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Third: Always use your generator to run specific items that can't be used without a generator. When purchasing either type of generator, you'll first need to figure out how much electricity you're going to be drawing from the generator.
Here are the top-rated, most-popular quiet portable generators according to hundreds of user reviews. The Honda EU3000i Handi generator is the #1 best generator if you are in need of something with high wattage, capable of running multiple power-intensive tools or appliances at once, that is serviceable in most cities, that is both lightweight and easy to transport, and that is also extremely quiet. This generator is not the cheapest on the market, in fact, it is one of the more expensive generators in the 3000w category. This can be great if your power needs are higher, if you’re in an RV park, if you have close neighbors, and if you need to move the generator at all. The Honda EU2000i is much more lightweight than its EU3000i Handi counterpart, weighing in at just 45.6lbs. One great thing about the EU2000i is that you can buy the companion generator which would then double your power to 4000 watts. If you are looking to go boondocking but need some power, this is likely the best portable generator as it is what you will see most in the RV community. If you will be stationary while using your generator, be sure to look at service options in your city or neighboring cities. While traditional generators run on gasoline fuel, some would rather have a generator that runs on propane. First, while gasoline can degrade over time requiring the use of stabalizers to make the fuel usable, propane does not. Ideal For: portable home emergency backup power, utilizing the benefits of propane to provide enough power to cover essential circuits in your home.
A huge advantage to propane-powered generators over gasoline-powered generators is that propane can be stored for an indefinite amount of time without the need for stabilizers.
This would be ideal for the home that won’t be using many appliances or tools at once as it is only capable of outputting 3250W running (3750 starting wattage). While portable diesel generators are most costly than traditional (gasoline) or propane generators, they do have some advantages which makes them a great solution for some.
Diesel-powered generators are much higher priced than gasoline-powered generators, however they are definitely the smart choice in many circumstances.
This Generac diesel generator can hold up to 12 gallons of diesel and can run for over 32 hours at half load.
Because the Generac XD5000E generator is 112 pounds, which is heavier than most people care to lift, it does have a portability kit that can be purchased separately which can help with the transporting of the generator to and from job sites. Inverter generators are a relatively recent development, made possible by advanced electronic circuitry and high-tech magnets.
The benefits of an inverter generator include: higher quality power output, lighter and smaller size, quieter operation, parallel capacity and higher fuel efficiency.

If you need a reliable, portable generater backup for your home that is capable of running multiple appliances at once and is also capable of providing power to sensitive electronics, then the Honda EU3000i Handi is the generator for you.
While non-inverter generators may be a little more affordable, they are really limited in their use.
Propane Generators: Propane generators can be coupled with various tank sizes allowing for larger fuel capacity in areas where fuel may not be readily available.
Diesel Generators: Diesel generators are useful in large residential and commercial where large demands may occur. You’re making us aware we have other choices, we will no longer in bondage the big energy companies. Youa€™re making us aware we have other choices, we will no longer in bondage the big energy companies.
Portable generators are not created equally: there are different models for different needs. Many generators certainly are, but there are also many generators that are on the quieter side with a lower decibel rating. Whether you are strong or a more fragile person, the wheel kit on this generator really helps because no strain is required on your body to move the generator where it needs to go. This is much more ideal for someone that needs a generator for light use and won’t be running multiple appliances or power tools at once. Because this one is easy for most to lift without assistance, it doesn’t have a built-in wheel kit. If you plan on storing your fuel for a long time (like if you only plan on using yoru generator in emergencies) then propane may be the way to go because you can store propane tanks indefinitely. In an emergency, gasoline may not be readily available and pumps require electricity to work, so it can be convenient to have multiple propane tanks stored for an emergency. Generators that run on diesel can output the same amount of power on half of the gas, making them a great investment in the long-run even if they cost more to set up.
Compared to gasoline generators, diesel generators require less maintenance, are more efficient and have a longer life.
It has an integrated lifting eye which makes it easy to transport and secure at a number of different job sites.
These are generally 3-phase generators that output AC current like most traditional generators, but that current is then converted to DC, and then “inverted” back to clean AC power that maintains a single phase, pure sine wave at the required voltage and frequency.
Traditional generators produce AC power, at which the motor must run at a consistent speed (usually 3600 rpm) to produce the standard current that most households require (usually 120V AC). This results in the generator sitting for long periods of time which is not recommended for most motors. But how do we integrate them to form a complete off the grid generator battery home back up system? A generator using 5,000 watts is a lot cheaper than buying an inverter of the same wattage.

When you figure out how much electricity you're using, you can figure out how big your generator needs to be.
To answer this, we’ve reached out to the large community of portable generator users to learn which generators they use and why, and to find out about their portable generator experience. Just to give you an idea of how loud a particular generator is (measured in decibels), check out this decibel chart to see what various decibel rating sound like. It doesn’t take much to max out this generator, but that is okay if you wont be using more than 1600 watts at once. However, if you need more wattage, we would recommend upgrading to the EU3000i Handi as fewer components is always better as it minimizes your risk of problems. The only downside to the Yamaha compared to the comparable Honda model is that Honda dealerships far outweighs Yamaha dealerships.
If you have a bunch of filled propane tanks, you will be set and will be able to use your generator as a power backup.
To use the propane, all you need to do is mount it to the portable generator (typically a 20 or 30lb tank) and you’re good to go.
The wheels allow for easy transportation and best of all – they can never go flat and are great in all terrains! Not only do you get 3000W of power (which usually goes hand-in-hand with heavy generators), but you also get something that’s lightweight, quiet, portable, reliable, and extremely versatile to power even the most sensitive electronics. Our systems allow for auto exercising of the generator, which in return extends its life and increases its dependability. It also tends to be better for running more than one thing, for a short time, than using an inverter.
If you’re on the road a lot and experience problems with your generator, your chances of finding a Honda dealership to service your generator is higher than finding a Yamaha dealership. Diesel generators can also be longer-lasting than traditional generators if they are maintained properly. A disadvantage to diesel generators is that they are often heavier, which is why there aren’t many portable options! Usually non-essential items.If you want to purchase on off grid generator, you need to look at the warranty as well as the price. Many generators will claim to be useful for off-grid purposes, but in reality, the warranty does not cover situations where you're using the generator in that capacity. Paying 3 to 4 thousand dollars for a diesel generator and then having it fail only to be told that the uses exceed the warranty is not something you want to hear or deal with.
It's an investment and when your investment falls through, you tend to end up in a bad situation.

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