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Physical therapists are the new nurses of healthcare recruiting, so much in demand that help wanted ads for them are now among the most commonly advertised healthcare jobs online. In fact, Wanted Analytics reports there are now more jobs advertised for physical therapists than any other job in any occupation, exceeding even those for nurses. Now a survey done by CKR Interactive’s Peer Group US, and healthcare marketing specialist Katon Direct, helps explain why it’s so difficult to fill physical therapist openings. What that tells us is that healthcare recruiters have to reach out to source physical therapists. However, they need to be approached with a strong case, based on professional considerations more than anything.
Out of 20 attributes respondents were asked to score (on a 1-5 scale), having a reputation as a great place to work scored 4.62, the highest. Location ranked third, not surprising since three-quarters said they would not relocate to take a another job.
When they do decide to make a change, physical therapists turn to their friends and colleagues. Besides writing for ERE, John consults with staffing firms and employment agencies, providing content and managing their social media programs.
Physical therapists are much in demand and i think slowly but steadily students are realizing the potential of this field and seriously considering as a career option.
For over 100 million years, dinosaurs, and not mammals, were the dominant form of life on Earth. But they’re not still alive today, because a mass extinction event occurred 65 million years ago. Well, there’s a layer of rock, known as the K-T boundary, that seems to have a plethora of dinosaur fossils below the boundary, but almost none above the boundary. Much like with global climate change, evolution, dark matter, gravity and the big bang, there are unexplained details here.
The inevitable caveat to this fine blogpost is that not all dinosaurs died, since the birds are dinosaurs.
It’s in scientific language that one does not say that the dinosaurs all went extinct, because there such a claim typically means that they left no descendents. Don’t let this bit detract from the value of the blogpost, for it is a good didactic piece. Too bad you refuted all of this pseudoscientific nonsense yourself, apparently without even realizing it!
However you want to define dinosaur, I say that since you delineate between avian and terrestrial dinosaurs, technically they didn’t go extinct but had their offshoot offspring in birds survive. We know that there is a crater in the Yucatan, we know that most dinosaurs went extinct, we know that these events occured about the same time. Is Iridium more common in asteroids than here on Earth (and if so, why?), or is the high abundance in this specific rock just a coincidence? Iridium is more common in at least some asteroids than on Earth, but we don’t really know why the elements segregated themselves the way they did. Avondale at UT is actually active in this field, and has credentials that far surpass mine, and I like his comment a lot. It should be pointed out that paleontologist Robert Bakker has also disputed the impact theory. Sometimes a few little unexplained details do lead to the overthrow of a widely accepted theory. The wikipedia article on iridium says that because it is so dense and siderophilic (loves combining with iron), most of Earth’s iridium gravitated to the core of the planet, leaving little in the crust, which explains why it is such a good marker for certain meteorites. As far as I know, the geological community falls into three camps on this issue, Keller and her coauthors, a few other fringe scientists, and everyone else. It may be useful for a journalist to make the statement above, but within the sandbox of science, everyone should acknowledge that the breadth of consensus means nothing.

