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Shaheen Van Der Schyff spins up the magic at the Chetla Slum in Calcutta, India, while on tour with Performers Without Borders. Summary: With 14 per cent of parents paying for their adult children to holiday with them, how can you prevent the trip from descending into a nightmare? As much as you all love each other, holidays that involve parents and their adult children can be challenging.
New research from car hire firm Auto Europe found that 14 per cent of parents still pay for their kids to holiday with them even when they’re over the age of 18. It’s great that so many families feel they can enjoy a week away together, but spending so much time together in close proximity with nowhere to escape to means that arguments can be just a heartbeat away. If it does seem like a disagreement is about to arise, then it’s important to take control of the situation to prevent the day from being ruined.
Make sure you stay calm, don’t raise your voice and suggest the people involved in the argument spend a few minutes on their own or go for a brief walk to calm down and diffuse the situation.
Arrange an activity for you all to do together afterwards to help you forget about the debate and turn the day around so that the holiday is only remembered in a positive light.
Then, you could all meet up in the evenings to enjoy the local cuisine and a few drinks together to catch up about what you’ve been up to, and perhaps pass on ideas for where the other party might like to go the following day.
You might only have a few more opportunities to holiday together, so why not revisit the past and spend some time enjoying the activities you did together when they were younger? Get out the games you used to play together to amuse you during the evenings or if the weather turns bad, and revisit old favourite attractions.
After a short drive to the home of a reindeer farmer, go snowmobiling and sledging to track these semi-wild animals.

Following full driving and safety instructions, venture deeper into the wilderness on a snowmobile to Lake Menesjarvi where you will learn the secrets of ice-fishing. Your choice - explore the wilderness on a snowmobile, use the kick sledges or go snowshoeing. Dependent on flight schedules, there may be time for fun in the snow before heading off on a single, timed group departure from the hotel to Ivalo Airport.
Before you begin packing, be sure you’re aware of baggage or carry-on weight information across all modes of transportation. When you’re packing, make sure you start by placing a dryer sheet or two at the bottom, and a few more in between layers of clothes. Another option would be to travel with a premium tour company, like Insight Vacations.
To truly enjoy your European destination in comfort and style, there’s nothing like staying in a luxury boutique hotel. While you’re staying at the hotel, be sure to take advantage of the concierge service.
Emily’s back with a glitchier version of the Flutterby called the Flip Flerp Flutterby. These two take to the high seas with their hoops and spin up big smiles, sweet moves and serious hoop joy.
Auto Europe’s research showed that parents give their adult children an average of ?165 spending money per trip, so you could use this as a guide for what to leave yours with.
Your guide will show you how to read nature for the weather, recognise and track animal footprints, build a fire and dig a snow-hole.

Alternatively, visit a felt maker's studio and learn about the use of lamb's wool and inspiration from nature to make Sami clothing and artefacts. With a diverse array of breathtaking sights, sounds, and even tastes, it’s no wonder that many Singaporeans have dreamed of visiting this magical continent.
Go snowshoeing to see the Northern Lights, and learn some vital winter wilderness survival skills from digging snow holes to building fires. Wrap up to travel across a frozen lake to go ice fishing and have fun learning how to 'mush mush' your husky team through the snowy landscape. The scenic views of the European countryside more than make up for the extra time spent travelling to your destination.
These companies will even arrange for priority access to attractions, allowing you to avoid the hassle of waiting in line. This means that you get more personalised service, allowing you to enjoy the best hospitality that the city has to offer. Not only will that take up less space, but also you’re less likely to wrinkle your clothes when you roll instead of fold.

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