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In the Mid 1990’s, Mel Parry, a Warrant Officer QGM, and a veteran of the well known 22nd Special Air Service Regiment (British SAS) saw the requirement for a new generation of of professional blades that could replace the legacy of survival tools that had been standard equipment for decades.
The knife is strong and heavy, with a blade 9 inches long made from ? inch thick X46Cr13 420 stainless steel.
Also in order to extend the survival attributes of the knife it has been found that by wrapping paracord around the handle, this provides some 2m of cord for use in either a survival situation or correspondingly as a means of restraint for when the role is reversed to one of combat. The knife is also designed with relatively short guards so that one can choke up the grip for fine work, with the ricasso being extended and having linger grooves to make the choke grip firm and comfortable. I had trouble at first with not babying the edge on this knife as it came from the factory with an amazing hair shaving edge.  I took the plunge, quite literally, and was amazed to see the Brute penetrate a ?” thick piece of annealed and laminated sheet steel.
My first impression of the saw back was that it would detract from the utility of the knife as usually is the case with saw backs, but this was not so. I really like how robust the knife is.  It feels like it belongs in your hand, and I doubt that I would have difficulty using it for extended periods of time. One of the things that I like about the knife could also be its potential down fall for some users.
When I first saw a picture of the Parry Blade, my first impression was that it was another “Rambo Knife” gimmick.
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IMG_9070 copyThe Nax is a blend of axe, kukri and machete, according to the folks at Gear Up. In a survival situation, you have to work with the tools you have, not the ones you wish you had.
The Nax was designed with input from soldiers, preppers and survival experts, with the goal of making a seriously versatile survival tool. A user on Kickstarter, known only as Brad, created this grenade-shaped multi-tool called, appropriately enough, the Bottle Grenade. The MultiCam sheaths made by LBT for the SOG Voodoo Hawk LE have finally started shipping out. Just a quick announcement that the SOG Voodoo Hawk is available for pre-order, which includes the 500-piece run limited edition model seen above. The ADAPPT XT, a multi-function iPhone 4 utility case, is an impressive-looking project currently open for funding on Indiegogo. The Voodoo Hawk from SOG Specialty Knives & Tools is a combination of their tactical Tomahawk and FastHawk, featuring an extended cutting head, smaller compact glass-reinforced nylon handle, and metal butt cap.
In October, SOG Specialty Knives & Tools will be releasing a limited edition 500 piece run of the Voodoo Hawk. GET THIS – 100% of the proceeds from all 500 pieces will be donated to Project Honor!
The Hammermaxx Combination Tool is an amalgamation of 14 different tools: axe, hammer, spanner wrench, windshield cutter, rappelling ring, gas shut-off, water shut-off, battery disconnect, dry wall cutter, forcible entry, hinge remover, pry bar, stortz latch opener, and hood remover. We already wrote about the Iain Sinclair Cardsharp 2, a utility knife that folds out from a light, credit card size that can easily be carried inside a wallet or kit bag. The Eon Extreme features the highest power to weight ratio of any flashlight in the world at 230 lumens of pocket flood light with a weight of only 45 grams.
Accessories available for the LumenCam include a ballistic nylon carrying case with a swivel detachable belt loop and steel clip, additional batteries with charger pod, car and wall adapters, a mini-USB cable, and a hard carrying case. The common iPod may be slowly dying off, but if you happen to have a Nano 6th Generation, then you may have found its second calling. I’m not quite sure it tops his Machete Slingshot, but Youtuber JorgSprave has come close with his newest creation, the Sawblade Slingshot. When you drink a beer at the end of the day or on a sunny afternoon with your buddies, you’re usually looking to let loose, relax and feel comfortable. Probably the coolest item on our list, the NAX 2.0 is part kukri knife, part machete and part hatchet with a paracord-wrapped grip. When Han Solo was frozen in carbonite for Jabba the Hut, it probably wasn’t with the intention of creating a bottle opener out of him.
This beautifully crafted tool from Prometheus Design Werx isn’t just the most durable bottle opener you’ll ever come across.
