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Gusto ko sana ipalabas ang sequel sa Hero kaso kainis naman paulit-ulit na ipinapalabas ang una.
After a month or so of somewhat pedestrian showings, Smile PreCure is back in the zone with episode 35, a robot-themed installment reminiscent of the robot series of mecha anime past and present.
Not only does Majorina turn Cure Happy into a giant robot, but the two hyper-akanbe summoned by Aka Oni and Wolfrun take the form of giant robots as well.
The resulting battle is a blend of classic PreCure choreography, mashed up with pilot dialogue and the perfect dose Smile antics, capped off by a remarkably amazing spotlight for Cure Peace, who takes over the entire episode with her charm and enthusiasm (more on her in a bit).
Halfway thorugh, Oni and Wolfrun literally combine their robots together into a winged gattai-akanbe, a combination matched by a formidable Happy-Robo with butterfly wings powered by cure decor a la episode 14. Depth aside, however, what is brought to the forefront in the most effective way is Yayoi’s unbound enthusiasm for superheroes and robot shows. In the tradition of PreCure, she requires a push from her friends to reach those new heights. None of this is possible without the remarkable talent of Hisako Kanemoto, who has really come into her own ever since her breakout performance as Ika Musume. The two characters here are moe in their own way, and Cure Peace is a culmination of Hisako’s experience with the two.
Oh man Yayoi themed episode all the way and yeah the one about her father was so touching, I should re-watch it and have all the feels once again, but I was a bit surprised that Yayoi was such a huge mecha fan or should I? Hisako Kanemoto is jumping to my personal number one spot for voice actors every week with these recent Smile episodes like the carnival episode where she is bowling?
Probably most dramatic of all, I really loved her portrayal of Watashi’s roommate in the last two episodes of Jintai. At the end of the day, I really wonder which of her characters will stand out the most for me. One day, she dreams of a mysterious flowering tree that wilted, causing the sprites to disappear. While the Pretty Cure franchise lacks the history and pedigree that a Gundam would have (though now, I imagine just how strange a decades-old PreCure would look like), the magical girl and mecha genres have always been about selling toys and doing so through immensely enjoyable media. It’s no Nanoha in terms of unadulterated action, but the spirit of the series tackles on the spirit of merchandise-driven super-herodom through the perspective of the resident Otaku of the cast (and 2012 Saimoe representative, believe it or not), Yayoi Kise.

Unlike normal hyper-akanbe, who are directly controlled by their summoners, Oni and Wolfrun pilot them in classic robot-style, as do the girls with Happy-Robo. The above screenshot is one of numerous amazing angles through which the fight scene is shot, where everything that you would expect from a robot show.
The entire sequence, combined with Hisako Kanemoto’s wonderful performance as Yayoi, made for the best Smile episode in the second half of the series. She’s the token moe character (moe in the most modern database-sense of the term), but for more reasons than what she originally let on in the beginning of the series. Her face is superbly animated throughout the episode, namely in the eyes and hand gestures. She has intensity in her voice that she translates into different types of vocal characterization.
I wish you luck in future episodes of Smile PreCure; it’s really starting to get good once again!
She really showed her versatility in that show, especially during the body-swap arc, as she was highly competently able to portray the personalities of all of the main characters that swapped with Yui’s body. Not only did the show succeed wildly at throwing a curveball with the various character reveals, but Hisako really hit a home run with her delivery of her lines, which put me at more unease than most other characters with a similar type of mental problem. With the obvious fandom that I have for precure in general, I wouldn’t be surprised if Yayoi turned out to be that character. When she transfers to Myodou Academy[note 1], the sprites that she saw in that dream appeared before her.
She sweeps up the other girls in her enthusiasm for the in-universe Robotaa franchise, even when confronted by the Bad End trio, who are also caught in the merchandising frenzy. It feels like deja vu having to explain the “depth” behind Yayoi Kise’s character, but I apologize as a number of details have been added to Yayoi’s backstory that I have missed out on in blogging this series (to note, Yayoi’s spotlight episode with her deceased father is the first episode omitted from my blogging absence).
There’s a remarkable dynamic behind her fandom, above which she ascends, but still has not yet embraced.
Despite the awkward (and arguably problematic) execution of Yui’s androphobia, Hisako was able to make the most of the lines that she was given. If you think about it, Smile PreCure is probably her largest body of work, as far as number of episodes and lines go.

Whoa…that was a out there character for Hisako to play and yeah I think Smile Precure will be the hit series that launches Hasako into bigger roles because there are sooooooo many episodes! The sprites begged Tsubomi to become Pretty Cure to protect the Great Tree, but she refuses. After Happy-Robo is defeated, it takes encouragement from Miyuki herself to perk Yayoi right back up, as she remembers everything that she is fighting for. As Kanata Sorami in Sora no Woto, Hisako communicated in a variety of ways her love for the trumpet, and portrayed a girl who took in the weight of war through the hopes and dreams of her friends and the village that she protected (in her own way).
Within an ensemble cast, Cure Peace is a complete character, and Hisako Kanemoto brings her to life into the most adorable PreCure yet.
I can’t wait to see her star as a lead character instead of playing the side girl most of the time. However, a sudden attack from a mysterious enemy came, and the Heart Seed of her new classmate, Erika Kurumi, is stolen.
It’s the ultimate ideal that a fan strives for, and Yayoi is living it first-hand with her own power.
Ika Musume showcases the curiosity side of Hisako’s character repertoire, a peculiar character who, despite her twisted goals of vengeance against humanity, discovers a whole world of things that humans do. The audience cheers for her to succeed, and the Peace fandom is perhaps the most vocal yet. It’s also worth noting that thematically, what she admires about both genres is the strength of the protagonist, usually someone who is just as strong in belief and ideal as he or she is in their ability to defend those beliefs. Despite her claims to world domination, Ika conquers the world in her own way, by becoming an important part of it herself. Her fanart on pixiv is rivaled by none, and she is even in the group finals of Saimoe, cementing her in the top 16 at the very least. 8 years later, regardless of whether or not Yayoi wins her group finals match, she will have already left her mark on the moe landscape, as well as cement herself in the hall of heroines in the PreCure multiverse.

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