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Freeworlds: Tides of War is a Star Wars total conversion, one of the most ambitious mods for the Digital Anvil game Freelancer, released in 2003. This time he amazed me with a astonishing Lego MOC of the Rebel Nebulon-B frigate as seen at the end of The Empire Strikes back.
These photo’s would inspire me to leave Lego mini-size behind me and go all out fot micro-size.
An avid comicbook reader and skilled animator and designer, Dutch-based MarvelousRoland is a proud fanboy about Star Wars- and superhero-related collectibles, Lego, movies and comics. An avid comicbook reader and skilled animator and designer, Dutch-based MarvelousRoland has been collecting 3,75" toys since the dawn of his time. 1) Imperial HovertankAn Imperial hovertank advances through the rubble, supported by Stormtroopers.
3) Star DestroyerThis model, from ERTL, of the mainstay of the Imperial fleet is about 15" long.There is plenty of detail on it, but the pieces didn't fit together as well as they might have done.

5) GarindanGarindan is the Imperial spy who puts the stormtroopers onto the trail of Luke and the gang at Mos Eisley.
6) Muftak & KabeMuftak and Kabe are two alien friends who appear in the Mos Eisley cantina. 9) LabriaThis is Labria the Devaronian who, like most of the figures in this gallery, can be seen hanging around the Mos Eisley cantina. The mission of this site is pretty simple - to provide other fans and collectors news and opinions on Star Wars and superheroes related movies, comics, Lego, 12” figures and other collectibles. After a sidetrack to 6" action figures MarvelousRoland recently discovered the awe of the 12" figures. The infantry are from West End Games.and the tank was scratchbuilt from an old computer mouse as described here. I have considered using it for a ship combat game, but the fighters would all have to be scratch built, which seems a bit too laborious.

T2A wants to provide Dutch fans news and reviews about Star Wars and superhero related Lego, collectibles, comics and movies, but also wants this to be known with the rest of the fans around the world in hope to learn more, interact, share and astonish! Feeling there's a demand for Dutch based news, reviews and pricewatches about Star wars- and superhero-related Lego and 12" collectibles, MarvelousRoland hope to provide this.
Together with the latest insights about comics and movies he wants to share and interact about these things astonish!

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