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J’entends parler du Curcuma un peu partout donc je suis allee faire mes petites recherches pour savoir ce que c’etait.
Le curcuma une plante de la meme famille que le gingembre (mmmh!) et qui pousse dans l’Asie du Sud-Est.
I hear more and more talk about Turmeric so I did my little ressearch to understand what it is. It’s a plant that stands from the same family as ginger (mmh!) and that grows in South-East Asia.

Real superfood (you know those nutrients which are super healthy – taken in reasonable amounts – but aren’t totally integrated into the western culinary culture), turmeric is very popular in Japan, on the ile of Okinawa (you know where life expectancy is the longest on Earth).
Turmeric is most often found in powder (2€ for 35g), capsule (32,95€ for 1,5 month), oil or as tablet (19€ for 30) even though it exists as hydrolat (like on the picture). Cuite et sechee, on l’utilise comme epice avec le curry notamment ou alors pour colorer des condiments comme la moutarde car cette plante a une couleur jaune tres puissante.
Les femmes habitant l’ile ont pour habitude de boire une tasse de the avec cette epice chaque jour.

Boiled and dried, it’s used as a spice mixed with curryfor instance or to color condiments like mustard because this plant has a very powerful yellow color. Indeed, the plant is supposed to haveanti-inflammatory and anti-oxydants beneficial effects.

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