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Hello, so I'm not just looking for any normal factions server, but one that's quite specific.
Pressing LT on a Crafting Table (placed not while in your Inventory) it will open the crafting menu. The Achievements you can get from Crafting a Crafting Table is 'Benchmarking', the Achievement you should get just before it is 'Getting Wood'. A Crafting Table can be placed next to Lava, where it will catch fire but not burn, and after a few seconds it will stop burning and be intact. The bottom of a Crafting Table is the same texture as Wooden Planks, meaning it can secretly be hidden in a the ceiling of a Wooden house. Crafting Tables can be cooked in a Furnace but are not efficient as they only cook 1.5 blocks and cook for 15 seconds.

Don't mess with me or you will die you can never survival this misery pain Senpai is never plain. He is my love he is my tuff one, no one steal my Senpai or you're life will be stolen away from you! Hey everyone just her to say thank you for the supportand thank you for puting a diamond on my poem!There will be more in a few days of other poems and thank you forreading this <3It means alot to me! It has a grid on top and tools on the side faces, and shares the bottom texture with Wooden Planks. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. To create a Crafting Table, the player needs 4 Wooden Planks (1 Wood) and crafts them together.

If you log on to website, anyone can apply for helper and rank up fast in our vast system of staff ranks. If you don't want to take the staff route, there are many ranks that are based on playtime!

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