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For a lot of competitive cyclists, the most unfavorable part of getting back on a bike is the unavoidable saddle soreness.
Bicycle saddle sore and bicycle discomfort are common to cyclists, both novice and expert ones. Whether you are an average sized rider or a heavier one who wanted to try biking for recreational purposes, commuting, or losing weight, visit the team at ZizeBikes for a line-up of custom made, extra sturdy bicycles for everybody, including electric bikes (with extra comfortable bicycle saddles) that can support ALL riders of ALL sizes (up to 550 pounds). If you are aware of the things that cause bicycle saddle sore, there would be a huge possibility that you would avoid this cycling discomfort and have a more comfortable and fun ride. The front soft tissues will receive additional pressure when the saddle tilt is too nose up. On the other hand, a saddle that’s too nose down will make the rider slide forward on the saddle and make him sit on the wrong section of the bike seat. A road bike’s saddle must be either level (for a more upright position) or slightly nose down (for a more forward position). Often when the saddle is moved forward (allowing the knees to go over the pedal axis) and the pedaling angle is changed, saddle comfort is improved. More weight will be placed on the perineum and the hands when the position at the front of the seat is more aggressive.
If the rider has to stretch too far out at the front, support from the arms will be reduced and the front of the saddle will receive more weight which can cause bicycle saddle sore. When you are cycling long miles, take time to stand on your bicycle for 10-20 seconds every 30 minutes to take the pressure off your crotch and help restore circulation.
To keep your cycling shorts from scraping your skin, it is highly advised that you lube up before each ride. It goes without saying that wearing clean shorts every time you ride is one of the simplest ways to prevent bicycle saddle sore. Bacteria tend to thrive in sweaty conditions, so as soon as you’re done with each ride, get out of your shorts, take a quick shower, and put on loose-fitting shorts or pants.
Visit Zize Bikes to learn about custom bicycles built for everybody including heavy riders up t0 550 pounds. You will observe that there is a big difference when you put a stop into wearing shorts over cotton underwear. So over the years, saddle manufacturers have been attempting to reduce the pressure on these areas. The sit bones will not be able to give enough support and more weight will be place on the rider’s hands which will cause hand pain and numbness. A time trial bike’s saddle must be more nose down as the pelvis is rotated more forward at the front of the bicycle. Many posts come with saddle clamps with notches that usually give the rider the choice of being either too nose down or too nose up. Also, it will cause the hips to rock and will cause side-to-side movement and chafing and eventually, bicycle saddle sore. So in order to have a more comfortable and fun time on your bike, follow the tips below on how to avoid bicycle saddle sore.
Stand on your bicycle as you ride up short hills, cycle over rough terrains, or increase your riding pace from stop signs.
This spot is where pressure is taken off your crotch and where your sit bones get maximum support. A bike seat that is too wide for you will rub against your inner thighs and can cause irritation or even infection. It may be necessary to try on several types on chamois before you can the most suitable brand and model for you. You can try applying balm products, crotch guard lotion, or mild coating of petroleum jelly. If you know that you are prone to saddle sores, wash your crotch with warm water and antibacterial soap prior to lubing up.

Sitting on a saddle that is too high for you will cause your hips to rock each time you pedal. In part one in this series, we explain how to test for a low brake pedal by blocking the brake lines. Sometimes, it only takes a few minutes before the pain starts while you are enjoying your ride.
In the first place however, check to see if your bottom and crotch are clean before cycling.
As such, a lot of companies now put saddles up for sale that have open channel down at the center.
A bike seat that’s too soft or too thick will cause you to sink down from the weight of your sit bones. Also, it should have a groove or cut-out in front to give relief from pressure on the perineum and to enhance blood flow.
To learn about bicycles with comfortable saddles, visit the website of Zize Bikes, the maker of custom bicycles for heavy and obese people, that can support every body including riders up to 550 pounds! But it is also beneficial if you move farther back as you ascend while seated, and then more to the mid part of your seat when you’re bending low. However, this does not mean that a narrow saddle is a better choice as it won’t give you enough support to your sit bones.
When you have any planned long-distance rides, it is advisable that you change your shorts at certain points of your travel to avoid possible infections and chaffing. This will consequently make the middle of your saddle to push up and put more pressure on your soft tissue. It is essential for the groove or cut-off to extend far enough forward to shift pressure on the correct spot. This will cause an uncomfortable friction at the sit bones where the hamstring tendons attach.
Every time you adjust your position on your saddle, your pressure joints are relieved from strains. The block-off method shows if the cause of a low brake pedal is at the wheels or the master cylinder. Without considering the aspect of physical exertion, the longer you ride, the longer you will be able to sit.
Bring your bicycle in a shop and have it checked by an experienced worker to make the necessary saddle adjustments. Since there are so many cremes offered in the market, find one that will work best for you.
Bicycles that are not women-specific come with men’s saddles, which are not designed for the female anatomy. A bicycle seat having too thick padding is not ideal as it presses upward in between your sit bones which is uncomfortable. Once the area of the problem is isolated, finding the cause is far more simple.Testing for brake master cylinder problemsUsing the block off method, described in part one, we can test for a master cylinder problem. For heavier riders, a wide saddle that is well padded and has relief groove is ideal as it can give more support and comfort. Just like with cycling shorts, selecting a saddle that perfectly fits you can be a trial-and-error process.
With all wheels blocked off, if the brake pedal is still low, the brake master cylinder is often the cause. This can also be misleading, as the hydraulic control unit of the ABS system can also cause the same symptom. Even without external leakage, the master cylinder can still be bad.Internal seal failure may not cause a loss of brake fluid to the outside.
If the seals on the master cylinder pistons leak, fluid will flow passed and back to the reservoir.
Holding steady pressure on the pedal will cause it again to sink.To test the master cylinder for internal problems we plug the two brake line-ports with threaded plugs of the proper style.
We need to use great care as many different thread styles and pitches and sealing methods are in use.

