In de download zit een txt file met informatie voor de HOST voor zowel LAN play of normal server play. Have been messing around with minecraft for a year now, made some little survival maps here and there for myself to enjoy. Still need to figure out the best way to create landscapes that look like the island itself. This map will probably not be a 100% accurate representation of Jurassic Park the first movie.
Wanna help out?You can now, only need to se what kind of build you can and how good you are.Send me a message if you are interested! I started making Isle Nublar using World Painter, and uploaded a photo of it.The island dimension's will be around 2048 block by 2048 blocks.
Hi there Captain_NA, well the project kinda died the last 8 months, reason why is because I didn't have time to work on it.
Well this Survival Game are more PVP based, more fast paced and with a larger number of chests!

Players awake naked and starving on the beach of a mysterious island among a herd of other confused humans. Build your character’s strengths and gain items, skills, and pet creatures using in-depth role-playing systems.
Fly a Pterodactyl squadron over the snow-capped mountains, race through the deep jungle with your pack of trained Raptors, tromp through a fortified enemy base along a convoy of gigantic Brontosaurus, or chase down prey on the back of a raging T-Rex.
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This island can be intimidating to new players so here is a full guide to the entire map with the areas labeled. Here you can find: Ankylosaurus, Dragonfly, Brontosaurus, Dilophosaur, Dragonfly, Pulmonoscorpius, Titanomyrma, and Stegosaurus.
This is a great place to set up a base camp if another tribe is not currently occupying it.
This area is a wetlands that is infested with: Argentavis, Phiomia, Pteranodon, Sarco, Scorpion, and Titanoboas. What’s noteworthy about this place is that you have a better chance of finding a Sarco here than in any of the areas in the North.
Native to the Eastern Forests are: Bronto, Carno, Dilo, Dimorphodon, Paracer, Raptor, and Trikes. You definitely need a water creature of raft to get here as most players who try and swim often fail and drown in the process. There are few dinosaurs and resources here but you can expect to find: Coelacanth, Dodo, Pachy, Trilobite, and Stegosaurus. This region is often very contested due to the beachy areas and tribes can easily isolate themselves and plan any attacks without drawing any unwanted attention.
The Whitesky Peak is home to packs of Direwolves so be sure to be on the lookout and keep your guard up when you are here.
This region is considered a snow region as temperatures will drop to the negatives during night time.
We collect, analyse, summarise and disseminate information about the game, while giving users a place to discuss it, and anything else they want, on our forums. Maar dus vallen, canons, sand traps en meer om zo snel mogelijk in het midden te kunnen komen en als eerste bij die Diamonds te zijn. Versla elkaar en be THE LAST MAN STANDING (of team) want je kan natuurlijk 1 vs 1 spelen maar ook 2 vs 2 of zelfs meer. But it was so annoying because I went through several sky scrapers but couldn't find a single chest.. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. On ARK, they must then hunt, harvest, craft, research technology, and build shelters to protect against scorching days, freezing nights, volatile weather systems, dangerous wildlife, and potential enemies.
Start a tribe with hundreds of other players to survive and dominate competing tribes…and ultimately discover the ARK’s true purpose. Players will quickly learn that dinosaurs aren’t the only dangerous creatures on the island. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page.
Knowing the map and knowing what dinosaurs spawn where and what region requires heat resistance or cold resistance is very important to learning the game and expanding your ARK Empire. The creatures that you can find here are: Ankylosaurus, Argentavis, Carnotaurus, Compy, Doedicurus, Sabertooth, Scorpion, Stegosaurus, Raptor, and Procoptodon. Be cautious as this mountain is extremely dangerous to traverse as you can easily slip and fall, I definitely recommend scaling it with creatures that can climb with ease.
For this reason, I do not recommend new players to travel to these areas unless they are equipped and ready to deal with some of the dangers.
Re you can expect to find Ankylosaurus, Gigantopithecus, Triceratops, Pachy, and Titanomyrma. This is one of the more friendly beginner regions as there are few dinosaurs available here that are deadly.

