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What if I told you that all you needed to carry in your kayak to build a shelter was am 8x10ft tarp, about 30 feet of rope or cord, and maybe that two piece paddle that got you to your cast-away campsite? Tarp tents make for a great shelter because they’re simple, versatile, light-weight and can be ultra-low cost. The A-frame configuration is a sturdy design that offers warmth and protection from the elements. The easiest way to set up an A-frame tarp-tent is by pitching it between two sturdy trees that stand 12-15 feet apart. Don’t fret if there are no trees on your cast-away island; you have all that you need to make some poles in your trusty, two-piece paddle!
The Lean-to configuration serves as an excellent alternative to the A-frame structure by offering a bit more head room and versatility.
Like the A-frame configuration, the Lean-to is most easily pitched between two sturdy trees that stand 12-15 feet apart. The “Over-Kayak” configuration is probably the simplest and fastest tarp shelter to construct.
I hope that you enjoyed this post and will consider trying out a tarp tent on your next kayak camping adventure. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. Better yet, what if I told you that these basic shelter supplies cost under $10.00 at your local hardware store? Literally all you need is a tarp, some rope, and two trees (or paddle halves) to pitch it between! The benefits of this design are well worth the additional time that it takes to set up, especially if poor weather (lots of rain) is in the forecast or you plan to stay a camp for a few days. Using paddles takes a bit longer to set-up as you’ll need to create two tripods to string the ridge-line between. This structure provides protection from the wind on one side while leaving the opposite side open to your campsite.

Start by stringing the rope between the two trees to create the ridge line about 5-6 feet off of the ground.
All you need is your kayak, a tarp, and a few rocks collected from the beach to build this bivy-like structure.
It can be difficult to set up a tarp tent using paddles if you’re on your own or if it’s windy.
Spend some time building various tarp tents in your local park on a nice day so that you’re confident in your designs when you enter the back country. Commercially available tarp tents are typically constructed of better materials that are more lightweight, durable, and waterproof than the standard $10 tarp.
We offer professional production of military and folding shovel, camping bed and other series of camping products.
The thing that should jump out to a kayak camper is that most of what you need to build a tarp tent (the rope and maybe a paddle) is already on board. This can be accomplished by girth hitching one end of the rope about 4 feet up from the base of the first tree.
A tripod consists of two stakes, a 10 foot-long piece of parachute cord, and half of a two-piece paddle. A campfire and reflector to be built a close (but safe) distance away from the open side such that the heat can be reflected back into the shelter to warm its occupants. Girth hitch one end of the rope to the first tree, span the gap between the trees, and tie a trucker’s hitch to the second tree. The Over-Kayak shelter makes for some tight quarters but its low-profile is great for deflecting the wind and keeping you warm. Also, always inspect the tree canopy above your site for hanging limbs which may fall down in the wind. They also may have more lash-down points and may be cut into a more useful shape such as a hexagon. 5S management concept is to use in course of production, and we adopt ISO9001 management system certification to control production quality. The addition of a tarp to your standard gear shouldn’t add much weight (1-2lb) or impact your wallet.

From there, span the gap and tie a trucker’s hitch about 4 feet up from the base of the second tree. To build a tripod start by tying bowline knots into both ends of the 10 foot length of parachute cord. The lean-to is best used when camping in descent weather or in cooler temperatures where the warmth of a fire may be necessary.
It’s best reserved for emergency situations or a quick overnight when you don’t want to spend time building a more elaborate structure. Pull the other end of the tarp over the kayak and secure the loose end to the ground with rocks or stakes. We are continue to strengthen own technical standards, and provide better productions for all of our customers. The shelter space can be adjusted by folding excess tarp under to serve as a “ground tarp”. Find the center of the parachute cord and wrap this around the ferrule on the paddle shaft. Special consideration should be given to the wind direction such that the kayak serves as a wind block. Use short parachute cord ties (about 1ft long) to secure the center grommets to the ridge line. String the ridge-line between the apex of these two tripods and complete the A-frame as usual!
Tie 6ft lengths of parachute cord to the corner grommets and stake out to create a small awning on the front of the shelter.
Finally, use short parachute cord ties (about 1ft long) to secure the tarp to the ridge line to keep it from shifting.

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