The real pleasure of science is enhanced if we engage these issues as if consensus has absolutely nothing to do with the primary issue at stake: is something true, or not? This is very off topic but since there seems to be so many highly educated individuals posting here I was hoping I could get a response to a question I have. Each congregational committee will be involved in some way in the exploration of environmental concerns. I’m sure the scientists are happy with their new extinction theory but, it has a few holes in it that need to be addressed. 2: If the Yucatan impact destroyed almost all the plant life due to nuclear winter and caused all the plant eating dinosaurs to die thus bringing about the death of the carnivores(even all the small dinosaurs died according to this theory) why would plant eating mammals live through it?
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Amazing how an almost-no-budget production could be so much more entertaining than the big-budget movie debacle of 1994, and I hope you found it as entertaining as I did! Johannesburg, Wednesday, 28 January 2015 – Multiple-Award Winning South African artist, AKA, is unable to perform at tonight’s Industry Nite event in Nigeria due to unforeseen delays with the issuance of his Nigerian VISA.
AKA has a huge fan base in West Africa and was looking forward to spending his 27th birthday in Nigeria with his fans, celebrities, media and artists. AKA’s record label and management company, Vth Season, have consulted with the event organisers and both have agreed to have AKA back to perform at the earliest convenient date for both parties.
The Industry Nite performance in Lagos was to form part of AKA’s first leg of his West African tour.
Besides simply the growing demand for those services, professionals in the field simply don’t want to change jobs. John was a newspaper reporter and editor until his geek gene lead him to launch his first website in 1994. He also works with organizations and businesses to assist with audience development and marketing.
What’s very interesting is that we find this exact same boundary all over the world, dating to 65 million years ago, with dinosaurs found abundantly below it, with the few ones found above it thought to be geologically reworked (upturned and reburied). If a large enough asteroid or comet hit the Earth, the collision would spew up whatever elements were on that foreign projectile into the atmosphere, and spread it all over the globe. A skeptic uses reason, considers the facts and weighs the evidence to come to a LOGICAL conclusion. She appears to be a tenured professor at a very respectable university with a long list of published papers and book(s)on this subject area.
It matters little to me whether it was this huge rock or a volcano or something else around this time. Severe calamity has stressed that only the medium and the small bioforms adapt and survive major changes, while the big and bulky work best in placid times.
Personally I think the impact was one half of a double whammy that caused a massive interruption in normal conditions.
I think this theory should be chalanged often, not because I desagree with it (I’m with Andy Cooper in this one), but all theories should be chalanged, especially those we are too confortable with. Presto asteroid killed the dinosaurs, ok, now let’s beat the crap out of this theory see if it stands. The perihelion of mercury, the spectrum of blackbody radiation, even the K-T layer itself – pre 1980, come to mind.
However, she is not correct when she attributes the extinctions to the Deccan Traps volcanism.
The maximum size of the dinosaurs were gradually becoming smaller; mammals were becoming larger.
The massive volcanic activity during the times of the dinosaurs, flood basalt type, initiated at the core-mantle boundary. If there was a supposed meteor capable of destroying most life on Earth 65 million years ago(roughly), why did it not and why does it not happen more frequently?

She has since worked her way into acting on soapies such as Zabalaza, Intersexions season 2 and Zone 14.
Khanya is an only child and spent half her childhood in boarding school where she learnt how to be independent. She is inspired by Oprah because of her ability of not letting her childhood despairs and get the better of her.
Khanya can’t live without her gadgets and the internet because she loves being informed on what’s happening in the world. What she doesn’t like about being in the spot light is the fact that you don’t always know a person’s intentions about you. I’m proud to share with you, this weekend, the entire story of Street Fighter: The Later Years! It is with a heavy heart that he apologizes that he cannot make the event tonight and this weekend in Accra. And when it comes to using social media to recruit them, physical therapists are “ambivalent,” says the report. In his spare time  he can be found hiking in the California mountains or competing in canine agility and obedience competitions.
As you well know from seeing their fossils, they would dwarf their modern, mammalian counterparts if they were still alive today.
When we look at rocks, we find that one type — sedimentary rock, forms from deposits.
Naturally, the Earth has so little iridium that it’s inconceivable that this iridium could have come from Earth.
A basin the right size and shape, with clear evidence of being an impact crater, and dated to right around 65 million years ago? So don’t be fooled by the skeptics who say that because one detail is unexplained, the whole theory is wrong. What were the mechanics of this sudden yet (I know, sudden in geological terms) drawn out period? Honda looked alike, don’t; they really were portrayed by the same actor!) Happy weekend, and hope our next year together with me dressed as Rainbow Dash proves just as wonderful for us all! These deposits make it relatively easy to date the rock, or to figure out when the rocks (and hence the fossilized organisms inside) were deposited there.
The practically immediate extinction of nearly all non-avian dinosaurs and all animals over a certain size. Right off the coast to cause tsunamis, and the sinkholes we find today around the crater’s rim match up exactly with what we expect. But the evidence here is really overwhelming and the explanation is very, very simple and compelling.
By Shavuot the goal is to have worked out rules of eco-kashrut and an ethical purchasing guide for the congregation with suggestions for personal use. That, and a consensus of scientific experts disagree with her conclusions, and support the view presented here.
Other options include inviting a major speaker to the congregation sometime during the year and possibly a weekend retreat devoted to environmental issues. We hope to have the rabbi and other service leaders make creative use of the year’s theme while leading services.

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