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Well, the men are very much infatuated regarding their penises and this is likely to be more than their women. ED was believed as a psychological problem till the year 1983 and this belief continued till an exhibition of the penis injection was carried out which buried the belief.
The whole of the male population were filled with ecstasy and excitement when Pfizer in 1996, introduced a blue colored diamond-shaped pill or drug called Viagra. Men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and diagnosed by doctors are recommended to have Viagra. Viagra is not an aphrodisiac or is not a substance that increases the sexual desire of a person.
Hey thanks for your info…But I want to know one more thing… can girls also take vigra or not ? Anxiety, mental tension and tiredness are the main causes of psychological impotence and erection problem. Suffering from a psychological disorder, a married woman with a 3-month-old baby, committed suicide by jumping from the balcony of her house in Viveknagar station limits yesterday afternoon. Most men search answers to their queries such as to improve and increase girth, length, inclination, complexion and spatial quality. This drug was able to deliver and excellent erection for the men as its function is to open up the blood vessels to the penis and this enables the blood flow easily. Men who are not satisfied with their sex life or sexual performance because of Erectile Dysfunction are suggested to take the pill.

Hence, it is not intended for people who want to increase their sex drive or desire for sexual activity. The users of Viagra have reported suffering facial flushing, headaches, liver problems, rare heart attacks, blurred vision, bluish vision and sensitivity to light. One should either avoid sex during the time when he does have mental tension, anxiety, and tiredness or get rid of psychological burden at the time of intercourse.
Since a year ago, I have been having temporary impotence and erection problem at different occasions. Please talk with your healthcare provider about any information you get from this web site. Just imagine the terrific fear that men undergo of being affected by impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) which leaves no chance of fertility. According to the various studies conducted, there is no noticeable effect with this drug but a frequent user may get into a problem of not getting an erection without the consumption of the drug.
Many may think that Viagra increases the length or size of the penis but it is never so and hence do not take the pill in order to increase the size of you penis.
The side-effect which is the most notorious is the erection for four or more hours and many a times, these erections are painful too. Since then, the availability of this drug or pill continues and is available at various medicine stores across the globe.
This drug should be taken according to the frequency recommended by the doctor and in the exact dosage.

If a person undergoes these side effects, he or she is advised to consult a physician or visit a hospital for instant treatment. Since you are able to perform the sexual act at other occasions, therefore there is no question about any body and muscular faults. It is defined as the inability to attain a proper erection or maintain erection during intercourse or sex.
This particular drug should not be consumed by men who suffer strokes, cardiovascular problems, use nitrates for illness such as chest pain and hypertension. This should also not be used by people who are advised not to have sexual intercourse due to various reasons. This blue pill should not be mixed with other tablets and drugs that treat Erectile Dysfunction. Either you should avoid the sexual activity in those days when you perform hard work and having tiredness,, anxiety and mental tension or you should consider this sexual act as an interesting hobby.

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