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Paracord Bracelet Kit X-cords All American Survival Bracelet Kit Make 10 Survival Bracelets  Includes Cocbra Weave Instruction Sheet and Video Tutorial Links to Make All the Top Paracord Bracelet Patterns Including the Thin-line and the King Cobra!
Chose a color for each new room in your home and then tape a construction piece of paper in that color on the box. Do you print out some great family pictures with the best intentions of putting them in a frame or album, but the pictures build-up and linger on your desk, gathering dust?

I know that the tutorials for the infinity dress have been around for a while and are nothing new, but this little red dress just took my eye. Survival Bracelet Kit March Madness  Madness is running rampat her at the shop with all the basketball games on! They are made of polymer clay, rare earth magnets and I've painted the faces and other details with acrylic colors.

Includes 20 feet of paracord 550 The color is Multi camo Yes it is 7 strand and made in the USA!

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