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Possibly looking to become the new Bear Grylls, survival expert Tim Ralston launches the Recon 6 watch. Identifying the key items required to be fully self-reliant and prepared for any circumstance out in the wilderness, whether camping or extreme adventuring, Ralston designed a compact solution that could incorporate all these essentials.
The rugged watch features a scratch and chip resistant mineral glass face that is treated with an anti-reflective coating to cut down on any glare. Hidden beneath the watch face is a fire starter, signaling mirror, aluminum rescue whistle, fishing line and hooks, magnifying glass for use to start fires, and a military grade liquid compass.
Although Ralston already owns a company that sells other survival gear, he turned to Kickstarter to fund the production costs of the watch and help get the word out.
The GearCasterWe profile emerging trends, companies, and technologies in the outdoor sports industry.
The Recon 6 has a scratch and chip resistant mineral glass face that is treated with an anti-reflective coating. The Recon 6 Watch includes a scratch and chip resistant mineral glass face, phosphorent hands, a rotating bezel ring, and enhanced date window. Renowned survival expert Tim Ralston has unveiled his latest product, the Recon 6 Watch, an all-inclusive utility watch.

The full-featured Recon 6 Watch includes a scratch and chip resistant mineral glass face, phosphorent hour and minute hands, a rotating bezel ring, and enhanced date window. Dubbed the Ultimate Adventure Survival Watch, Ralston got the product inspiration from watching the TV show Naked and Afraid, where contestants are dropped off in the wild completely naked and told to survive on their own.
Beneficial for all outdoorsmen, military personnel, and adventurers, the Recon 6 is not only useful but can also take a beating. For $275, you will receive one of the first production units of the Recon 6 survival watch with a delivery date of September 2014.
We also review soon to be released gear, helping you decide what to buy for your outdoor adventures. All of the planning and organizing it takes to being prepared for the “unknown” certainly isn’t easy…But for those of us who do it, it is well worth the effort. After spending two years in research and development, Ralston has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring this project to completion.
This watch also comes with a compass, a can & bottle opener, a signaling mirror, a fire starter, a whistle and a cutting tool. Embedded in the watch band is a bottle opener, can opener, and tiny knife with sheep hook design for dressing out small game.

As preppers, we have our eyes open to the fact that emergency situations can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. You get a bottle opener, can opener, fire starter, signaling mirror, magnifying glass, military grade, EMP proof, liquid fill compass, LED flashlight, impact resistant lens, and more.
If a disaster struck while you were driving, you would need to be prepared to spend even MORE time in your car.
When our homes are unsafe, when our cars are considered useless, and our BOB is inaccessible,there is an alternative…The Ralston Recon 6 Adventure WatchFrom the Founder of Gear Up Center and the creator of the Crovel, Tim Ralston, comes another innovative multipurpose product that will keep you prepared at ALL times.The Recon 6 is a survival watch that contains the most essential tools you would need in the wilderness. Whether you were forced to bug out from work, or became lost on a camping trip, you can be assured that you have the basic items of survival.Constructed out of stainless steel, the Recon 6 is an attractive accessory for your everyday wear.

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