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Breaking Surviving a Venomous Snake Bite – What You Need to Know When is it safe to start your garden? From Phoenix, we had a three hour drive ahead of us, and we knew we would be setting up camp long after sunset. Later, we found ourselves in pitch darkness on a dirt road; it was our last ten mile stretch before reaching the campsite. As we continued our drive to the campsite, I kept sticking my head out the window to see the stars. We continued our climb and reached a very grassy saddle which overlooked a large green valley.
Later, as we were making dinner, a man with long dark hair, wearing a purple shirt and a yellow and orange bandana approached our site. Historically, the Oa€™odham people inhabited areas as far south as Sonora, Mexico and most parts of south and central Arizona. Tohono Oa€™odham translates as the People of the Desert; they are one of many tribes thatA once flourished thoroughout Arizona as self-sustaining peoples.
DesertUSA Newsletter -- We send articles on hiking, camping and places to explore, as well as animals, wildflower reports, plant information and much more. People fly across the Mojave Desert, to the Bahamas, and to the southern tip of Baja California. In case you intend to fly your own airplane from the lower 48, then you will have a great training run ahead: the route across Canada, which is mostly as remote as Alaska.
Under some conditions, FAR 91.323 allows a 15 percent increase in maximum gross weight in Alaska. Even a 15-minute flight in Alaska can result in an extended stay in the bush, so always bring survival equipment unless you know for sure the required gear is provided with your aircraft (and is actually usable). Thermal blankets – Alaska only requires a wool blanket for each occupant during winter.
Last, but not least, familiarize yourself with AIM, Chapter 6 Emergency Procedures, Section 2 Emergency Services Available to Pilots, and especially with part 6-2-7 Search and Rescue. William Pass is a qualified training captain and mentor pilot for P3air and turboprop pilots. Like the Rocky Mountains, North America’s Southwest is synonymous with wilderness and rugged independence.
Many parts of the Southwest are surprisingly well watered, however, and are teeming with wildlife and a diversity of plant and tree species. In most parts of the Southwest, you will have more travel options than in any other region of the U.S. Weapons here should include a .22 rifle for small game as well as a rifle for taking larger game at longer distances.
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I do not know much about eating weeds,,,, I see lots of posts about wild edibles but are there any that really taste good ? The key to immortality is not having a life worth living, but living a life worth remembering. Hey, T - I have a bunch of Lilys growing here and decided last fall that I'd try them this year. On the dandelions, if you pick them in shade and young you won't have the strong bitter taste that you find in full sun dandys. Survival Tek Ken has put a lot of work and a lot of information into an incredible web site!
Traditional Scouting Don't be put off by the title: there's a wealth of outdoor skills related information here! There are many attractions at the Grizzly Peak, one can enjoy the white water rapid ride on the Grizzle river run.
It was a wilderness area, part of which lies within the 2,900,000-acre Tohono O'odham Reservation located outside of Sells, in southern Arizona. The drive took us on long roads through the whimsical Sonoran desert landscape, always towards the setting sun.
The entire dirt road had that sometimes fun, but mostly annoying, washboard effect, which meant driving extra slowly. Continuing upward, we wondered which direction the trail would take us, as the peak was still out of our view. Land settlement, mining and other developments resulted in the rapid loss of Oa€™odham land in both Mexico and Arizona. We must remember that sacred lands are not limited to only special portions of land revered by tribal nations. But any time you bring up flying in Alaska, people look at you like your landing gear didn’t extend. If you fly to Alaska commercially and rent an aircraft there, your first level of survival training should be your checkout flight with a professional flight instructor.
In case you bring a firearm, you should store the ammunition in a metal and waterproof case. Montana Aeronautics conducts an excellent winter survival course that includes spending a night in an aircraft fuselage in the mountains, first aid, building a shelter, signaling, and getting water.
