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ATTENTION:This post was pasted over from a post on a forum by me that is not swear-restricted or restricted in terms of inappropriate behavior, As far as I know there is no inappropriate pictures or words in this post I made, but I'm just warning you now. I AM A BANANA.OFFICIAL FURSONA HERE (I'm finally going to stop changing it)Click in your free time if you will!
Your neighbourhood moderator.Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or just want to chat. It is no educated community, and is full of 9 year olds who WILL curse at you, who WILL spam, who WILL call you a noob repeatedly, and WILL not take a joke.
First of all, for those who don't know whatRoblox is, it's basicaly a lego-like game, with studs and blocks that you can build with. You can build and use other's scripts to make a game, or you can take a crappy wiki's lesson on how 2 LUA.(the horrible community)LUA scripters are very advanced in the Roblox Community. Some decent games, with good, creative, original material may make you feel like you're in an actual testing facility. The very few creative minds of LUA that remain on ROBLOX have had games that have lasted for years, and I'm about to introduce the community's favorite of Davidii's Survival series. SURVIVAL 303 (Yes I took this screenshot myself)SUMMARY:Survival 303 has been featured many times in ROBLOX Wikis.
The game is what seemed like the perfect island survival game I've always dreamed of, and I immediately got obsessed with it.

Your mission is to survive and put yourself on the highest level that you can before ROBLOX decides to be poop and disconnects you within 4-5 hours. In this game, you need to survive by yourself and make better things based off of the materials that you can work with. I personally like being alone the whole time, I'm not a big fan of big villages or responsibility for tribe members. In some occasions, people put themselves in charge of other tribes by forcing them to pay taxes.
Most of the time this doesn't work, because a tribe they try to force into paying ends up being ten times as powerful as the oligarchy, and kills them the instant that they get aggressive.I'm going to stop here because this summary is getting way too long.
Most buildings are crafted and, oddly enough, fit in your tool menu to be placed and retooled anywhere you please. If you want to have a huge introduction, tip-giving helpful advisory tutorial for the game, read the whole thread.
STATSThis is one of the most important bars.If any of these fall to 0, you will die a few secondsafterwards and lose every tool that's not stored.
This decides what you can and cannot craft.If you do not have enough skill to craft something, then upon crafting it it will tell you what level of the skill you need. Here's a list of how to increase skills, made by Edd1148 on ROBLOX:(I did some tiny edits based on my experience) Foraging ~ This skill I believe increases the speed of the Forage Tool.

Can beincreased through usage of the Forage Tool, increasing in amounts of XPrelative to how big the object being foraged is. Can [be increased through usage of the Swim button which appears by the Stats GUI when you jump into the ocean. 2 Sm Tree Stump > Hull) Smithing ~ This skill can be increased through use of the anvil in creating tools and items. Can be increased through crafting ships, increasing in amounts of XP relative to how manyrequirements the ship you crafted had. Can be increasedthrough crafting buildings, increasing in amounts of XP relative to how manyrequirements the building you crafted had. Canbe increased through crafting anything, including some starter recipes like String,Rope, and Hemp.
Farming ~ This skill enables you to make building such as the Hen House and plant seeds that require a higher farming level, such as Wheat.

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