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Have you ever just wished to live off of the grid, in a secluded part of the world with no one to bother you?
I'm a 20 something foodie, writer, baker, animal lover, world traveler, gamer, and avid reader.
Kris Platz and Nicole Bennett share their solar-powered Earthship with their baby daughter in St. Platz and Bennett's home is known as the first of its kind in Manitoba, and is one of roughly 50 Earthships in Canada. Despite the heavy use of recycled materials, Platz says there is a common misconception that Earthships are made of garbage, and that they're cheap and easy to construct. By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. A new book and documentary, Life Off Grid, documents the lives of Canadians who live off the power grid.
Phillip Vannini, an ethnographer from Royal Roads University, spent three years talking to more than 200 people about the challenges and rewards of living disconnected from outside sources of power. This is Pete and Bob, neighbours in Rock Inlet – a half hour flight out of Port Hardy into the middle of nowhere.
His bearded neighbour, Bob, has his own flotilla across the inlet, where he hunts, fishes and earns whatever money he needs by beach combing.
While flying up and down the coast last weekend, I met these two because Pete had emailed Pacific Coastal for a pickup.
The Roe family saves thousands each year by living "off the grid."Scott and Ruth RoeIn 1970, British rock band Led Zeppelin crafted one of their biggest hits, "Stairway to Heaven," in an idyllic cottage in rural Wales. TheA traditionalA stone and slate Welsh cottage, known as Bron Yr Aur, had no electricity or running water at the time a€” just beautiful countryside views and the perfect degree of solitude to inspire songs, words, and thoughts. Residents Scott (43) and Ruth (39) Roe, along withA their 8-year-old daughter, have kept Bron Yr Aur off the grid, turning it into a hub of renewable activity, Marketplace reports. Bron Yr Aur has been in Ruth's family since 1971 and she has been coming to the cottage since she was a baby.

The Roes' stone and slate cottage.Scott and Ruth Roe"We both wanted to live more sustainably," Scott tells Business Insider.
A winding path through the property.Scott and Ruth RoeRuth studied art at the University of Warwick and Scott's artistic career has included the circus, theater, music, and more static forms of visual art.
While creating their own energy lowers costs, the biggest money saver has been lifestyle changes they've made since moving to Bron Yr Aur, such as growing their own food. Low impact living: By upcycling, recycling, and making and trading products with others, they save about $1,707A a year. Recreation: By using local resources and making use of the forests, camping options, and other free, outdoor activities, they save about $3,413A a year. Holidays and travels: By escaping to the many pockets of land within their property instead of traveling in and out of England, they save about $7,110A a year.
All in all, they estimate the combination of off-grid living, making their own food, and a more simplistic lifestyle amount to a total savings of $16,539 a year. In addition to a high savings rate, the Roe family will start generating extra income by offering "retreats" to Bron Yr Aur, which cost between $427 and $569, depending on add-ons. The retreat includes two nights in their luxury bell tent, which is outfitted with cast iron campfire cooking equipment. In the spring of 2008, she and her husband Mike were sailing with his relatives off British Columbia’s Gulf Coast. At home in Tatamagouche, NS, the Camerons owned a beautiful log home that they had designed and built themselves. Not prone to envy, Debbie was surprised at the intensity of emotion she experienced when considering the confines of the life she had built. They put their cherished home up for sale, downsized their possessions and joined the ranks of folk who have adopted off-grid living. By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. Pete lives on a flotilla of barges, cobbled together by planks and rope, complete with a foundry, workshop, greenhouse, two-story home, recreation barge & gift shop.

Pete gave his rough location and our pilot circled the inlet until he spotted the barges and touched down in an amphibious plane, the Grumman Goose. She and Scott made the permanent move from Birmingham a€” a city in the West Midlands, England a€” just over five years ago. The one exception isA wind turbine maintenance, which they are currently learning how to self-service, Scott says. The coupled lived full-time on their boat and Debbie enjoyed the freedom and liberty such a lifestyle allowed. In fact, it's an Earthship a€” part of a growing off-grid, self-sustaining architectural movement. Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines. The fact that these two live so far off the grid astounds me and these are just two of the many characters I got to know up north.
They don't have an art studio on the property, "but there are so many great outdoor locations to sit and sketch and create," Scott says.
Despite being half the size of their log home, a kilometre from a serviced highway, and requiring a major change in their lifestyle, the cottage won out.
Pete even has worked out his own system of electrical generation by running a fire hose up the mountain, which channels water down through a turbine and alternator.
With that he has everything he needs to power his computer and satellite internet connection. But I'm with all the comforts of living in the middle of nature.”The Lutzs created their very own floating vegetable garden using a pulley system so it can be removed from the reach of any animals when they're docked.

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