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Several weeks ago I wrote part one of an article on choosing the best bread for weight loss. As a general rule, my first priority is to look for bread that is predominately whole grain. More dietary fiber matters because it slows down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, which in turn help to stabilize blood sugar.
However, just because bread is made from 100% whole grains does not necessarily mean it is the best choice for you especially when you are on a low calorie diet. Earth Grains 7-Grain bread and Brownberry Multi-grain bread are two examples of commercial bread that hope to catch your attention by the word grain. What may be more important for you is taking note that each slice of EarthGrains bread has 110 calories and 4 grams of sugar PER SLICE. Sugar is digested all too quickly and easily and it has a negative impact on blood sugar levels.
In the past few years I’ve seen an increase in the number of good bread choices with respect to whole grains, dietary fiber, calories, and limited sugar. Another bread product I like because it is low calorie and whole grain are the Thomas Bagel Thins. Although I am not familiar with all the choices, one that I’ve liked is the Mission 100% Whole Wheat medium size tortillas.
Let me know what your experiences have been in shopping for healthy, tasty low calorie bread.
DisclaimerContent published by the owner(s) of this website whether in an article or as a response to a question or comment is for education only.
Gill Wing Farm Shop is our outlet for all the fantastic produce we grow and prepare on the farm. As we take on board requests or suggestions we get from customers, our range evolves into something more rounded and varied.
Our aim is to eventually only stock products that are grown and produced on our land, but until the farm is a little more mature we are offering a range of locally produced, high quality goods alongside our own. As a result we are now at a point where we can supply you with day to day goods, while also offering a great choice of gifts and also great options to treat yourself to something a little bit special! Our butcher Andrew supplies the shop with high quality meat, reared free range and to organic standards on the farm. We sell bread, cakes and pastries baked here on the farm, along with daily quiche and soup or stew – perfect for a hearty warming lunch!
We also stock fresh fruit and vegetables, and often have recipe cards available with these for you to take and try something new!
Although our own range is currently small, this year we hope to turn a large percentage of our own fruit and vegetables into more bottled goods. Alongside this we are filling in the gaps with gorgeous locally sourced produce, and a few extra bits that we think are shelf worthy! Our cheese counter displays a selection of local cheeses from Kent and Sussex, with a choice between cows or goats milk.
We are lucky enough to have a workshop in London, where we have restored vintage secateurs (above) to full working order…the ideal gift for the budding gardener or florist! The shop staff are very friendly and along with the log burning stove they create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, which has been noted by many a customer. The staff all have a great enthusiasm and knowledge of the products they are selling, so will be able to help you out with any queries. Pop in and see us some time, we are open seven days a week and we love meeting new customers and catching up with old ones! Somehow my kids go back to school next week, so this week is my run around and get all prepared week. Since both of my boys are very involved in sports, feeding them, especially getting a good healthy lunch in them so they can make it through a long afternoon of practices, takes more thought then it used to. I stocked up on Nature’s Promise bread, natural peanut butter and strawberry fruit spread for quick sandwiches.
I try to get as much real protein in them as I can, especially with the boys, so I grabbed several packs of healthy lunch meats. I also grabbed these snack foods like granola bars, these organic fruit twists and some chocolate animal crackers {the first week of school calls for chocolate, for sure! I still have a long list of things to do to get ready for school–shoe shopping and supplies, etc.

