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Here we present five of the most fascinatingly bizarre plastic surgery options available to men. Also known as a ‘suction six-pack’, the procedure involves precise removal of lines of fat from the stomach to create the appearance of ripped abs. Which begs the question, if you’re willing to do the hard work to get yourself down to that minute level of body fat anyway, why waste US$5-7K for some plastic surgeon to fake the last few steps anyway?
Sort of guy who finds himself continually embarrassed by the overlarge size of his scrotum? Reportedly the procedure is a simple and relatively painless two-hour outpatient surgery, though some discomfort will be experienced across the next few days, as you’d expect. Well, with the price-tag associated, we doubt he’ll be in much of a hurry to talk you out of it. Apparently the procedure is quite popular in the Middle East, where moustaches are naturally seen as a hairy declaration of your personal masculinity, social influence and maturity. With celebrities and reality stars constantly going under the knife, plastic surgery seems almost like the norm these days. Yaremchuk attributes the increase in male plastic surgery to a combination of a fierce job market and a youth-obsessed culture.
Given Yaremchuk’s speciality of craniofacial surgery, he says most of his patients come in for skeletal augmentation, or facial shaping and restructuring.
Whether your motive is to get in shape, release stress, prevent physical injury, or all of the above — a lot can be achieved with dedication and consistent workouts. Cosmetic surgery in general continues to increase each year according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. One of the biggest trends recent statistics show is the increase in men turning to plastic surgery to help them look at feel and feel their best.

In a nutshell, the procedure involves ‘harvesting’ hair from other spots on your body and implanting them on your torso till you achieve the chest rug of your dreams. The most obvious drawback is that the implanted hair behaves like ordinary hair, not chest hair, meaning it continues to grow indefinitely.
Unfortunately, due to the nature of the removal, it’s only suitable for men with a couple of centimetres of fat left on their stomach, rather than a full-on beer gut. If trimmed and tight testicles really mean that much to you, who are we to stand in your way!
And the trend doesn’t only apply to women—men are getting nipped and tucked with increasing regularity, too. Michael Yaremchuk, a plastic surgeon and chief of craniofacial surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, says he’s seeing more men now than ever before. We reserve the right to remove impersonators or personal attacks, threats, profanity, or flat-out offensive comments. In 2014, 15.6 million surgical and non-surgical procedures were performed in the United States, which is a 3% increase from the year before. And with the advances of our understanding of health and medicine, our population is staying healthy longer, living longer, and staying in the workforce longer.
By looking as young and confident as they often feel on the inside, they believe they’ll be more likely to climb the corporate ladder. Scott Thompson on an episode of The Younger You with Troy Thompson, his non-surgical cosmetic procedure had a real impact as he was pleasantly surprised with his appearance following treatment. Magnanimous plastic surgery pioneers have devised the cure to all your woes, promising a Baldwin-esque transformation that’d even make Austin Powers jealous. So unless a literal chest beard is the look you’re going for, it might pay to keep a good pair of clippers handy.

The procedure involves excising excess skin and repairing the muscles connecting the scrotum to the penis.
Which is curious, given the relative size difference between your chest and your upper lip, but we’ll just assume that this speaks to the overwhelming quality of moustache you can expect as a result. Yaremchuk notes that about 30 percent of the people he sees for regenerative procedures like eye lifts and face lifts are men, and a whopping 40 percent of people going in for structural alterations (like chin implants) are male.
Nonetheless, Yaremchuck says he also does plenty of facelifts, eyelid surgery, and rhinoplasty on male patients. He says there are some traditionally-feminine procedures, like brow lifts, that often look out of place on male patients.
Other popular male plastic surgery procedures include fillers, laser hair removal, pectoral implants, male breast reductions, hair restoration, and rhinoplasty surgery.
Another reason men report turning to cosmetic surgery is to help them get back into the dating world following divorce or a breakup. Data from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery also says nine percent of all cosmetic procedures in 2011 were done on men—a statistic that grows more impressive when you consider that’s a 121 percent increase from 1997. And most of these men, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports, are coming in for the same things as women: rhinoplasty (nose jobs), eyelid surgery, and liposuction. This experience, coupled with his artistic abilities allow him to help you achieve the aesthetic look that you desire.

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