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Compact cars are loved and owned by a majority of people because they are easy to drive, park and maintain.
Mazda3 is the best selling compact car in the market and is tagged at a price of $15995.The next best selling compact car is the Honda Civic that comes for a price of $15990. Hyundai Elantra takes the 4th sport in the list of the best selling compact cars around the world. Chevrolet Cobalt is a car that has been tagged at a price of $14990 and takes the 5th position in this list.
For those of you who don’t know me (your friendly neighborhood Kaiderman) that well, allow me to give you a little background. Before I jump in to some counter-arguments to some points that were expressed, I feel the need to state why I love the Top [whatever] format so much. As I said, I think people are turned off by posts that are racked by paragraphs and paragraphs of words!
I can state as fact, and doubt any writer with a site that has them will contend, that lists are, BY FAR, the most popular part of any website and generate the most traffic and hits.
Oddly, the same thing could be said about the industry that is the focal point of this game. I would also say that the recurrence of so many list topics gives the writer the opportunity to do what we do best… be clever and get creative.
One argument that I keep hearing is that one can not do a comprehensive and definitive list that makes an educated decision without having seen every movie ever made on the subject matter. Compound that with the fact that every time I do a list, someone throws in multiple wild-cards. I make lists that chronicle my favorite picks on the subject matter and throw it out into the virtual world. What is it exactly that lists lack? I’m able to rank films I love, which is just like giving a film a rating. However, this does get into one of your key points about how it builds discussion and I think that’s where I do see a big value in lists. James beat me to it, but I was going to ask why you didn’t make this editorial into a numbered list. I felt like I should prove my point in commentary form to show myself competent in both, I suppose. Secondly, I like lists for certain things – often to use it as a way to work out how well I am doing.
I think, personally, I just like lists that inform me rather than lists that are just-a-joke. To your second point, when I started writing lists, I was speaking to people who weren’t film fanatics so I thought all lists had that effect.
To your third, I would love to be able to be a completist but I do two of these a week and that’s just not feasible. And to your last point, back to the completist take, I have done some of those and I categorize them differently.
I don’t think lists need defending, I haven’t heard any good arguments against them, even Ryan didn’t say anything negative against them, just that he is moving away from them. Great quote to finish on; all a list is, is an option with a structure, or to look at it from your point of view an opinion is a list without structure!
No comment to the rest as I disagree on the point to the original source material… was that vague enough?
I scrolled to see how long this article was, because I was all ready to tell you there wasn’t any need to go to such lengths to defend your lists.
The part in the beginning when you talk about blogging rings true for the way we do ours, as well. You would only have a Kaidan lawsuit if you **spoilerssss** were the son of a samurai who killed a money lender, but you fell in love with the daughter of the lender. Yes… I like your approach to the site and posts… and I definitely have a lawsuit! But I’m insecure about my headlessness… I actually prefer to call it being cranially challenged! Not, well said Kai and while you brought it up some as did the comments above, these are your lists and further what distinguishes you from all the reviews and news echoing out there.
The UK came high on the list, but it is unclear how Brexit will affect its future reputation. The 19 countries with the highest reputation have been announced by the Reputation Institute in its annual Country Reptrak index. Rankings are based on a number of key drivers, including the quality of exports, contribution to global culture, standard of living, general tolerance, beauty, and safety.
Europe dominates the list, especially smaller countries who balance strong economies with high quality of life.
Toyota Corolla is also a top selling compact car which is available in the market for a price of $15460.
You see, when I set to enter the blogging world, I thought long and hard about how I wanted to conduct my writing style. To hit the ground running it was a tough sell to ask my friends, family and the world at large to invest in huge blocks of monologue filled with my own passionate diatribes on films. Nowadays, people have information coming at them from every angle… cell phones, TV with 500 channels, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
But the point remains, what list can be written that someone else hasn’t all ready done? This was also mentioned in the comments of the post to which I am responding (Hey, was that another shot?). Well, let me hip you to something, dear readers… I see a minimum of five films a week, average closer to ten and have seen as many as twenty-one in a seven day period while briefly unemployed. I can speak comfortably and in greater detail about most films I haven’t seen than most people who have seen them can. A loyal reader of the site (Castor Troy) left a comment saying that had he done the list, he would’ve included the song Hip to be Square as used in the (aforementioned) film American Psycho.