I simply organize all the snacks and sandwich supplies into clear plastic bins, that way I can pull them out to assemble lunches. We’re off to middle school orientation today, that promises to be an adventure–good luck everyone with your own back to school prep!
Of all grain types, the healthiest would be whole grains, primarily because it still contains all of its parts: bran, germ and endosperm. Maud Powell , coordinator of the Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative CSA program was recently approved by the USDA to accept the Oregon Trail card (food stamps) for CSA payment. Oregon Trail cardholders have been able to purchase products at the growers markets for the past few years.
We deliver weekly boxes of fruits and vegetable grown on nine organic farms in the Applegate and Williams valleys between June 10th and October 21st.
When I learned that CSAs in Oregon could apply to accept food stamps, I was thrilled and immediately jumped at the opportunity.
Organic food is more expensive to produce than conventional food, especially on small, family farms where the economy of scale is not working in the farmer’s favor. Eating fresh, healthy food is important for everyone, but especially for the more vulnerable populations, like children and the elderly.
Again, I want to thank the USDA, particularly Linda Flackus, for working with me to make this possible. Pears are one of those fruits that will continue to ripen off the vine like peaches, tomatoes, and bananas so I waited a week and cut one open, only to find it still hard and crunchy inside. I searched the web, and even went back to the store to ask the manager if he knew what they’d been sprayed with.
I covered some of the challenges faced by commercial bakers in making nutritious and tasty leavened bread that is not too high in calories. So in this instance the Brownberry Multi-Grain bread might be the better choice with 100 calories per slice and 2 grams of sugar or 1 tsp. But on a 1200 calorie diet I think you might be better off if you can keep your bread calories to no more than 80 per slice. This concept is similar to the sandwich thins with the exception of having a hole in the center of the bread like a typical bagel.
One tortilla has 130 calories, 3 grams of dietary fiber, and only 2 grams of sugar per serving (one tortilla).
These “pockets” have only 80 calories per half pita with 3 grams of dietary fiber and only 1 gram of sugar.
What I’d really like is a way to have a couple of slices of thick, chewy, and delicious tasting whole grain bread to make the ultimate satisfying sandwich (without lots of calories)! Since opening in July 2011, we have been constantly adapting and growing to suit our customers needs, always listening to feedback and requests to do the best we can to meet demand. Our fruit and vegetables, if not from the farm, are sourced locally and you will only find what is in season! Reared to organic standards and in a free ranging environment on the farm, they are some of the best tasting eggs you will find.
My kids are getting older–on the first day this year my oldest son will start high school and my middle son will start middle school {what?!?) so it is probably not a surprise that just feeding them at this age is a huge chore. Along with buying school supplies, new shoes and backpacks it would seem I am going to have to up my lunch game this year. I feel better about giving it to my kids, since the line is free from nonessentials such as artificial colors, artificial flavors, and artificial preservatives. Avoiding the chemicals in deli lunch meats can be hard, I am a bit of a fanatic about not putting nitrates into our systems so the Nature’s Promise brand is great. OK, actually every day calls for chocolate, doesn’t it?) all these are easy for grab and go snacks between school and activities. Beta glutens are a form of fiber that is said to be effective in decreasing the risk of developing heart diseases.
Recently your organic farm and the Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative CSA was approved to accept the Oregon Trail Card in as payment towards a farm subscription. CSAs do not fit into the mold of the typical business that accepts Oregon Trail cards, so we had to use some creativity to get licensed.

You can’t just look at the claims made on the front of bread packages because they can be misleading.
As I pointed out in part one, you want to make your decision based on several factors: the amount of whole grains, dietary fiber, calories, and sugar per slice of bread. I think this is important information, however it’s mentioned only in the small print on the top of the front label. If you prefer bread with a higher calorie count you could enjoy it by having just one slice at a time not two. Simply put this bread is smaller in size than the average slice of bread (it is cut quite thin to keep the calorie count down).
This makes it a bit more challenging to use when making sandwiches but it can work in a pinch. I used to be able to buy these where I lived in Iowa but I can’t find them where I live now.
Let’s not even talk about my youngest, my daughter, who doesn’t stop moving long enough to eat anything! I am pretty obsessive about my own diet as thanks to my health issues, as my food choices make a huge impact on how I feel.
I use my Lunch Kits to keep everything in one place which makes assembling lunches so much easier.
Another tip: be sure to Load Offers for Nature’s Promise Products To Your Giant Card Here  {or other store in the Ahold chain}. Using mobile? When buying barley, it is recommended to look for the un-pearled variety, as this means that the barley product is both very rich in fiber and has not been processed. These nutrients can be obtained by consuming whole wheat bread and other products made from whole-wheat flour.
Can you tell us a little bit about what this means for individuals in our community with the Oregon Trail Card? The other day I was running late so I stopped at a big-name grocery store on the way home to pick up dinner and some fruit for the week.
After two weeks the conventional pear skins had begun to shrivel, but the insides remained hard, and bland.
I’ll give you some more examples of what to watch for and I’ll also share a few suggestions for nutritious low calorie bread you may want to try if you haven’t already.
But hey you can have a whole sandwich for just 100-110 calories worth of bread (both slices). These are pre-sliced with 110 calories per serving, 5 grams of dietary fiber (some of the fiber comes from added cellulose fiber), and 3 grams of sugar total.
But if you are like me and you’d rather not give up bread completely while on a low calorie diet, then what I’ve shared here may help you find something that will work. Since I have been sick it has been eye-opening to me in how much what you eat really matters. In addition, eating at least ? cup of wheat germ can supply the body with the necessary amounts of vitamin B6, zinc, iron, fiber and magnesium needed each day.
I knew producers sprayed potatoes and bananas to keep them shelf stable, but I’d never had that happen with pears before. I didn’t even want them in my home compost, because who knew what they’d been sprayed with.
This fiber is better for you when it comes from its original source as opposed to fiber that is added or what is sometimes called functional fiber. Obviously I am protective of my kids in every way possible, so I try to be diligent especially with what is in the food my kids are eating.
It is believed that eating at least 3 grams of oats every day lowers the body’s bad cholesterol by 5.6% in six weeks.
That day, I bought twelve conventional pears, all green, and put them in a fruit bowl on the counter to ripen.

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