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We will always provide typed evaluation and 30 day re-evaluation reports with new goals and assessment for your review. We will make sure we keep the same therapists working with your patients throughout their time with our facility. We will do everything in our power to assure your front office staff does not have any added duties when referring patients to our facility. We understand that you have your typical diagnosis' in which you refer to physical therapy which may include varying orthopedic conditions to generalized weakness or balance loss. Our therapists have had extensive training in wound care, completing certification through the National Alliance of Wound Care to become Wound Care Certified (WCC).
We will assure rapid wound closure to prevent any future complications including infection or wound progression.
On a daily basis you may see your patients suffering from chronic edemas most commonly affecting the lower extremities. We have implemented the standard of care for chronic edemas to resolve these issues for your patients. Following a full review of your patients medical history and history with their current condition we will begin CDT. We believe a crucial aspect of the patients care is to keep you updated with every aspect of our treatment.

We believe continuity of care is very important and feel this will absolutely facilitate a healing environment.
We will complete or assist in any insurance verification and will take care of completing authorizations as needed. In a effort to expand our services to further assist you in meeting your patient needs we have completed extensive education on some common problems you may see on a daily basis. The majority of referrals are made to physicians who may specialize in wound care or wound care nursing specialists. With this training we have gained the ability to assess and treat any type of wound from pressure ulcers to venous wounds. If wounds are not able to be resolved we will work closely with you in figuring out the reasons for the complications and do our best to resolve these issues. As you know the cause of these edemas may be a result of varying medical causes including venous insufficiency, lymphedema, congestive heart failure, and stasis type edemas. We are proud to have one of the few Certified Lymphedema Therapists through the Lymphology Association of North America (CLT-LANA) in California.
We hope to create a close relationship not only with you but your staff to assure your patient receives only the best care.
Unfortunately these professionals many times are based in a inpatient facility or are not capable of seeing patients several times per week to assure the wound is being addressed appropriately.

We apply the most current wound treatments from varying dressing to application of medical maggots (biosurgical). Chronic edema over prolonged periods of time could lead to ulcer formation, infection, and weeping.
With our implementation of true Complete Decongestive Therapy, we can resolve all these issues and prevent their re-occurrence. In these cases the weekly care of a wound pay be passed to health care providers who are not thoroughly trained in wound care. May times typical treatments for these type of conditions including diuretics may not provide any significant improvements.
At Cure Physical Therapy we have developed a program to assure these complications are no longer an issue.

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