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Jackie was a 76-year-old retired farmer when she decided to go to the bank to do some withdrawals with her son.
A hip fracture occurs when there is a crack or break in the top of the femur close to the hip joint. Hence, some of the symptoms of hip fracture comprise of low back pain, inability to lift, move, rotate (turn) the leg, unable to stand or put weight on the leg and a shorter leg or the leg turning outwards more on the injured side.
There are several different types of hip fractures but the most common types are femoral neck fracture and intertrochanteric hip fracture.
If one is suspected of having sustained a broken hip, immediately call for emergency medical services or go to the hospital as soon as possible.
While attempting to put her second foot over the chain, her foot tripped on the chain and she fell on the ground with her arms protecting her face. The most at risk for hip surgeries are people older than 65, with risk increasingly greatly after the age of 80.

The former is the more serious, commonly associated with osteoporosis, as it occurs one to two inches from the hip joint, which leads to an interruption of the blood supply to the head of the femur. Moreover, the hip bone contains a large ball and socket joint, also known as the hip joint, connecting the pelvis the femur (bone in the upper thigh) to the pelvis. Older people are more prone to hip fracture because with age comes bone weakening, also called osteoporosis.
Using wadded-up blankets or towels, safeguard the leg with firm padding, kept in place by heavy objects.
If no material is accessible, put one hand behind the casualty’s knee and the second arm along the top of the thigh, just below the pelvic area.

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