With worldwide flight experience of more than 30 years and thousands of hours in King Airs, he has flown turboprops as charter captain, freight pilot, lifeguard and ambulance pilot, ferry pilot, chief pilot, and chief flight instructor. Army ever fought during the settling of the West were waged here against the elusive Apaches, who were masters of survival in this tough environment.

Most of these areas are in the various mountain ranges that are sub-ranges of the Rockies and the Sierra Madre, which extends north into this part of the U.S. If you live in this region you are lucky to have so many great options to get far away from the crowds in times of trouble, as many of these places receive virtually no human traffic. A reliable means to carry an adequate supply of water will be of utmost importance when choosing gear for bugging out in this region. Wide-open deserts, often devoid of fences, make it possible to drive off-road even where there are no trails in sturdy four-wheel-drive vehicles or on ATVs or off-road motorcycles. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.
A large creek flowed near the campsite; curiosity led us to cross it to see what lay on the other side. Parts of the trail were so overgrown that we had to push our way through using our shins, and on nearly every switchback we marveled at the vast expanse of desert greened from the rains, and at the occasional saguaro that stood out from the surroundings.
We knew we wouldna€™t be able to reach the summit since it required climbing gear but we were determined to reach the peaka€™s base and go as far as we could. What looks like a simple route to you might be a shortcut to hell and you didn’t even see it coming.
In most cases, bear spray will suffice for protection and is safer to use if you’re not trained in firearm use. At the same time, they will employ a tracking device to home in on the 121.5 MHz frequency transmitted by the PLB. The Apaches and other Native American tribes in the region adapted to the conditions and were able find resources in places that seemed to European settlers to be unfit for human habitation. As compared to other regions, you will need to carry more water at any given time while traveling in most of the bug-out locations described in this chapter, as resupply opportunities may be few and far between. Horses, mules, and donkeys are just as practical here today as they were 150 years ago, and mountain bikes can also serve well in many areas. Be aware that some parts of this region, especially close to the Mexican border, have become extremely dangerous due to illegal human and drug trafficking, and you should use extreme caution to avoid being seen by the people carrying out these activities.
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I go for the fireweed stalks early on when they first pop out of the ground and are 3-6 inches tall, raw in salad, cooked or steams like asparagus. The peak pays its dues to nature and allows toddlers and adults alike to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Kids can enjoy earning badges as a Wilderness explorer as the march, climb and uncover the hidden tasks in the forest. A visit to the Grizzly peak is a great way to teach your young ones about nature and survival.
Disneyland, California Adventure, Fast Pass & Park Hopper are registered trademarks owned by the Walt Disney Company. However, when the conquistadors came they dammed the rivers, disrupting the native people's way of life.
Flying in Alaska can be as fun and safe as in other remote areas as long as you haven’t lost your common sense. Plus I wear a float survival vest, since most of my gear will probably sink to the bottom of a 300-foot-deep lake. Iridium’s constellation of 66 cross-linked low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, plus seven in-orbit spares, means truly global coverage, especially close to the Earth’s poles. A PLB comes equipped with a long-lasting lithium battery, which remains dormant until you flip the switch.
Other areas that are lush oases of plant and animal life are found in the canyon country that this region is famous for. I would suggest distributing your supply in several separate Nalgene bottles or other containers to decrease the risk of losing your entire supply if a single larger container is punctured or otherwise fails. I'd certainly eat them if I had too and they add nice color to a meal but otherwise not much worth the effort. If you are interested in going to Grizzle peak, you need to first land your family some cheap tickets.
The saguaro cactus gives such presence to the desert, around them I feel as if I'm truly in the presence of a€?the ancient onesa€?.A  There is no more profound feeling than that of being surrounded by your ancient natural ancestors.
Finally, we arrived at the campsite and just as we did, a collared peccary ran in front of us, zig-zagged around for a bit, and ran away into the darkness. Looking around we found that we were at the base of several grandiose mountains clustered together. He was on the trail next to a very steep edge and was unfazed by our presence, never retracting his head, not even when I took a close up photo of him. He said animals were considered very important to his people and that the great horned owl is a protector. Immigration restrictions prevent members of these communities from freely crossing the border; members of the community remain divided. But the ugly truth is that many pilots and air taxi operators violate the Alaska statute during their daily operations, due to weight and cost of the survival gear. Many Internet stores rent satellite phones cheaply and they even come with prepaid minutes. Even for people as resourceful and tough as them, the barren wastelands inbetween these islands could not sustain life for long.
