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This Long Term Food Storage Essentials Survival Kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. This Classroom Lockdown Kit includes everything you would need to allow a class of 30 kids to get through an emergency lockdown situation for an extended period of time.
Rest assured knowing you have food and water with proper nutrition in any type of disaster.
Never be stranded without the proper supplies to help you keep in communication with those around you. When you aren't sure how long you will be without power or utilities, the simple act of freshening up can boost your attitude in any situation. With these items you will be able to tend to minor injuries and offer relief to those in need.
If the you find yourself in a mundane situation, you can use these items to entertain yourself until circumstances change. This classroom lockdown kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. Imagine having the ability to set up a inpenetrable, strong shelter that will keep you warm, dry and safe after an earthquake, hurricane, tornado or flood.
Our shelters are rated to resist CAT 5 hurricane winds and are built to withstand earthquakes as large as an 8.5!
The InterShelter™ is a patented, revolutionary portable shelter, made of a high-tech aerospace composite material, or cutting edge HD plastic that has bridged the gap from tents and trailers to traditionally built framed houses. Built to sustain hurricane strength winds or earthquakes and insulated to stay warm in extreme arctic sub-zero degree weather or cool in hot desert climates, these structures can be assembled in just a few hours by three untrained people.

Our Domes can be made to work perfectly using Solar and Wind power to completely Live Off The Grid! One 20-foot pod can shelter up to 12 men on bunks while a compound of five shelters can accommodate 60 men with a living area between.
Customize your new Dome to your heart’s content!  Want your Dome for camping or hunting?
Intershelter is committed to helping rebuild Haiti and provide shelter to the many homeless living in camps after the devastating Earthquake.
A meeting with the Haitian delegation and Congressman John Conyers, Chair, House Judiciary Committee to discuss funding for SolarDomes and the Haitian reconstruction. There are 12 servings of REAL food, which will give one person 4 servings a day, or 2 people 2 servings per day. It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations.
Containing a 30 day supply of essential vitamins and minerals, Survival Shot is a "must" for any food storage plan. Everything I've ever purchased from Patriot Supply has been superior so I expect the same of the nutrients.
What if you knew that that same shelter would keep you safe IN a hurricane, earthquake and flood? It permits extended hunting trips with more time devoted to hunting and learning the area and carries very few scents that could detour game in the area. We are heavily involved and are continually working to bring clean, safe and affordable housing to Haiti.

Power-packed with the key nutrients your body needs during a time of crisis, Survival Shot will help keep you running at your best!
It allows the hunter to stay in or close to game country, where they can spend less time setting up a hunting camp and more time actually hunting in those sites. We are currently meeting with key members of the Haiti rebuilding team with the intent of providing housing for many homeless. Due to customer demand we have put together a series of foundation designs and innovative interior layouts which are available on their site. 10+ year shelf life!Because your body requires maximum nutrients during an emergency, Survival Shot allows you to always make sure you are getting the nutrition your body needs, regardless of your food storage plan. You can take it down and move it for any other need you may have such as a storm shelter or a wood shop. These bullet-shaped chewable (and delicious) tablets can be taken with meals, by themselves, and may even be used as a daily-intake nutritional supplement.
The windows can be configured in about any location alongside the dome for front and rear viewing. You can winterize it to withstand below zero temperatures or add a solar package to keep it cool in the most extreme of desert heats.

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