If you’re a classy drinker, this ace of spades bottle opener may be the perfect one for you. The main cutting edge is bevel-ground for strength, whilst the deep belly shape takes the weight forward, in the manner of a Khukri, giving the knife a powerful chopping stroke. The steel butt is squared off on two sides so that it may be used as a hammer in either direction, the flats being file-cut to reduce the tendency for the face to skid off the work on striking.
The saw back is designed for cutting the bones of animals to extract marrow for soup, not for wood cutting. It’s a solid and versatile survival tool that’s capable of filling a number of niches.01 copy02 copy03 copyBoth green and dry wood were no match for the Nax. That’s why it’s important that your gear be as rugged and versatile as possible, like the Nax from Gear Up.

Constructed from forged 4140 chrome-moly steel, the Nax is double heat-treated then given an induction hardening, making it capable of standing up to the harshest conditions.
A finger-grooved grip is situated just behind the blade and blends into the paracord-wrapped handle for roughly 10 inches. The hatchet sheath doubles as a hand grip when the saw is in use, and the saw itself can be stored in the handle, which is made from light fiberglass reinforced nylon and is approximately 20″ long.
The TaskOne weighs only 89 grams and utilizes hardened tool steels, aircraft aluminum, and polycarbonate in its construction. However, the MultiCam sheath is delayed due to a quality control issue found by the manufacturer. Some changes from the original planned Limited Edition include a MultiCam sheath and a SOG MACV skull insignia.
The pommel is checkered hard steel for non-slip hammering which makes it safer from slipping off a stuck object. The 8″ head, constructed from 2Cr13 stainless steel, has two sharpened blades, the axe and spike. The NAX is an amalgamation of a Kukri knife, machete, and hatchet, designed with input from Special Forces soldiers, expert preppers, and survival gear aficionados. The new design also features a special edition London Bridge Trading Company sheath in Honor Camo.
This makes it great for everything from repair and rescue, to the time-honored tradition of smashing open a zombie’s skull! Each Glowbar is coated in a Silicate-Aluminium-Oxide-based powder that glows up to ten times brighter than conventional glow in the dark items. The tools are constructed from high-grade steel, are extremely durable, weigh only 2 ounces combined, and are small enough to fit on a keychain. As part of their 2011 collection, the company also offers more in a series of powerful, yet similarly credit card-sized products.
It’s constructed from Aluminum with a black gun metal anodizing and has a built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer power source.
It’s constructed from magnesium with black gun metal anodizing and features a vibrant and super energy efficient AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic LED) display that shows millions of colors. It features a weight of 8 lbs and a bar length of 6″, with an optional extender that increases the total length to 12ft. Along with its waterproof body and bright 180 lumen LEDs, with both wide and narrow lights, the LumenCam also has the function to record up to 4GB of both audio and video.
With over 120 years in the industry, we're here to provide you with inside knowledge on all things beer related as well as our unique perspective on the Beer industry. These are perfect gifts for the beer lovers in your life and a great way to treat yourself to some awesome beer gear. We didn’t think anything screamed comfort more than sandals–that is, until we saw these. The brilliant team at GrOpener created a one-handed bottle opener to allow you to do just that.
It also features a closed end wrench, ? bit driver and battery bay driver–all of which is fitted in a dog tag that you can easily hang on around your neck.
Mounted bottle openers that catch bottle caps after you’ve popped them off are even better. The ace-shaped hole in the middle of the stainless steel card cleverly opens beer and soda bottles. The butt also incorporates a lanyard hole for additional security of retention of the knife as well as a means of securing the paracord, should this option be selected as an additional survival aid.
The saw does not saw straight through bone, but rather scores the bone so that it can be snapped cleanly. It is a very well thought out knife.  If you have been meaning to get a good survival knife for a while, then this is the one to get. Two sets of jimping adorn the spine to allow for a variety of grips, and a lanyard hole is provided at the base of the handle. The LE sheath also better conforms to the blade when compared to the standard SOG sheath and seems of overall better quality. The sheath should start shipping separately starting December 7th to anyone who purchased a LE Voodoo hawk. Additionally, 50% of the proceeds from the 500 pieces will now go to benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. The blade has a slight inward sweep for better capturing whatever needs to be cut, and the flat tip is sharpened for use with digging and smaller cutting chores. The SK Jungle comes with a ballistic nylon sheath with built-in fire starter and a nylon mesh pocket.