Several large rivers course through the Southwest, draining both to the Gulf of Mexico and to the Pacific Ocean at the Sea of Cortez.

When traveling in desert areas, you should also carry a means of collecting water from unconventional sources.
If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please post in the first "Registration Help" subforum. Wild onions as well as many delicious flowers (rose, bluebell, fireweed are good too just to name a few.
The night air was pleasantly cool and a thrilling sense of fascination for what we might see overcame us. I told him how I often find feathers on my hikes, which led to my trail name Wild Feather.
This restriction has interfered tremendously with their traditions of food gathering and obtaining the natural materials on which their culture relies. Tip: A 911 call will be transferred to an emergency call center that then alerts the appropriate local authorities. One of the best such sources is early morning dew found on the blades of grasses and leaves of plants.
Later in the summer we go for edible roots (like Indian potato, however, not to be confused with bear root), the very bottom of some varieties of sedge is nice in stir fry, but just eat the tender white bottom of the stalk.
The story behind the bear is that a coyote once appointed the bear in the forest to look after it but when man started to enter the area, the bear was being forced to leave. One can even interact with the movie ‘Up’ characters and find some Disney characters dressed up for a photo session with the young ones. After beginning our hike a bit later, we noticed how dynamic and very green the landscape was, thanks to the uncharacteristic rains the area had received recently. I was glad to know this guy was safe out there, as the area is still very wild and undeveloped. James told us about his connection to the eagle and how he acquired an eagle feather during an important time in his life.
The border has also interfered with religious ceremonies that necessitate a temporary migration to other locations within their communities.
Although this can be mopped up and squeezed out of a T-shirt or bandana, having a large sponge will make it an easier job. Oxalis stricta is very tart and I would imagine makes a very nice zest to tea, but I always just eat 'em.
Seeing this, the coyote turned the bear into rock allowing the bear to stay without being harmed. Thick grasses, ocotillo, western coral bean trees, chollas and agaves were thriving in great abundance. He related that these mountains harbor lots of life, from the common raven to exotic coatis and jaguars. You should also carry some clear plastic and a tube for making a solar still, as well as a copy of a diagram and instructions on how to construct one if you are not familiar with the process. If you want an amazing story, you can sure count on Disney to tell you all about it in the most magical way possible.
I have been experiencing my share of great horned owl encounters, for which I feel especially fortunate. I am fairly certain it was not a scaled quail, and I am positive it wasna€™t a Gambela€™s quail. I recalled my remote camera research and remembered siting sources of recorded jaguar sightings in southern Arizona. Blackberries and dewberries are tart to sweet and I eat them a lot, as well as scupplins, muscadines, and bullaces.
Ever since my first up-close encounter with a great horned owl, I have felt that the owl is my spirit animal.
The Montezuma quail (Cyrtonyx montezumae) is a very, very secretive bird found in Mexico and southern Arizona, a a€?prizeda€? game bird. Though he thought the jaguars were now mostly gone, he believes he heard one once while hiking alone in the area.
A wide-brimmed hat, bandana, and long-sleeved shirt should always be in your bug-out bag here, and a tube of sunscreen is a good idea as well.
It was great fun speaking with James, he even shared some secrets about the mountains with us.
At this point we could see the sacred peak, towering straight ahead of us, its prominence clear. We continued a short ways beyond where the trail disappeared to see if we could spot a continuation but the path was nowhere to be found.
However, especially if they go north-south, these are often drug or people-trafficking routes. Unless you know that the route is on a map or in a well-traveled area, these should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. I can without reservation say his information is spot-on accurate, and his books are top notch!.

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