You can find: Dodo, Coelacanth, Pteranodon, Triceratops, Carbonemys, Dilo, Bronto, Trilobite, and Compys here.
This is one of the most dangerous regions on the island so it is recommended that new players to stay away until they can fight off the creatures that inhabit it. The starting area are a hovering cube in the middle of the map and the count-down clock are a stack of sand which will fall down with a fairly decent time. Other players are organizing rebel tribes to accumulate resources, experience, re-spawn points, and to construct sprawling villages and cities, with technology spanning the primitive stone-age to the modern electric-powered era and beyond. The following dinosaurs can be found in these plains: Dilo, Dragonfly, Megapiranha, Parasaur, Phiomia, Pteranodon, Raptor, Triceratops, Titanomyrma, Mammoth, Paracer, Sabertooth, Procoptodon, Stegosaurus, Giganotosaurus, and a Rex. You can find the following dinosaurs here: Ankylosaurus, Argentavis, Doedicurus, Raptor, Rex, Sabertooth, and Scorpions. There is no abundance of resources or creatures here as it is a island with mostly beaches. Here you can find: Ankylosaurus, Brontosaurus, Dilo, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Raptor, and Trilobites. Here you can expect to find Brontosaurus, Parasaur, Phiomia, Pteranodon, Megalodon, and Procoptodon.
The most common resources are: Silica Pearls, Oil, Berries, Flint, Metal, Stone and Thatch. You can expect to find: Direwolves, Sabertooths, Mammoths, Megaloceros, Kairuku, and the occasional Rex. In the Frozen Fang, you can expect to find: Crystal, Flint, Metal, Rare Flower, Rare Mushroom, and Stones. You can find a wide range of resources here such as Berries, Flint, Fiber, Metal, Stone, Thatch, and Wood. ARK: Survival Evolved - Fear Evolved2 weitere VideosDer neue DLC ist kostenlos – eine super Sache.
For this reason, this is the perfect beginning place for new players assuming they can make the journey to get here.
Mit Herausgabe des neuen Patches gab auch das Entwicklerteam Studio Wildcard bekannt, dass sie gute Mods von Hobbyentwicklern kaufen wollen – hochstwahrscheinlich haben sie eben genau dies damit getan.
There are primitive tree houses and anchored ship and old mine shafts and caves which are full of traps and secrets.
The mines are smart to explore to hopefully find some treasures, but be careful because the mines and shafts are also bad lighten up. Falls ihr ihn allerdings nicht findet, dann konnte es daran liegen, dass ihr die Update-Funktion ausgeschaltet habt.
Auch hier konnt ihr leben und Hauser bauen.mehr Bildersteckenalle BilderstreckenIn den Hohlen erwarten euch ubrigens ganz spezielle Herausforderungen, fur die ihr am Besten ein paar Freunde mitnehmt.
Der schwierigste Spawn-Punkt ist die Lava-Insel, weil hier schon nach kurzer Zeit viele Dinosaurier auf euch zukommen, um euch zu toten.
ARK – The Center: Wo sollt ihr bauen?Tja, diese Frage ist tatsachlich schwierig, denn ihr habt unglaublich viele Moglichkeiten zum Niederlassen und Bauen bei ARK.
Ihr solltet hierfur aber besser ein hoheres Level erreicht haben, weil ihr euch dann bessere Rustung craften konnt und dementsprechend besser geschutzt seid, wenn euch ein Dinosaurier angreift. Auch hier bietet sich ein guter Platz zum Leben.mehr Bildersteckenalle BilderstreckenAuch der Untergrund ist ein idealer Zufluchtsort, um zu bauen. Hier habt ihr wirklich viel Platz und konnt ganze Stadte grunden.Ein Besonderes Baugrundstuck erwartet euch in den Sauerstoffblasen, die ihr im Ozean vorfindet. In den Blasen findet ihr eigene Biome vor, wie etwa eine Jungle, in dem ihr Gras, Holz, Stein oder andere Fasern finden konnt. Es gibt hier im Gegensatz zur andere Blase Metalle, Kristalle, Ol und Siliziumperlen.So, alles klar?

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