This can cause either the blade or the handle to break during use which poses a laceration hazard.
The 30% nylon reinforced handle secures the head with three separate bolts and is wrapped in black paracord. The card currently functions as a 10 piece wrench set, flat head screwdriver, ruler, and bottle opener.

Comprised of 4140 Chromoly steel, which is 35% stronger than 1040 steel, and featuring a 550 wrapped handle which doubles as a capable survival material in a pinch, the NAX is a rugged and durable survival tool.
Included with the kit are a pry bar, precision tweezers, Phillips and Flat head screwdriver keys, and a waterproof lighter that is convertible to a pill carrier.
A creation of Gord of Gordsgarage, the Decapitron is the melding of a large blade and a Louisville Slugger, a combination that makes for a powerful anti-Zombie weapon. Also included is an auto tension feature and automatic chain oiler with oil level indicator. If you were wondering where the other two tools were, the Phillips head doubles as a punch and the Flathead doubles as a prybar.
The rear of the handle is removable which reveals a USB with all necessary software pre-installed that allows for easy loading of footage to any computer. The kit itself features an anodized housing made from aerospace grade aluminum, solid steel hardware that is PVD plated, and straps made from high grade silicone rubber. Since bottle openers are a beer lover’s most necessary companion, it’s important that you spend a lot of time choosing the best one for you. Reef created the perfect pair of sandals, featuring high quality leather, arch support, a heel airbag, and, most importantly, a bottle opener. Made with Grade 5 Titanium, this Standard Issue Dog Tag Tool is a trustworthy companion on any adventure, especially one that you’ll be drinking on. The folks over at DropCatch created the ultimate bottle opener, with built-in magnets that catch your bottle caps as they fall down. Though long, the slim design allows you to fit the bottle opener into your pocket or wallet for easy access when you need it.
Also near the choil is a hollow-ground section which is honed to razor sharpness for fine cutting and whittling, ideal for making fire sticks The serrated edge on the spine of the blade provides for a sawing action capable of cutting rope, webbing or gristle. It’s part knife and part axe—more specifically, a compact tool that combines the qualities of a kukri, machete and hatchet.
The Nax’s overall length is 21.5 inches, and that’s all one-piece, quarter-inch-thick steel.
If you happened to have purchase one of these blades, you can register at this page, where Gerber will process your info, send out a prepaid FedEx box, and send you a replacement parang some weeks later. If the project gets off the ground, both the multi-tool card and knife slot will have options of customization such as a mirror or magnifying glass, and scissors or a USB drive. Also available is the Glowbar T-shirt, and the company says they’ll be making more tools with the hyper-phosphorescent powder coating in the near future. All of the parts can also be purchased separately should you not need every tool in the kit. The business end is meant for any undead looking to make a snack of your innards, while the blunt portion is meant to beat away any humans going after your survival stash. All features and technical aspects aside, it’s a freaking metal-toothed mouth that uses a chainsaw tongue to cut **** up! There are also optional attachments like the expanded lens kit, which adds a variety of patterns and shapes. You can even order a custom Screwpop with laser engraving and custom bit head patterns, depending on your needs. After all, they’ll be with you wherever you go, ready to crack open a cold one when the time’s right. It has two magnets on the back so you can mount the opener on your fridge or in your trophy room.
Not only does this make life easier for you, but it’s also an awesome way to show off the different kinds of beer you drink. The knife is of a full tang construction, with black linen micarta screwed to the tang providing for ease of replacement, resulting from either wear, damage or the choice of an alternative grip to be fitted.
The finish held up fantastically through all of the wood cutting, but was scratched up some during the penetration testing.
Given the quality of the blade, I’d rather receive a refund, but you get what you get, I suppose. Make the housing a bit wider and we could be looking at the first practical zombie fighting chainsaw.
While out in the dangerous wilderness or in the safety of your warm home, NAX 2.0 will help you to cut, chop, skin and clear anything in your path, as well as open that much-needed bottle of beer (the tool’s most important feature for survival, in our opinion). And, since he’s frozen, you won’t have to hear any of Han Solo’s snarky comments if you open a beer that isn’t to his liking. However, on closer examination the knife offers several different cutting edges and holds, making it extremely versatile.

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