I’m able to give voice to my opinions on why I did so, which is just like writing a short and succinct editorial.
Fairy tale movies are a new trend in Hollywood now, so this past spring I did a humor list of fairy tale movies rejected by Hollywood. That is inventive and I would argue is actually more of an outline version of an editorial piece but I love that you chose to do it in list form. Lists, reviews, editorials, dissertations, etc… You could even do a list of your most and least favorite posting styles!
For example, I have written a bunch of Top 5 posts about James Bond after I rewatched the series.
I wanna know what someone, who has watched all of Woody Allen’s films, think are the Top 5. But I also like not being a completist because I can exclude the films I haven’t seen and get people telling me why I should. So, would you say that you find something ridiculous like my Top 5 Rocks list a refreshing break from the snobbery of film intellectualisming? Your lover ended up dying, and you couldn’t fulfill your promise to her, so she came back as a ghost and cut your head off. It’s a little disingenuous to be walking around the internet like you still have one. In fact being a large country seems to hamper reputation, with the US, China, Russia and India all missing out.
This car is available in the market for a price of $16665 and is actually quite compact looking as well. I may have considered it if my subject matter was more quirky but I had decided to jump into film, a saturated market.
It’s hard to do a Top 10 Alien Movies list and not mention, well, Aliens pretty high up. My point being, that sometimes the absurd can be exactly the creative spark a writer needs to develop great and inspiring content.
In this case, I was looking to make my readers laugh and got a kick out of the idea of a list that could feature the boulder that pinned James Franco’s arm in 127 Hours as well as the giant, powder-sugary rocks that crackhead Chris Rock smokes in New Jack City. Some commenter will always drop some film like Snatch in my lap because it featured a brief vignette of Frankie Four Fingers gambling early on in the film and is set around bare-knuckle boxing that is rigged for the sake of wagers that are never even seen placed.
I juxtapose this by ending all posts with What are some of your favorite [films on this subject matter]? Now, earlier I mentioned that I have probably forgotten more about film than most people remember. I’m able to illicit reactions and emotions from my readers or just plain make them laugh just like any other writer.
It became one of my most popular posts, but again, it’s based on something going on in the industry now. I know that any list is by its nature, subjective and flawed, but that’s part of the point. Or were you making a sneaky post-modern commentary on how editorials that have bolded topic headings are actually lists without acknowledging that they are lists?
Hell, the reason we do so much satire is because that’s what finally started getting some traction. I still dig lists but they for me always has had a sort new to blogging vibe and I like writing about a lot of other things. Portugal was hit extremely hard by the 2008 financial crisis, with the government enacting severe austerity to much public outcry. With one of the strongest economies in the world and a reputation for making excellent products, it is perhaps a surprise that Germany did not come higher. Like Portugal, Spain was hit harder than most by the recent economic downturn, with high levels of youth unemployment. A spate of recent terrorist attacks may have made a few people think twice about visiting France, but Paris and the French Riviera are still among the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
The Netherlands is famous for its high tolerance and tourist-friendly culture, while Rotterdam is one of the biggest shipping ports in the world, acting as a trading hub between Europe and the rest of the globe. Ireland’s economy has exploded 26% in the last year as the country attracts outside investment, both tech and financial, like never before. As a link between mainland Europe and Scandinavia, Denmark is a tourist hotspot and its citizens enjoy a high standard of life. It seems like everyone wants to move to Australia right now, and with a great economy and desirable climate it is not surprising. Sweden has it all: high-quality exports, a tolerant society, low crime, beautiful cities to visit, a high standard of living, a mild climate, and a strong sense of business.
The popularity of that site proved that the world was quite content to get everything in a 140 characters or less. Who hasn’t all ready tackled  Stephen Spileberg’s Top 10 Films or Top 5 Gangster, War or Gambling Movies?
Even if I held fast to the latter rate, forsaking work and my children, and held steadfast to my opinion that film did not exist prior to 1970, I COULD NEVER SEE EVERY FILM EVER MADE! Some blogs aim at a smaller but more dedicated readership, others are trying to reach the masses. We’ve had the blog since January 2009, but it seems nobody gave a shit about my excellent deconstruction of JCVD or my love for Kaidan. How can you expect someone to come to your site and stick around unless you have a fresh or original voice.
