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The Paediatric First Aid training course is designed for those responsible for looking after babies and children. This course has been recognised and approved by the National Child minding Association and the Pre School Learning Alliance and meets the requirements of Ofsted as laid out in the Statutory Framework, Early Years Foundation Stage.
Emergency First Aid training teaches a person how to cope in a crisis, and administer emergency first aid in a number of situations. Safety Training Seminars offers the lowest price EMSA Pediatric CPR and First-aid classes in the Bay Area.
Paediatric First Aid      Tel: 07807 456569 We are able to deliver 2 paediatric First Aid Courses.

This course is ideal for Childminders, Nurseries and those people working with 5 year olds and under needing Ofsted registration.
The appointed first aider can deal with injury and illness while waiting for the emergency services. From just ?99 you could learn what to do in the event of a child or baby becoming unwell, to assist until professional help arrives. Establishments dealing with young children should ensure as far as possible that all staff are trained to be  able to deal with a child in an emergency situation.
It is designed for those individuals with a duty of care to children in childcare settings.

Candidates will be required to be able to deal with casualties on floors and as such may result in clothing becoming dirty.    Emergency Paediatric First AidThe 1-Day (6-Hours) Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course is designed for those members of staff not usually "In Charge" of children such as support staff, catering staff, administrative staff, drivers of vehicles carrying children such as Bus and Mini-Bus Drivers.

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