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Both times I went on a longer mountain tour in Norway I got close to having an accident that could have led to at least a serious injury. The most recent accident happened last weekend when a rock slide set off on the edge of the Folgefonna glacier exactly at the time when we were about to descent onto the ice.
In spite of the good ending to a bad situation I still feel very shaky by the thought of it. Check weather forecasts and always let someone know where you are going and when you should be back. A helicopter descending to evacuate one hiker in our group with severe muscle cramps on a tour to Trollsteinen on Spitsbergen. After finishing my studies last summer, I realised I wanted to have a different kind of life. My hiking buddy and good friend Matthias challenged himself to reach the highest peaks in all 28 EU countries.
Our goal is to gather the best outdoor blogs and make them more accessible and to promote and work for a more responsible behavior towards the environment.
The slide was caused by a small meltwater stream running underneath a pile of small pebbles. Our guide had warned us about the danger of loose rocks on this slope and urged us to avoid setting them off. After the accident both the guide and the rest of the group reacted extremely well to the situation.
Pj and I have been talking about it a lot, also about the previous incident where a large boulder fell off a cliff and came bouncing towards me. Look at your route: analyse both the distance and the height difference and think about whether or not you are physically fit for it. Calculate some extra time in order to have some error margin in case something goes wrong (and carry some extra food).

Make sure that neither the injured person, nor any other people nor yourself are still in a potentially dangerous place. Through this blog, I hope to show you why I love this place of vast forests, tundra and ice.
We were walking in the back and everyone was very careful not too get any rocks to start falling down.
For me, this weekend proved that you can never guarantee safety and that going high up into the mountains always involves a risk.
Remember that making three fires in a triangular shape is an international emergency signal, and that you can send an SOS signal by using the following light signals: three times short, three times long, three times short. I am always so amazed by some people who don’t really know at all what they are doing. I worked as a guide in Swedish Lapland last winter and now live in the fjords in Western Norway for the summer.
Having the proper first aid equipment with you, carrying proper gear and knowing about emergency response procedures can make the indispensable difference on how bad an emergency situation turns out. It was one of those places where you could see that it would all come down at some point, but you sort of assume that this won’t happen the second you walk by. Suddenly I heard a noise right behind me and from the corner of my eye saw that something was on the move. In all honesty, this is a point where Norwegian tourist information offices can improve a lot. In Lapland I used a Samsung X Cover phone, whose battery lasts for up to a month (even in that cold). If bad weather inhibits visibility just wait it out and take shelter in a cabin or find a natural shelter to shield you from the worst wind and precipitation. In many place in the mountain however  there is no reception, so you might want to consider taking an emergency beacon (a Personal Locator Beacon like SPOT) or a satellite phone if you are far off from civilisation.

As we were descending from Folgefonna, a steep 1500m down, we met four people who were on their way up.
If you pass by cabins, use their logbooks to write down your date of arrival and where you are heading next. Even if you don’t immediately see anyone you never know who is further down the trail.
If they have neck or back injuries try to move the person as little as possible until help arrives.
Generally, listen to your instincts: if you have an uncomfortable feeling about the situation then think about whether it is worth taking the risk. They make it much easier to spot you and it’s easier to keep track of each other while on trail.
She got clamped between both and as the sliding boulder grabbed her backpack, she was dragged down,fell backwards and disappeared behind the corner. Parts of the trail were very badly marked and above 1100m involved going across many snow fields.
If they are conscious give them something to drink, but never do this on an unconscious person.
We met them at half past 6 in the evening, and at that point they had at least 2,5 hours to go up and another 4 to 5 to come down again.

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