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Australian shipbuilder Matt Duncan was so affected by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that he put his engineering skills to use and designed a Tsunami Survival Pod capable of withstanding six tons of debris. If a tsunami was to strike, a family of four could immediately get into the pod and seal themselves inside. Duncan added that the pod could be fitted with emergency supplies to serve as a survival shelter in the days following a tsunami.
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Duncan, who is also the owner of the Gold Coast houseboat company Havana Houseboats, used his shipbuilding skills to design the four person survival vessel. Once the doors are shut, the survival pod has enough air inside for approximately two and a half hours, and it has inward-opening access panels to let fresh air in if needed. The pod is made of spiral-welded steel, but like a car, it has strategically designed crumple zones to absorb impacts and protect the passengers. It even has exterior flashing beacon lights to attract the attention of rescuers and lifting hooks for a helicopter rescue. The occupants can strap themselves into molded racing seats, each of which has a five-point safety harnesses to prevent them from being violently thrown around in the case of a tsunami.

A pilot with a minimum of 3,000 flight hours, a nurse with emergency medical technician (EMT) certifications and a paramedic, many of whom have flight paramedic certifications, make up that staff, which is on a four-shift rotation. Instead of waiting for transportation at Saint Mary's, flight personnel can have a patient in their hands and to Little Rock in as little as 20 minutes. Saint Mary's isn't the only local organization that will benefit from the addition to the medical equipment readily available to the community.

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