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Three Universal Handcuff Keys-These are disposable handcuff keys that can be hidden on your person.
Jack knife lock pick set- I got this set from Kevin Reeve while attending the OnPoint Tactical Urban Escape and Evasion Class. Diamond Wire Blade- Uses diamond dust giving it the ability to cut through various steels and any other material weaker than diamond abrasive. The paracord can be used to make a friction saw or two be used for general rigging or survival task.

Our Reliable Locksmith in Atlanta understands that we need to be mobile so that we will respond quickly to any situation. I decided to do an article to answer those questions and show you guys that may be interested in building one of your own.
Using the picks to scavenge or find shelter and the Escape and Evasion gear to get away from any would be captors. In a rush I can grab this kit and start layering the elements on my person when a threat is imminent.

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