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It is a legal requirement to have sufficient numbers of qualified emergency first aid at work employees.  This is law throughout the business world and applies to all trades. Trumbar Training, Still Providing Cost Effective Professional Training Services to  Industry throughout East Anglia. Driver CPC, ADR Dangerous Goods, First Aid Training, Fire Training and RTITB Lift Truck Operator Training. With these programs well established, the training courses have been made available to other organisations and now companies throughout East Anglia benefit from sending their drivers to Trumbar Training for CPC training in Eye, Suffolk.
From our base in the heart of East Anglia, Trumbar Training is a perfect training choice for road transport companies throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex.
The Bartrum Group has always been about providing quality cost effective long term solutions to meet our customers requirements. Our customer base has been built up over the years on trust, reliability, honesty and providing high quality services at reasonable prices.
22nd May 2015 By Kelly Leave a Comment 000It is highly important that children’s development is tracked across the EYFS, there is clear guidance stated in the EYFS that practitioner are to identify how children are progressing and document this for others to see. A progress summary document enables practitioners to summaries children’s development across the Prime and Specific areas of the EYFS, it identifies how children are making sufficient progress in a particular area and it can help parents understand how their child is learning.
On entry assessments are a great way to identify children’s starting points and to have information to use to help plan suitably experiences. Some settings have an individual progress tracker, a key group progress tracker sheet and then this information is then added to a cohort tracker which shows all children’s information from across the nursery. Managers to consider how best to collate the data for example some settings may use one Cohort tracker per key group, or per year group, this will depend upon the size of the setting.

Look at ways of using the information in the cohort tracker to make a significant impact on the environment, children progress or practitioner practice. Somerset County Council use a proforma that tracks children’s development across the Prime and Specific areas of learning. Early Years Careers provides a supportive forum where Early Years professionals can value the sharing of best practice to help deliver outstanding practice in Early Years settings and enhance Continuous professional development.
We are a very new site and we are constantly working to make the site better and to grow it. Its purpose was to ensure that our staff are continually trained to the highest  standards. Initially the objective was to make sure that all of our drivers had the skills required by the EU, CPC legislation. The current Directors and those before them, have always looked at the bigger picture, preferring to adopt a long term approach as opposed to short term gain. It is our intention to continue in the same vein into the future to ensure the continued success of the group and our customers. Documenting children’s progress enables parents and other professionals to recognise the child’s progress and also highlights and areas for concern. Formative assessments consists of annotated photographs, spontaneous and planned observations, information from parents, samples of children’s experiences, all of these will build up a picture so that the practitioners can make a best fit judgement of where the child is working at in relation to the EYFS age bands. Assessments such as the Progress Summaries and Tracking documents are a summative assessment that is best completed together. As children from the age of two receive a development two year check carried out by a professional some settings use the progress summary document 0-36 months as a great tool to share during the two year progress check. Communication with parents is key in this process as they hold the information on their child’s learning development, All about me sheets that are completed by parents give practitioners small snapshot of information about the child.

It is important to provide the correct level of First Aid Training to cover the accounted risks. This creates less paperwork for practitioners as the information for both the two year progress check and the progress summary are identical. Over a period of two weeks practitioners should complete an individual tracker, taking into considerations parents information’s and observations.
For all of our training courses the delegates will be provided with refreshments throughout the day. On successful completion of the course the delegate will be awarded with a qualification card (if applicable) and a certificate. This has been so successful that a complete range of transport industry training courses and other general business courses have been introduced along with a suite of modern classrooms.
This philosophy has enabled The Bartrum Group to thrive for 80 years and develop a reputation in the industry that they are extremely proud of. The key person should make a judgement against each aspect and indicate whether the child is beginning, consolidating or secure, some setting use other words that mean the same but still convey the same principle. The individual tracker is then completed over set times across the year, it is completed in the same way as on entry assessment.

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