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I believe that, like many other video games and forms of technology that people fear at first, Minecraft can be valuable to our children's development.
I've written before about how our fear of technology can be harmful to the future or our children. It can also be about adventuring with friends or watching the sun rise over a blocky ocean.
If you know what redstone is then you know that there are some pretty cool things you can make happen on Minecraft.
This is a map for those who are starting a new pixelmon world and dont want to waste alot of time mining and go straight to pixelmon. Great idea my friend, as a player of tekkit I think it WILL greatly benifit the tekkit community and vinilla as well BUT, it seams to complicated, after adding both new crafting tables it will be like making all the items in minecraft all over again. Great idea i gave a diamond to support(hope you will do the same to me)and for craftring you could fill the normal crafting table 3x3 with planks and the 4x4 with planks to make it bigger.the only problem if for this you would also need alot of more items or change the crafting for some of the old recipes, personaly i would like more items like chair and table. I made this a world a while back when i was kind of a noob at minecraft but I still made a decently good castle and some other random stuff. Like how you used the default texture pack and it still looks good, too many people rely on other texture packs to make their builds look better.
Technology can be an untraditional form of education that allows kids to learn on their own turf, in their own way, and while having fun. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things. But out of the many Minecraft channels on YouTube, these are a few that I feel are kids safe. This really sums up why I, and two of my fellow parents, started up Blocklandia (a whitelist only, family-friendly Minecraft server).
Built with many farms, custom shops (if your lazy and dont want to craft pokeballs+other stuff), player home, pokecenter and a huge world to explore.

This Blog is in the Minedeas : Minecraft Idea Contest contest, now Complete!See the Final Leaderboard! All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. When our kids do bad in school, one of our first reactions as parents is to take away their video games. On a schoolyard, teamwork is limited to a select group of friends who live just like you, in your own neighborhood. Instead of being given a pickaxe after accomplishing some task, the Minecraft player must create their own. It's important for parents to remind our kids that there our boundaries and there comes a time when Minecraft must go off. My 3 year old has gotten good enough to recognize bad words and changes the video when he hears it. We have so many kids who play that are struggling with social skills and so our staff is focused on positive reinforcement and teamwork.
They make nearly everything in the game like swords and pickaxes and a whole lot of other stuff. If you only have two pieces of wood and it's getting dark out, you might want to wait till morning to get the rest of what you need lest a creeper get you. There's those times when I walk into the living room and see the kids playing Minecraft on the Xbox, with a laptop and an iPad both playing YouTube videos. Because we've been taught that video games are bad and that kids need to put down technology and pick up a book.
There's testing, trials, and errors similar to when an engineer is creating something new.
Minecraft would benefit from this because these arnt two items added but are a whole entire wardrobe of things to add to minecraft!!!

After an entire summer of daily Minecraft binges on the Xbox and through YouTube, I've been able to develop some hard opinions about this game. After his parents refused to believe reading, writing, and arithmetic were the answers to Jacobs problems, they allowed him to utilize his own forms of learning.
When we can have 20 teenagers from all over the world, speaking different languages, from different cultures, coming together with one purpose and mission, we parents should be in awe. Picture it this way, you love your enchanted diamond sword, but imagine a double enchanted diamond sword.
Jacob is now set to graduate college at the age of 14 with an advanced degree in Physics (Quantum, if I remember correctly). I've been able to teach myself several programming languages at a college level by doing this exact same thing.
Where Minecraft extends itself beyond those toys mentioned above is that the Minecraft player is creating for survival.
YouTube is a valuable resource for learning anything new, and Minecraft players are making use of this. And unlike lincoln logs, you don't have to clean up your Minecraft world when you are done.
Like in the tekkit mod you could build a motorbike using rubber for the wheels glowstone for the light iron for the structure and an engine or something i dont know i dont play tekkit.
With this minecraft will have a whole bunch of new stuff not just swords or pickaxes but maybe stuff like a special enchanted collar to name and officially tame wolves to attack and do tricks.

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