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MelAus PartnersITUNES 10.7 DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS 7 64 BITUpdate the most popular music managing programs availablesep , . In case you missed the livestream on Thursday (September 4), 5 Seconds Of Summer played what’s probably their biggest and longest set ever on day four of the iTunes Festival 2014.
The 14-song set at the Roundhouse in London included all the hits (“She Looks So Perfect,” “Don’t Stop,” “Amnesia”) and then some, but just going down the setlist doesn’t even begin to capture just how weirdly awesome, awesomely weird and all-around 5SOS-ian the performance was.
From the dyed-red bullets of sweat and banana costumes to the onstage rapport that just makes you wanna scream “NOW KISS,” here are the seven most face-punchingly epic things that went down at the concert.
2.) Michael told the crowd, “I color-matched my hair to my shirt” — five seconds before going onstage I’m guessing.

5.) To stall for time, Ashton told a story about how the band used to live in a haunted insane asylum. The banana-suit ladies, Ian, and the rest of the 5SOS Fam who literally could not at the show.

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