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As a message sender, AOC teaches you to be more aware of these signals, and therefore in more control of your message.
Although these figures will definitely vary depending on context, one thing is certain, Actions Speak Louder Than Words! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Body Language Success: Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2162: Disparity in Body Language - What is He Thinking-Feeling? The "Thumbs Up" gesture is an example of what is known in body language vernacular as an "Emblem". The "Thumbs Up" emblem - indicates "optimism", "good luck", "good performance" or "okay" in North America - while in parts of Europe it can simply mean "one". Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2161: Body Language of the Third Presidential Debate - Barack Obama and Mitt Romney - What Did They Do With Their Hands When They Weren't Talking - and What Does This Tell Us? Intimate space for interacting with significant people and for hand-shaking, whispering, etc.

The distances associated with the comfort zones above depend on one’s cultural upbringing.
Nagesh Belludi [contact him] is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based investment-fund manager, leadership coach, and freethinker on a mission to "help people become more effective through positive change in behavior." He frequently voyages in discovery of the places, the people, and the spirits of the greatest countries of the world. You learn to use non-verbal communication to support your message, rather than interfere with it, and as a result, you become more convincing, confident and authentic in your communication.
Quite simply, this AOC Training is for anyone who wishes to improve their communication skills.
When given with an upward thrust it means "up yours!" in Australia and when given with a forward thrust it has a similar meaning in Greece. Subconsciously, we consider ourselves the center of a series of invisible bubbles—each bubble representing a comfort zone. People from India, China and other Asian cultures are used to crowded cities, packed public busses, and such—hence, they are more comfortable standing close to other people.
If one of them moves closer, the other person may interpret this move as a sign of aggression.

Care must be taken not to misinterpret an emblem - for they can indicate completely thoughts & emotions in different cultures, etc.
In the image above, in addition to the obvious thumb display (consciously), Mitt Romney is also showing a classic facial nonverbal of disgust (unconsciously) after his third Presidential debate with Barack Obama.
100% of the referral fees earned by this blog from the Amazon Associates program support the education of underprivileged kids in South India.
When two or more body language signals are seen simultaneously and there is conflict in their meanings - the one(s) which arise out of the subconscious are indicative of the true emotional tone.

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