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The electricity comes from two solar panels in the front yard, and the water comes from a creek right next door that’s drawn in from a gravity pump. I don’t hunt squirrels or skin bears for my loin cloth, but there are various gardens on premise where a lot of your own food can be grown.
My fuzzy opinion about this sort of thing is that, in the same situation I’m in, about 65% of people would prefer this to what they have now. If you thrive on the activity then you’ll probably just want to keep this as a weekend retreat. About Jonathan BechtelOwner of Health Kismet, maker of Incredible Greens, a green superfood supplement that combines 35 different raw greens, herbs, probiotics, grasses and fruits into a sweet tasting powder.
A receptionist answers 24 hours a day and if I'm available they'll transfer the call to me. Jonathan Bechtel is health enthusiast and chief writer for Health Kismet, a nutritional supplement company that manufactures green, red and purple nutrient powders.
These products or any information contained within this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Some or all of the above may be implemented, depending on your personal wants and needs for an independent life. There is more to handle living off-grid since utilities and daily function of the homestead are no longer others’ responsibility. Some of your utilities can be connected to the grid while others are independent and offer a cheaper means of living. Homestead living often includes the production of food and other necessities for daily life.
We are on a journey, our goal being a self-sustainable life, achieving a 100-percent subsistence living.
Additional questions come up from others when they talk to us or visit our backwoods: Do you miss modern conveniences such as technology?
How to make it in the wilderness certainly has its difficulties, but so does living in modern society.
But it provides a path to a simpler life – away from the busy conundrum of idle and mostly meaningless existence inside the system. As the man in the below video notes, “Simple offers freedom.” Indeed, the cabin life may be about as free as it gets. Keep your wits about you, and only finalize decisions that you’re one hundred percent sure of.
Talk of living off the grid is popular these days, but the term seems to mean something different to each person who uses it. Although using less municipally generated electricity is beneficial for many reasons, most people are concerned with rapidly rising costs and an increasing dependence on foreign oil to generate power. Photovoltaic solar energy systems have come a long way since they first appeared more than 60 years ago.
Intermountain Wind and Solar can help customers in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada achieve their energy independence goals.

Land that functions as a homestead is purchased, and you are prepared to forgo modern conveniences in order to live a healthier, independent and simpler life. Producing and maintaining a self-sufficient homestead requires diligence, time management and commitment to completing tasks. There are numerous options today, for example: Your power source may come from wind, solar or a hybrid of these. Organic, wholesome ingredients are better controlled offering a healthier choice in what is being consumed. This is in contrast to life before choosing to homestead and live off-the-grid, when the majority of your time was spent at work rather than with family. In its most extreme sense, the term relates to dropping out of society and living off the land in a remote location. But you may be ready to start loosening the hold that public utility companies have on your wallet.
Although grid-tied systems are the most commonly used in the United States today, PV systems that operate independently of local utility providers are certainly achievable.
If you’re ready to end your dependence on public power, contact Intermountain today for a consultation. The options range from apartment and urban homesteading to backwoods subsistence living and 100-percent self-reliance in the country.
What gets handled, when it’s done and the finished result of everything on the homestead is dictated by you, the homesteader.
An off-grid system can be customized to fit your needs, this may vary depending on your region and what works best. Check with your utility company, some are now set up to feed into your system and you may get paid for sharing with them.
Making and providing things as opposed to purchasing them from the mass market offers several benefits. A healthy variety suited to the homesteader’s tastes is available since what is grown and produced is chosen rather than delegated by the market. Finding one that suits you is easy and the control over what is in your products is now yours. Combine this with the fact that many homesteaders choose homeschooling for their children, providing flexibility, control over the educational experience and more time together. That option is neither realistic nor desirable for most people, and therefore won’t help end your financial dependence on municipal utility sources. To achieve that goal, most understand the need for generating their own renewable electricity. Using some type of backup system, your solar panels can produce sufficient energy to power your entire home or business. Their experienced solar energy professionals can help you understand exactly what you need to take your electricity requirements off the grid. No longer sitting in an office at a constraining job, the search is on for home-based ways to make money.

Choosing what fits your situation is the best way to ensure a happy and abundant lifestyle.
Regardless of how much you do, every step towards self-reliance offers a less expensive, more independent and simpler way of living. Humane harvesting methods are in your control, the reward is knowing the animals you choose to raise for supplying a food source has lived a healthy life full of love and nurturing. For the purpose of this discussion, on-grid and off-grid relate to ending your reliance on public electricity providers through the use of a renewable, alternative energy generating system.
Using photovoltaic, solar thermal or wind power generating systems, many consumers are coming closer to realizing their goals for independence and reduced cost.
A battery bank can store enough power for nights and cloudy days, or you can supplement with a generator.
Reality hits and panic sets in, everything is being put at risk, and you will be living a hard, stressful life to forgo the rat race, or will you?
Any changes you make to incorporate this way of life affords you greater independence, more family time and a happier connection to your world. You can take bits and pieces of the homesteading life to make it your own; or go all the way, taking on the responsibility and work, as well as reaping the rewards of living a 100-percent self-sustained life. How items are made also allows freedom in choosing personalized items, scent and even color if preferred.
Time for homestead families is no longer spent sitting in front of the TV or interacting with video games. The answer is always clear when we see our grandchildren and think of what we wish for them. With the continuous improvement in technology and the manufacturing process, renewable energy systems will pay for themselves in a matter of years, and continue to generate free power for decades longer. A monitoring system can provide all the information you need to keep track of production and consumption data. Time to look at the upside, there are qualities provided by an off-grid lifestyle that are difficult to find otherwise. Living in the outdoors, experiences with plant and animal life and human interaction while sharing homestead duties offer a quality of life less prevalent on the grid.
You can rest easy at the end of the day, knowing that control over all the ins and outs of your everyday life is yours.
Knowing we have provided an influence for all these things makes the journey easier and the answer a resounding yes, we are doing what’s best for our family.

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