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THE reason why not all the quantity of radioisotope medicines ordered made it to Cyprus was because of flight safety reasons and had nothing to do with the fact that the issue was not resolved earlier, the Health ministry said in an announcement on Wednesday. The problem of the transportation of the radioactive drugs, used to provide diagnostic information about the functioning of a person’s specific organs, or for treatments, rose last week after the closing down of Cyprus Airways that was shipping the drugs to the island on a weekly basis.
It was announced last week that the ministry had made permanent arrangements for their transportation using German carrier Lufthansa but as only half of the last order arrived in Cyprus this prompted state hospitals to cancel patients’ appointments.
It seems that the radioactive cargo was in total exceeding the allowed radioactive levels the plane could carry. Nuclear medicine technologists combine a wealth of computer and medicinal skills to treat patients through image scanning and administration of radioactive drugs to aid in the treatment of different diseases.
Your work as a nuclear medicine technologist will have you working long hours in the radiation room.
Your work environment continuously exposes you to radiation, which can affect your health after a prolonged period. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a twenty percent growth for careers in nuclear medicine technology between 2012 and 2022. In case you opt for a career in nuclear medicine technology, you have different exciting career paths you can choose to pursue. The growth in middle-aged and older populations is likely to open up more opportunities for nuclear medicine technologists as demand for diagnostic procedures and nuclear treatment increases.

If you were to personify intelligence you could say it looks like a white lab coat clad scientist without receiving the smallest dispute. Nuclear power plants must be operated by highly trained professionals because of the hazardous nature of the energy source. Garment Technologists ensure clothes and other types of garments meet production standards and customers’ functional preferences. Wood technology focuses on the conversion of raw timber to functional products such as plywood and paper. If you?re intrigued by the idea of a career in medicine but aren?t sure what role you?d like to play, you may want to consider becoming a radiologic technologist.
Radioactive Iodine - Diabetes and Hormone Center of the PacificRADIOACTIVE IODINE TREATMENT by Marc Coel, M.D. As a result of the closing down of Cyprus Airways, the quantity ordered last week … to cover the private and public sector was bigger than the allowed transportation quantity,” the announcement said. They offer alternative diagnostic and treatment options, especially for conditions that are hard to manage with conventional medicine. You will interact with patients, doctors, nurses, technicians and other hospital staff on a daily basis. Ensure you always wear protective gear and that you keep away from radiation unless you are treating a patient.

Some of them include: chief technologist, senior staff technologist, hospital administrator, research technologist, sales representative, technology program educator or technical specialist. The number of professionals who operate nuclear power plants is relatively small but these operators are very vital to the country. If you would like to work in the technical side of the fashion industry, this could be the job for you.
Wood technologists oversee this process, ensuring it meets the established quality standards. Radioactive iodine is used in diagnostic tests as well as in radiotherapy of an hyperactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), most often due to Graves disease.
Although most of radiation procedures are pre-planned, you might be called in to assist a doctor with an x-ray or administration of medication. Better health.Radioactive iodine, given in a liquid form, is absorbed and concentrated by the thyroid gland.

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