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Simple Solar Homesteading is a Not-For-Profit social and cultural service organization dedicated to producing affordable off-grid housing designs and projects so that everyone everywhere can have a safe and sustainable home.
Greenhouses are amazing for their traditional purpose – growing plants and extending the growing season in cold climates, but did you know a greenhouse can also be used to heat your home?
A greenhouse attached to a home works as a passive solar heater by collecting solar energy during the day and transmitting heat into the home.  Some homes are built with attached sunspaces, conservatories, or solariums, which are a similar idea, but are primarily intended as extra living space, whereas a greenhouse is intended for plant growing. Heat that is collected by the greenhouse during the day can be transferred into the house through windows or vents, or with fans for increased heat flow.  At night, the windows or vents are closed to retain the heat in the house when temperatures drop outside. By using some sort of thermal mass inside the greenhouse, heat can be retained longer, keeping the greenhouse from freezing in even the coldest climates.  Examples of thermal masses for heat absorption include bricks on the house, planting beds, or black water containers.
Here are some examples of how this greenhouse provides heat on a very cold day, along with a breakdown of savings. Costs for building a greenhouse like this can vary significantly, depending on the materials used. Depending on your climate and the amount of sun you get, you may need a backup home heating source if you try this, but a greenhouse can still be a great way to provide supplemental heat and a place to grow plants – which has the added benefit of  providing cleaner air to your home by circulating the air that has been filtered by the plants into the home. When Jesse and I decided to start our off grid homestead in the Pacific Northwest, we knew that we would have to prepare for colder winters than what we were used to! Also, as we’re living in a travel trailer, we do have propane heat but we try to use as little as possible because we don’t enjoy spending every last dime on propane. The only solution I’ve found to keep my core body temperature up during all points of the day is to learn how to dress for winter weather and cold climates, which has involved overhauling my winter wardrobe, but that’s okay because all of these clothing items last a long time and they keep a big smile on my face because I’m toasty! Disclaimer: I am only recommending these products because I wear them every, single day and can personally say that they work awesome for me! I’d love to share with you my favorite warm winter clothing that have been lifesavers on this journey of starting a homestead from scratch.
Growing up in Southern California, the only time I wore long johns was when we went skiingg in Mammoth Lakes! Back in 2014, during the year-long house rehabbing project, I also purchased this pair of SmartWool socks during my winter shopping spree. In the past, my winter socks were always for snow boarding or skiing, and they never fit properly so I was happy that I only had to put up with them once a year! SmartWool socks are made with merino wool so they’re incredibly soft and provide a lot of warmth.
I don’t wear these daily because that would just be gross… but I really do need to buy a few more pairs of them to rotate through. I went on a snow camping trip back in 2011 or so and the woman that led the trip (also known as the pro snow camping) whipped out a pair of these after a long day of snow shoeing. If you don’t yet have a pair of these and you frequently suffer from cold feet, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some! Before I bought this jacket, I was wearing my SmartWool long underwear, a long-sleeved cotton t-shirt, and the Northface jacket, and I was still chilled to the bone when working after sundown. I don’t know that I recommend any one particular fleece layer over another, but there are lots to buy online or even at Goodwill!
If you’ve never lived in a cold climate, then the best thing I can share is to dress in layers, and that the quality of the layers matter! By investing in high-quality layers, they will last for years to come, keep you warm on a daily basis, and most of all, increase you mood as you can spend your mental energy on things other than keeping warm! Yes layering is the answer and if you get hot you can remove one layer at a time, one proviso is to switch the long underwear daily for clean ones or its an area for bacteria to grow, specially if you are working as you perspire. I use thermal tops and bottoms and a t-shirt then a sweatshirt and this seems to cover all situations, remove the t-shirt inside as you can get to warm. Ask your mum about trap door long john’s they had the advantage of not having to expose as much of your body during certain tasks, more important with an outside john!! Sitting in front of the airtight wood stove at 6:20 am as its warmer than the rest of my house and was thinking about the sd 64 gig card, if you want you can put this into an sd card reader and then you have a small 64 gig backpack to store to when space is important.

