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Long before satellite beacons, humans thrived in the wild with the best technology available: a knife. Flagstaff, Arizona–based survival expert Tony Nester helps today’s tech-dependent humans get back to their primal roots with his popular “Knife Only” course. Minecraft: Wii U Edition has been available for some time and, though it’s a remarkably good video game, it’s not felt especially Nintendo-ey. You might not know this, but we have some of the hottest data analysts in the world working at Mojang.
Earlier this year, we announced Minecraft: Education Edition, a new version of Minecraft designed to help kids learn real good and make better brain-words about stuff.

If you are in the wild and have nothing to do, just to play around with your knife , then you should surely watch this video. I know you’ve been thinking just about every day, “When’s the Minecraft movie coming out?” Luckily for you, we can finally say! Depending on your extra reserves (love handles were never so welcome), it takes a month or more to starve to death.
If you have a bottle of liquid left, drink it at your normal pace, or until your urine is mostly clear.
In Wild Survival you start off in a normal town, and from there you can do whatever you want, start a Zombie apocalypse, Post-apocalypse, even build a time machine..

Here is how to cut, slice, and pry your way out of any mess with these survival fundamentals.
Head down gullies, or dig wells with your knife: Find a spot that’s likely near the water table such as a riverbed.

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