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MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Figuring out what you can do today and what information you have now can help you feel a bit more in control.
In the wake of a company overhaul where people were let go and where you may have new responsibilities, you want to seek clarity on what’s expected of you and how to focus your energy, says Joanie Connell, CEO of Flexible Work Solutions, a San Diego-based human resources and leadership consulting firm. You may feel tempted to jump in with both feet, working long hours either because you want to prove yourself or because you’re doing the same amount of work with fewer people. Most lethal confrontations—especially a hands-on kidnapping—will be within bad breath distance.
There are some people who cannot be violent and there are some people who are prone towards violence. There are several “experts” out there, some even consider themselves as training instructors, but that doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. So, if your company has a new world order and you’re trying to adapt, keep these seven steps in mind. Try to tune out as much of it as possible, says Mark Womack, chief operating officer of Brooks International, an international management consulting firm. Ask your supervisors for direction and information—but be patient because they may be figuring it out, too, she says.
You may have just been through months of feeling insecure and worried about losing your job. You might wonder why you kept your job while others were let go or why the changes had to happen at all. Under the right circumstance, it’s not only justifiable to be violent, but being aggressive and violent will save your life.

Develop habits of safety consciousness by avoiding potential danger areas or lifestyles that may lead to threatening situations. If you’re taken as a victim, make yourself as sympathetic and human as possible to your attackers. Keep refining your plan of escape, and continue to consider and plan to attack with great viciousness. The people who keep a positive and constructive approach to difficult situations and who help others adapt are treasured by organizations, Womack says. Now, you may be missing coworkers who became friends and even feeling some survivor’s guilt.
It’s important to note, however, that every situation and every person is different, therefore, the following list is recommended based only upon situation, terrain and tactics. We need to have confidence, plan for predetermined tactics and respond rapidly in a defensive situation. The second most important thing to do if you’ve already done that is to fight as hard as you can as soon as the attack occurs, or as soon as you noticing an attack is imminent. When it comes to tactics and training, focusing upon and preparing for the two percent of the strange situations that can happen will help you win and survive. Just because you’re the underdog for a time doesn’t mean you can’t come off conqueror at last. Try to keep it to a minimum, and everything will run more smoothly."People are pretty good at bringing the right kit; it's often the people who bring too much that are the problem! In fact, you should pay attention to those emotions and find someone with whom you can talk about them. The best musicians come with a guitar, a capo and tuner and the songs speak for themselves. Be comfortable with a loaded firearm because an unloaded gun doesn’t do anyone much good, especially when time and speed are essential to winning gun fights.

We need to prepare mentally and physically through envisioning rehearsals and mastering proper tactics and muscle memory through repetitive gun handling and firearms shooting tactics.
Tune up before you turn up"Tuning is often a problem when people try to do it on stage just before playing. Off stage is the best place to tune, and then you can take your time without 100 pairs of eyes on you.
But I imagine some open-mic nights wish Wonderwall had never been written."Great songs are great songs for a reason, though, so any version done well, or very well, is normally awesome to listen to in my book!"4. Don't worry about worryingIt's natural to be nervous before performing to a room of people you don't know, but don't let it get in the way.
It could even become part of your charm!"I haven't seen too much nervousness, actually, and if it's there, people normally shake it pretty quickly once they start to perform. One girl in Bristol looked so nervous I thought she wasn't going to start singing, but her shy demeanour and mesmerising voice made it the best thing I've seen this year."Don't wait until you're due onstage before you tune-up5. Changeovers are what I always agonise over, but as long as there's some music to play through the sound system in between, it keeps the flow of the event going and the crowd are happy chatting."6. You could be missing out on picking up some valuable lessons."That is what these nights are all about. There is so much to be learnt from other performers – always, no matter what level you are at.

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