That said I’m still crafting some more lists, maybe its time to shake the dust off those drafts as the numbers of List posts have gone down over the years. But its reputation with tourists remains as strong as ever, and it has progressive drug decriminalisation policies. If Frankfurt can tempt some of London’s banks over in the wake of Brexit, it might do better next time. But tourists still can’t get enough of the place, especially Brits looking to live near the southern coast when they retire.

Brussels is the HQ for the European Union, the national football team is ranked 2nd in the world, and its beer is the best of the best. Japan’s reputation for making innovative, high-end electronics has remained intact since the 80s, and along with Hong Kong the country is favourite for anyone looking to explore the Far East, including businesses. The country has one of the highest qualities of life in the world and, like its German neighbour, its quality exports are in high demand.
This could ramp up even further as worried Brits look to move there before their own country leaves the EU.
The country is also leading the way in renewable energy, aiming to be fossil fuel free by 2050. Auckland is enjoying a construction boom and backpackers appreciate the remarkably low crime rates. It has one of the highest standards of life in the world, its manufacture exports are in great shape, and tourists love visiting Helsinki.
It seems to work very well for Noway — the country is an export powerhouse thanks to large natural resources and a popular tourist destination in its own right. Mining is one of the country’s biggest sectors but Sydney is also enjoying a tech boom, while tourism in the country is second to none.
It is famous for its world class banks, high standard of living and skiing in the Alps attracts people from all over. Top 10s, Top 5s, hell… even the occasional Top 3 if the subject was idiosyncratic enough. What was surprising was the numerous comments in support of this opinion of which I could not disagree more with.
I have no problem with them, I just knew that it was asking a lot of the world to sift through the countless movie reviews out there and seek out mine. I like the idea of taking thoughts like I’m expressing here and breaking them into a bare-bones, outline form and presenting them as 1-2-3-4-5 followed by a short little blurb summing up a take. Now, personally, even if they were the least popular, I would still do them but let’s be honest. However, there are typically a minimum of 5 spots that I either disagree with the ranking on or the fact that they were included at all. When Dylan and I were discussing a new contributor for the site recently, we discussed the angle the writer’s choices of content may take. Hell, don’t even get me started on whether or not I think Citizen Kane is even close to being the greatest film ever made. I love hearing someone coming to the defense of a film they feel was overlooked or underrated or maybe one that I haven’t seen. I certainly would’ve included it had I remembered and was glad to concede to the man.
Even in everyday life I organize constantly so why shouldn’t that translate into my internet ramblings? As soon as the satire started getting hits and comments, it seemed rather silly to ignore that fact.
The blog swept the nation and made me millions of dollars, all of which I donated to charity. My only hope was that I would be the one billionth blogger to take on the task and win some sort of prize!
After all, I said the market was flooded with bloggers doing movie reviews yet I am saying the same thing about lists. It was a statement of curiosity more than anything as we try hard to never censor content or voice here at MILF. I love when someone puts a bug in me to throw in a DVD that I half-heartedly watched and see it again for the first time.
Even when the list is something everyone does like Top 5 Nic Cage films, there are so many different ways to go that it’s fun to check them out.
I sort of see the Lindo argument but I also don’t see the big difference between doing a list on him or Spielberg. Now that we’ve started getting readers and commenters, I feel like I have a bit more freedom to pepper in serious content like reviews, etc. While people often referred to it as probably the coolest thing since skinny jeans, I ultimately left it behind to help foster this little upstart called Man, I Love Films. Again, I just felt like I had something to add in the world of lists that I didn’t have the desire to add in the world of movie reviews.
Dylan echoed my sentiment perfectly when he said I don’t care as long as the writing is good!
I just don’t know why anyone would think the list structure is any less justifiable a means of expressing opinions on a subject (in this case film) than any other. Here, I continue my work on lists but felt the need to stray from them briefly here when I stumbled upon a post a while back.
All you can do is have to take a viewpoint for ranking films and then have an opinion… which is what it all comes down to. I don’t know why anyone would have to present a dissertation to present an educated opinion on the matter.
If anything, it’s a statement of my own insecurities and my desire to be read… the ultimate goal of any blogger!
After all, to a large extent, they are the measurement of our success and the key to furthering it. I chose to write the silliest things I could imagine but I had managed to entertain my readers and make them laugh.
Perhaps that makes me uneducated, ill-advised or less of writer… but I’ll put my shit up against yours any day of the week!

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