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This modern prefab house is set in the rolling hills of Victoria, Australia and is completely off-grid. The company has incorporated a host of sustainable features and practices into the construction and deployment of their houses, from reduced waste and building orientation, to passive heating and natural ventilation.
Other areas of the house include an open plan living area that contains the kitchen, dining room and living room.
For more off-grid homes check out the Whanapoua Sled House from New Zealand that’s designed to be dragged along a beach. Analizaremos el diseno de planos, fachadas e interiores de una pequena casa de campo, tiene un  diseno simple y construccion orientado a proporcionar confort y las mejores visuales hacia la verde floresta, si estas pensando en construir una casa rural en un pequeno espacio el siguiente modelo te va a inspirar.
Como podemos ver en el plano la pequena casa  cuenta con un amplio dormitorio, una sala con kitchenet y al centro un cuarto de bano, una distribucion de espacios sencilla  y eficiente que permite cumplir las funciones necesarias para una pareja sin hijos o solteros. Como vamos a ver en las fotos de la fachada y diseno de interiores la casa cuenta con amplias ventanas lo que permite tener las mejores visuales hacia la floresta exterior.
La casa se ubica sobre una suave pendiente por lo que se ha creido conveniente nivelarla usando el sistema de pilotes, un sistema economico que permite el pase de las aguas cuesta abajo y mantener protegida la casa, para ideas de este sistema por favor ingresar a: Casa de campo moderna.
El techo tiene una ligera inclinacion hacia uno de los lados, aparte de que esteticamente mejora el perfil tambien permite elevar el techo brindando mayor confort al interior. El  interior del pequeno rancho es de madera tanto en  los pisos como las paredes y techos, los sencillos juegos de muebles y comedor complementan la decoracion minimalista. Como hemos visto en los planos tanto la sala como el dormitorio tienen una terraza de aproximadamente 1.10 metros de ancho, estos se ubican en ambos lados de la vivienda y estan protegidos por el volado del techo. Para mas ideas por favor ingresar a nuestra seccion de: Casas de campo donde encontraras una serie de disenos que pueden ayudarte a complementar tus ideas.

Phillip Vannini travels the province communing with people who seek extreme versions of do-it-yourself independence. Visits with people who've unplugged from utilities, seeking self-sufficiency, tranquility, resilience. Life on this Gulf Island means saying no to BC Ferries, BC Hydro, and a lot of other infrastructure we take for granted. Jan and Nelson's isolated Vancouver Island refuge is a wonder of self-sufficient recycling. For two years we travelled the country to find off-gridders, and studied their ways of life. Called the Pump House and designed by Branch Studio Architects, this compact dwelling is both eco-friendly and off-grid. The Pump House is located in rural Victoria, Australia, and is set amongst the rushes of a small lake. Branch Studio Architects decided to work with the existing structure while also adopted it to serve as a fully functioning home. The exterior of the Pump House is clad with corrugated iron and is finished with some wood-detailing in the recessed porch area.
There are floor-to-ceiling windows on both ends that can be opened up to the surrounding environment, providing panoramic views, natural daylighting, and ventilation. For more off-grid houses check out this prefabricated tiny house called the MiniMOD by MAPA Architects. The structure is designed and built by a local company called Modscape, who have created a variety of prefabricated modular dwellings at their 50,000 square foot factory in Melbourne.

The home’s bath is connected to a septic tank, and rain water run-off from the roof is collected for later use. Vannini is Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Public Ethnography and Professor in the School of Communication and Culture at Royal Roads University in Victoria, Canada. Branch Studio Architects created the design on the behalf of their client, a carpenter who decided to undertake the construction of the house by himself.
The house inherited its name from its previous purpose – it was originally built as a storage space to hold a water pump and farming equipment. According to the architects, the shed-like structure evolved into a more extravagant building due to the craftsmanship and skill of the owner-builder.
It has a variety renewable and green features including rainwater capture and storage, solar panels for any electrical needs, and a wood burning stove that provides more than enough heat for the small space.
The interior is a simple affair and contains a living and dining area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The roof features an array of solar panels to cater for the occupants electrical needs, allowing the house to be completely off the grid. The chosen materials were selected due to their affordability, helping to minimise the overall cost of the quaint retreat.

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