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Imagine for one moment that you wake up one morning and the world, as you know it is in chaos, but you are oblivious to that fact, for the time being. Hours go by and you begin to wonder, and then panic creeps under your veil of certainty that your local government and authorities have the situation under control. Hackers in the employ of a rogue nation have finally penetrated the country’s cyber security. Neighbors are stopping by asking questions but most are speculating and they have heard rumors they tell you.
Disaster can be a camping trip that goes wrong or a simple day hike that turns into days lost in the wilderness. If you end up lost in the woods, for example, or when you find the world, as you know it is gone you must have the means to sustain life.
Easier said than done of course however, with some practice you can start a fire without matches in various ways. You should stay put however, because if the government does recover they will begin search and rescue and maybe you can pick up a few more survival supplies.
Immediately organize your family and assign tasks such as food gathering, cooking and water purification. To simplify the ratio use gallons for measurement, many products such as vinegar and water come in gallon containers that are safe to reuse. Once you’ve begun to stockpile survival gear, it can be hard to determine what you’re missing from your list.
I’ve taken the time to organize the gear into different categories for your convenience: to make browsing much easier. Also, please let us know in the comments if there are any pieces of survival gear we’ve missed and you think should be added to the list. The ability to make fire is exceptionally important in survival situations. Although you don’t need everything mentioned in the list below in order to make a fire, it might be handy to have a small variety of options as back ups, in case a lighter runs out of propane, for instance.
Whether you’re preparing for the zombie apocalypse or you’re an urban prepper preparing for an emergency, you’re going to need a way to collect and purify water.
You’re much less likely to need the heat generation survival gear if you live in a desert state or a place that typically does not get cooler weather. Planning out what to eat after an emergency situation arises is one of the first things survivalists and preppers typically do.
As mentioned before, you can technically build your own shelter if you have the proper survival gear tools at hand.
If you’re planning on getting rescued, or if you’re at all interested in navigation, communication, or really any way of knowing what’s happening in the outside world after the shit hits the fan, you might be interested in adding a few of the survival gear items below to your stockpile. There’s a wide variety of survival clothing that would be helpful in emergency and survival situations. Some survivalists will, no doubt, want to stay as far away from these items as possible, as most of them will, over time, become useless in a state of complete apocalyptic devastation.

In case you don’t have a car or vehicle, or don’t plan on using one in a survival or emergency situation, you can completely ignore this list. In survival and SHTF situations, you’ll want to make sure to defend yourself and your family against both other people and animals. Whether or not you plan on bugging out in an emergency SHTF or survival situation, you definitely want to have your important documents and some healthy finances on your side. The items on this list are of course not a must-have, but they’re great to have on you in case you need some help and aren’t quite sure what to do. About UsAt DIYSurvialLife we strive to provide the latest and most useful DIY information, tactics and skills necessary to survive any possible SHTF situation.
The light next to the bed does not respond because the electrical grid has been destroyed, but you do not know this yet. The electrical grid has been shut down and in an abundance of caution, local governments have shut down numerous water treatment plants.
Natural disasters are ongoing, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes can happen at any time. You can forage close by your shelter for farm animals such as chickens, dairy cows and cattle.
You simply never know when you may be called upon to save your own life and the lives of your family and friends. As a result, we’ve taken the time to create as much of a comprehensive list of all the different types of survival gear as possible. Check out the list and tell us if there’s anything you think you should add to your own personal list of survival gear! With the proper tools, you can typically make your own shelter in case you need to, or fix one that you already have. The survival gear below, therefore, will likely be stockpiled by all types of survivalists and preppers alike.
That being said, this type of gear can still be helpful in case of climate change or especially cold nights.
That being said, it’s always nice to get an upper hand on shelter, as it will also help you stay warm and dry in case of an emergency or survival situation. Though the medicine you can stockpile will not be enough to fix every situation, having a basic first aid kit and some standard medicine will typically get you through a great deal of difficult situations. If a vehicle is in your emergency preparedness plan, however, you’ll want to make sure you’ll have these items at the very least. There are a variety of ways which you can do this, although of course some work better than others. Stock a Kindle e-book reader, tablet, or Chromebook full of useful survival books and resources and you’ll have a hell of a lot easier time if there’s something you haven’t let learned how to do or need to do for the very first time. The plants operate by computer and now the integrity of the water supply is in question across the nation.

You can find patio gardens in an urban setting and find and use discarded items from others that have succumbed to panic and are racing away. Purify as large a quantity as possible because the source may run out or if you have to leave quickly, you will have safe water to carry. The container you use to dip the water out of the source will have contaminates around the drink line. If the water is cloudy you can add up to eight additional drops, never exceed 16 drops of bleach per gallon however.
Some will undoubtedly want to stay away from purchasing battery or electricity dependant gear, for instance, while others will undoubtedly want to go the hyper-minimalist route, only buying what they think they will really need (and perhaps be able to carry in a single backpack). Don’t feel pressured into extending your list of survival gear by buying something you don’t really think you’ll use. Good survival tools can also help you to gather wood for creating fire for heat and to cook with, which is why tools are the very first thing on our list.
Certainly look into attaining a firearm if this is legally permissible in your locality, and if you ever consider you may like to have it as a backup option.
It may be more beneficial to stockpile urban survival gear that will actually be of use to you and those around you in a post-SHTF situation, but in case there’s something you forgot or ran out of, tradeable goods are definitely an asset. Your thinking is that the power company will have things up and running in a matter of hours.
You also realize, that literally tons of food, others are hoarding will be lost if an earthquake or tornado destroys their home and all that they have collected.
Water is your most important commodity in a survival situation, so it must be protected from further contamination. Each member by having the same supplies can survive if they become separated from the family. Instead, scan this list for items that you might have forgotten or think would really compliment your needs as a survivalist.
If you are interested in firearms, make sure to learn about them and train with them prior to an emergency situation. Therefore, never mix the two to purify water; always purify the entire amount with either chlorine bleach or iodine. Others, fighting a timetable they have set in their own minds are gathering all they can to be ready.
Water temperatures at 160° F (70° C) kills all pathogens within 30 minutes and above temperatures 185° F (85° C) kills all pathogens within a few minutes.

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