Specialized kits are available with an assortment of block-off plugs, for testing master cylinders.If the pedal is still mushy or slowly sinks under pressure, with the outlet ports blocked, the master cylinder is bad. With the ports plugged, if the brake pedal is very high and firm, the problem is not with the cylinder.  A pedal that remains low, with all wheels blocked and the master cylinder confirmed-good, suggests a bad ABS modulator. The ABS brake modulator will normally require professional testing to confirm.Damage to the master cylinder from improper bleedingFailure of the internal seals sometimes occurs after the brakes are improperly bled.
In a poorly maintained system, this allows corrosion to form in the area of the cylinder that is not used.
Corrosion can cut the seals and cause failure.The brake pedal should never be pushed to the floor when bleeding brakes or with the lines open. Placing a block of wood under the pedal limits the travel and can help prevent this damage. It is also wise to vacuum old fluid out of the reservoir and replace it with fresh fluid, before beginning any brake service. This helps keep debris out of the system and prevent damage to the master cylinder.When replacing a brake master cylinder, we may need to adjust the push rod from the brake booster. Much more information and pictures are available in the Detailed Topic on Diagnosing Brake Lock Up.Mechanical problems that cause a low brake pedal With the block-off test method, a firm pedal after blocking off the wheels means the problem is not with the master cylinder. If the pedal drops significantly, after removing a wheel clamp, we know a problem exists with that wheel.We should replace the line clamp and continue testing until all wheels are checked. Multiple problems sometimes exist and incomplete testing will lead to confusion.An example of a mechanical problem is brake calipers installed on the wrong sides of the vehicle. When purchasing brake calipers or wheel cylinders, make note of the part numbers and write left and right on the boxes. Also remember that the bleeder screw will always point up when we properly install calipers or wheel cylinders.Diagnosing drum brake problemsAs brake shoes wear, the distance between them and the drums increases.
Since there are four rear pistons, the problem is increased four-fold.Under normal operation, most rear brakes are supposed to be self-adjusting.
Many people do not use their parking brake and rear shoes can get out of adjustment.There will normally be a treaded device used to adjust brake shoes. Less rotation means the brake is too tight, more means too loose.Worn or bent backing plates can cause poorly adjusted brakes to feel okay. For much more information on checking backing plates, see our Detailed Topic on Diagnosing Drum Brake Problems.Disk brake causes of a low pedalIf the problem is with a disk brake, the cause will often be excessive piston travel.
Hydraulic advantage will greatly increase pedal travel when caliper travel increases.Brake rotors are held in alignment by the wheel bearings.
Slack in the bearings will allow the rotor to move and push the caliper pistons into their bores.
When a pin seizes, the bracket that supports the caliper will flex, greatly increasing movement.
There are many methods and patterns for bleeding brakes, and some require factory scan tools to bleed. Before attempting brake repair, consult the service information for the vehicle, about bleeding procedures.
Another good practice is to avoid allowing air into the system, by keeping the reservoir full with fresh fluid.
Failure to observe this step will cause debris that collects in the caliper, to be forced back into the system. Failure of the ABS hydraulic unit may result.It is important to push the piston in very slowly. A loose bleeder screw may also allow air to be drawn into the system.Brakes that keeping getting air in themSometimes, even after bleeding, wheel cylinders will still have air in them.
This will show up as a low brake pedal, even after extensive bleeding.Brake calipers can have the same problem, though it is not as common.

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