I also use usb memory of which I carry three in my pocket, one is diagnostic, one is for pure temporary storage and the other financial if working with my laptop. I am glad your using a MAC instead of a pc with w10 its a security nightmare and getting worse. As mentioned the tie down straps are invaluable for everything from pulling the chicken trailer to another location, felling tree’s or pulling the horse shelter back level. Alyssa snowmobile suits are really good specially well made Canadian ones, I just wear thermal underwear under them when using the snow blower at -20~30c along with several pair of socks and warm mitts.
When I was a girl growing older in Ohio (My birth place and home in my heart) my father was adamant that I put a hat on before I left house.
You should be able to find some cheap rain pants online various places, campmor is one store that should have some cheap ones – some friends swore by frog togs.
A lot of long term backpacking clothes work for work clothes cuz they have the important things in common – need to be able to move, sweat and not freeze, stay warm and dry quickly while wearing it when caught in rain or snow ( or you fall in a creek! Build a greenhouse with top rail fencing material and save, If you want to build a greenhouse of your own to save money on produce, i applaud your intentions.
I grew up in Southern California where the weather is always 70 degrees and sunny, so moving to a cold climate was somewhat of a shock to me. While this may be a viable solution to some folks, it’s not a solution when you’re living off the grid or are working outside all day! Just recently, we demolished an entire house in exchange for salvaging the materials, it was cold, and we had to take the opportunity.
We also have a wood stove in our small cabin that attaches to our portable RV garage, but it really doesn’t get warm enough to wear t-shirts; warm winter clothing is still required to stay comfortable. If you can only wear three or four layers, the layers you pick will make or break you in terms of how warm you are. The house had an inefficient pellet stove in the worst location in the house, which meant that the house was rarely above 50 degrees. I tried on a pair of the Smartwool midweight bottoms and midweight tops, and it was love at first wear!
I wore them daily for about four months, and here I am again in the Pacific Northwest wearing them again… daily. While I am still madly in love with SmartWool, I do like the Cuddl Duds top for some variety.
I really notice the difference between my SmartWool socks and my cheap, cotton socks from Target. Even if the air is 60 degrees in the trailer which is pretty warm, the floor is always cold.
Well, this isn’t exactly true, but if you’re trying to stay warm, it’s best to protect your noggin’ too. Honestly, I like it because it is somewhat stylish and I feel less like an abominable snowman.
I don’t know where these have been my entire life, I guess I was too busy wearing cotton sweatshirts, but this layer is also critical to my warmth and happiness.
We stop by Goodwill frequently and if there are any fleece pullovers that fit, I snatch them up. I have a lot of personal challenges on this off grid homesteading journey so being cold is the last thing I want to worry about. In my past, I've worked corporate jobs to make ends meet and get ahead a little; it didn't make me happy or confident in my future.
We have snow~ you would not believe it, but we got some dumped on us early this AM and I can tell that tonight the temperature is colder. We are Jesse and Alyssa and we recently purchased 5 acres of land where we will be developing our off-grid homestead, 100% from scratch, debt-free!
One of the things I had to figure out quickly was how to dress warm in winter and colder climates.

I was cold and miserable for over a month before I got desperate enough to go long underwear shopping. They fit so perfectly, the crotch was where a crotch should be, the waist was where a waist should be, the waistband was wide which mean that muffin top was nonexistent, and they fit great under my jeans!
The Cuddl Duds are 100% polyester rather than merino wool, so they are a little bit thinner and more silky on the skin. My down booties have a thick sole which gives some air insulation between my feet and the RV floor, and the down really helps to warm up the bootie. I frequently wear beanies all day long during the colder months because they really do keep me warm, and also because if I wear it in the morning, I can’t take it off because my “hat hair” is pretty terrible!
The Carhartt jacket is nice because it’s more durable than my Northface, it’s really meant to be worked in where my Northface jacket is better for hiking, and the jacket alone is both thick and warm, where my Northface jacket is simply a fleece with some sort of light windbreaker shell on it.
You can wear two different sets of layers, and one will keep you toasty while the other will leave you shivering. Since taking the leap to self-employment and living a more simple life, my happiness levels have increased greatly and I've never felt more alive. I know jeans are cheap compared to other stuff but I would ditch the jeans in favor of some thing that is more wind resistant. The Carhartt bibs, while not my #1 preference when it comes to fashion, do seem like they would be really warm and practical!
We are documenting our entire journey in hopes of helping others who wish to do something similar. There is enough room for 6 people to sleep comfortably.Power system is 580 watts Solar electric and 400 Watts wind power which powers a 12 volt fridge, lights, water pump, TV's, laptop and many gadgets.
I am warm-blooded through and through, but I’m finally learning how to keep warm in this Northern climate and thought I’d share my tips and tricks! They are also modest enough that I can comfortable and confidently walk around in my long johns, without having immense fear that an unexpected visitor will stop by.
I actually just bought a second set because I refused to go without them for a day while we did laundry! The waist encouraged #severemuffintop, the crotch was between my knees, they didn’t have adequate butt crack coverage, and it would simply be self-punishment to wear them. I’ve been wearing this top under normal long t-shirts when I spend the day indoors or working at a coffee shop. I finally understand what I want in life and how to get there, and that is what this blog is all about. OR even a pant with a little bit more insulation and some weather resistance, unlike jeans. I gave up hope in long underwear and thought they were all uncomfortable, bulky, unflattering, annoying, and something I simply wanted to avoid at all costs. I’ve never worried about how my hair looks, so long as it is short and brushed I am happy.
The cabin can be built from all new materials for under $2000 (not including windows and doors) and is designed for additions on 3 sides. The printed version of this same Ebook sells for $24.95 from the publisher but you get the Ebook for only $7.
The Ebook and Videos are Copyrighted and may not be shared or sold!The Ebook is a direct download and can be burned to a DVD or read right on your computer.

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