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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates took to reddit yesterday to partake in a second AMA, or Ask Me Anything, where users submit questions and general commentary for the poster to sift through and respond.
Gates answered questions ranging from interesting hobbies, who his role model is, and what he would have done if he didn’t found Microsoft.
Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. After we did the math rock thing, we (David, Bryan & John) were in a band called 'Party Time' which was kind of a bridge between the weirder mathy freakout stuff and just straight up rock.
What would you say is the best part of hitting the road with some of the people you guys have had the fortune of touring with?
I asked two already, but the one I really want answered is where can I purchase a Red Fang patch for my battlejacket???
It's no secret that in an age where music videos feel like a lost art and are no longer necessary to promote your band, you guys are doing it better than most bands out there.
Anyway, keep on kickin' ass, and if you ever decide to come back to Calgary, I'll be there. If you have a question about The Way of Men or my other recent work, please chime in and ask away.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you've seen the film, you'll doubtless have plenty of questions, like 'How can a man with a fear of heights land backwards on a platform suspended 30ft in the air?' or, 'How does he loop-the-loop in a rotating cylinder?' and, 'How many times did it take to frontflip off a trampoline?' etc.
Moderators have all but shut down more than 265 subreddits to protest the termination of Victoria Taylor, the site’s director of talent. Taylor was among Reddit’s most visible employees and a helpful resource for moderators across the site.
Taylor said she was “dazed” by the termination and “hopefully” will remain in the PR field, but there’s been no further word from her or site co-founder Alexis Ohanian on just what happened. There’s been some speculation that Taylor was terminated because of Wednesday’s AMA with the Rev. Ironically, Reddit’s troubles have only become more acute as the site has sought to rehabilitate its image under interim CEO Ellen Pao.
First, launch the gallery and check out the 5 most interesting facts we learned about the material girl! Late Night With Seth Meyers has already had Mastodon’s Brann Dailor fill in on drums for a week. Guns N’ Roses will be playing two shows this weekend at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, and John Varvatos and Bravado have collaborated for a pop-up shop at the John Varvatos store at 315 Bowery (the former site of CBGB). After that I would say immigration since the injustice of the current system is incredible.

Two identical channels that you can use individually or both at the same time, which is what i do for a 'boost' sometimes. I'm just not a huge fan of wings, i'd rather have a full sized piece of chicken, and I get the sauce all in my beard. You could definitely buy a beatup car and some stuff to smash through for 5k or less, but then the cost of filming it takes it over that budget. Love your music and I'm a huge fan - I'm also in the lead for the contest to see you guys play in Montreal!
Last year in London my friend had his head cut open in the pit, you guys very kindly signed a flyer which was past to us while waiting for the ambulance, thanks for the nice touch and awesome gig btw! I know you don't always sing, but damn do your backup vocals bring a lot to the table - especially live! So far I've just built some simple transistor fuzzes, a couple of boosters, and a Red Llama.
Do you plan on slapping some new pickups in that sweet Electra you just picked up or keeping it stock? She managed the site’s wildly popular “Ask Me Anything”’ interviews that have included celebrities ranging from President Obama to a guy with two penises. Ohanian took “full responsibility” for the revolt in a post, admitted the situation was handled poorly and promised to work closely with moderators to address their concerns.
There has been a sense of frustration among moderators that the company does not respect or appreciate them. Last month, the site angered many users when it adopted a new policy against harrasment and shuttered five subreddits in a campaign to slay trolls. Many found the move arbitrary and noted that far more offensive sites remained untouched. In a post, the mods said they would no longer be working with the company and would instead handle arranging and scheduling AMAs themselves. They also have plenty of gain, I don't normally use any distortion or fuzz, just a tuner and a Phase 90. We use Sunn Beta Leads and Beta Basses on tour with Marshall 8412 cabs (they're the smallish cheaper cabs, they're darker than a Marshall 1960 but I like the darkness).
I think my on-line magazine editor has a request in, going through the 'proper channels,' but I thought I would throw this out here since I had the chance.
Since you and Aaron do most of the singing, what made you decide on the stage set up with him in the middle? As far as an 'ah-ha' moment, not sure, but I did have fun, chaining two ElectroHarmonix LPB1's together in one pedal for a gnarly boost. Among other things, Taylor arranged the interviews, verified the identity of the person doing the interview, facilitated the Q&A, and helped the uninitiated navigate the world of Reddit.
They complain about the quality of the moderation tools, and about recent changes to the site’s already bad search functions.

But the recent changes have made Pao a target of many redditors who feel any compromise of Reddit’s ideals of free expression and bottom-up moderation undermine its identity. The company celebrated its 10th anniversary last week and, according to The New York Times, raised $50 million in venture capital last year, money it planned to use for hiring and improving its advertising business.
So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. I mean, once you’ve seen her dressing up for 30+ years, you think you would know it all. They’ll be on the Amazon Music Twitch channel, which we never heard of until now, starting at 7pm on Monday, July 18th. We still get a little weird in parts, but mostly if it rocks and it's fun to play, we just go with it. Every once in a while I put some conditioner in it, but other than that I've never tried using any special products in my beard. Sometimes in Europe Aaron will use a Marshall 900 with a 4x12 cab for his bass, he likes a 'guitar-ish' tone for his bass. In Iceland I ate whale which was really, really good, and I tried fermented hark meat, which tasted, literally, like piss. The band does have some creative input, but basically it's all Whitey who is making the magic happen. Anyway he said you guys either jammed or recorded just a few blocks from where they do their thing. The private company does not disclose its revenue, but it has been valued at roughly $250 million. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. There definitely is some stoner and some metal and rock in the mix, but there's also classic rock and even some pop in there too.
I guess what I'm trying to ask is if there's any cross-collaboration going on behind the scenes between Portland stoner rock bands in the same way that we see the So-Cal stoner rock bands all sort of being involved with each other's projects, and if not, is it out of the question in the future? I.e., You're on Label A, and when you signed on the dotted line you forfeit any legal way to collaborate with a band on Label B?

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