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As student expectations continue to grow and funding across the Higher Education sector continues to decline, it is becoming increasingly important to leverage technology to maximise resources and capacity in order to stay competitive. HEDA offers Higher Education institutions a solid foundation for designing this infrastructure on Salesforce. Salesforce Quick-start: Accelerate your Salesforce deployment by using HEDA objects and functionality created specifically for Higher Education. Improve the Student Experience: Create a 360-degree view of every student across your University and develop the foundation for personalised 1-1 communications across the student’s academic journey and beyond. As we move towards a more connected world, the ways in which Higher Education institutions interact with their prospects, students and alumni is also changing.’s HEDA is generally available now and can be downloaded as a managed package from the Salesforce AppExchange. Did you know that offers product discounts and donation program for nonprofit and higher ed institutions!? Imagine a unified view of every interaction prospects, students, alumni, donors and affiliates have with your department or institution.
Salesforce for Higher Ed is a set of end-to-end solutions that allow you to connect with constituents in new ways using social, mobile, and cloud technologies.
Through the Power of Us program, makes Salesforce products available to higher ed institutions at a deep discount.
Maintaining lifelong alumni relations, finding new donors, and growing gifts from existing supporters requires attention to detail. Deliver content the way students want to consume it and create 1:1 campaigns like never before.
Students, prospects, and alumni are vastly empowered with broad access to the most information ever. App Cloud – the evolution of the Salesforce Platform – is at the heart of the Connected Campus. These students want to turn to their peers to gather more information, collaborate, and share ideas. Chatter is a private and secure social network that students, alumni, and faculty can use to connect with each other.

Developed in collaboration with our Higher Education customers and industry leaders, HEDA sets you up to build a truly connected experience across the student lifecycle.’s goal is to put innovation in the hands of Higher Education institutions so they can focus their time on achieving their mission.
Built for the social and mobile era, Salesforce for Higher Ed enables you to become a Connected Campus, place students at the center of everything you do, and achieve breakthrough performance across the student lifecycle. Salesforce for Recruiting helps you find the right prospects, learn what’s important to them, and engage them across multiple channels of their choice so they ultimately enroll.
Get a complete 360o view of each student with Salesforce for Student Success and place the student at the center of everything you do.
Salesforce for Advancement can help you stay both current and relevant with alumni, creating content and events that connect with their interests.
Salesforce for Marketing allows you to easily combine digital channels like email, mobile, and social to engage students throughout their lifecycle.
From programs to marketing to fundraising, many higher ed institutions struggle to get real-time answers to key questions: Which programs make the biggest impact? Higher education institutions need, now more than ever, to embrace the evolving customs of today’s generation and bring the power of social networks inside their campuses. Updates about people, courses, and files about which they care most are automatically pushed to them. Students can easily publish a question about a course, assignment, or even the dorms parking and receive answers from across the institution.
360 degree views and cross-platform engagement are key requirements for the Higher Education sector. Working alongside the Higher Education community, we continue to work to improve the state of technology in the sector, and help make social, mobile and cloud technologies accessible and flexible enough to meet the needs of any College, University or Business School.
There is no additional cost to use HEDA beyond pricing for underlying Salesforce subscription. Leverage Salesforce for recruiting, student success, advancement, marketing, and community engagement.
Boost recruiter productivity and performance by automating recruitment processes and optimizing interactions with accurate data.

Create a one-stop-shop for students to easily find answers and empower students to help themselves anytime, anywhere. Manage the donation cycle from pledge to payment and execute multi-channel fundraising campaigns. Listen and engage in social conversations and deliver the right message at the right time with customized constituent journeys. Salesforce for Community Engagement breaks down traditional silos and facilitates collaboration amongst students and faculty for improved success and retention. Students are looking for one-on-one connections with familiar faces, they will be able to find it in Chatter.
Additionally, faculty will be able to post status updates so that students know what they’re working on. HEDA is a community-driven data architecture and set of best practices designed to configure Salesforce out of the box for Higher Education.
Gain complete insight with powerful analytics and make smarter decisions about where to invest and show the impact of your recruitment effort. Identify at-risk students and proactively engage them, interacting with personalized and relevant communications.
Salesforce gives you the flexibility to test multiple variations of content, channels, timing, and frequency to see what works best.
Marry transactional data with social discussions and curate unstructured information across campus with Salesforce Communities. Sharing files with Chatter is easy – upload with a click, and everyone sees the updates. Focused on core and common relationship data across the student lifecycle, HEDA allows you to take Salesforce and super charge it to meet the unique needs of your institution, helping you connect with prospects, students, alumni, faculty and staff through social, mobile and cloud technologies. Establish a breeding ground for idea generation and spur meaningful interactions on topics of interest.

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