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Kenya Red Cross Society has over the years, garnered accolades from external actors in recognition of the Society’s outstanding commitment to humanitarian issues, and demonstration of excellence in the ICT industry. Emergency Services at the touch of a button – using the app, members can call an ambulance quickly, allowing KRCS to reach more Kenyans in the hour of need. Blood – the app will help Kenya Red Cross mobilise donors to donate blood and address the current shortage in Kenya. Membership – become a member of Kenya Red Cross Society and make a difference to the lives of Kenyans.
The development of this application is an important milestone for the Kenya Red Cross Society who will lead the global Red Cross and Red Crescent fraternity as the first National Society to launch this application. Spending her first month on call as a volunteer with the British Red Cross, Claire Scanlan could hardly have faced a tougher first challenge when terrorists struck in Kenya.
This is a guest blog by Sir Nicholas Young, chief executive of the British Red Cross, who recently visited the Red Cross programme at Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. The recent elections in Kenya saw millions of people queuing for long hours to vote, highlighting their commitment to influence social and political change. Recently the Kenya Red Cross, funded by the Department for International Development (DfID), the European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO) and other donors, has been working with communities to encourage a peaceful election and to prepare for potential unrest and violence, which has featured so frequently in the past. Our east Africa representative, Karen Peachey, has been working in the region – or supporting work there – for over 20 years.
The Kenya Red Cross is managing Ifo II West refugee camp in Dadaab and providing essential health and nutrition services, psycho-social support, security training and hygiene promotion services in Ifo II East. The photo gallery below shows some of the health and sanitation work the Red Cross is carrying out in Dadaab. Dadaab – the world’s oldest and largest refugee camp complex – is facing ever more serious and complex problems.
The camp was established in Kenya in 1991, when many people fled their homes during the civil war in Somalia. Moreover, if the causes of this famine are not addressed, it will continue to be a recurring threat in Somalia and elsewhere in the region. In East Africa, continued difficulties accessing food – coupled with recent flooding and conflict in the region – have made life hard for many people. Over 955,000 Somali refugees are living in countries neighbouring Somalia – over a third of whom fled the country last year.
Violence in East Africa has also meant many aid agencies have stopped working in the region.
In Ethiopia, three armed men recently opened fire on the vehicle of an international non-governmental organisation near the Dollo Ado refugee camps, home to around 140,000 refugees. The seasonal deyr rains – which brought improved conditions for growing crops and raising animals in some parts of the Horn of Africa – caused widespread flooding in Kenya.
The Kenya Red Cross is now managing Ifo II West refugee camp in Dadaab and providing essential services in Ifo II East. Some of the funds raised from the British Red Cross’ East Africa Food Crisis Appeal are helping support the Kenya Red Cross and International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies’ work in the Ifo II East and West areas of Dadaab.
Kenya Red Cross Society has over the years garnered accolades from external actors in recognition of the Society’s outstanding commitment to humanitarian issues, and demonstration of excellence in the ICT industry. It has developed a mobile application on both Android and iOS platforms in an initiative that demonstrates its positioning and diligence as one of the leading National Societies in Africa using innovation and technology to address humanitarian needs and mobilize humanity into the 21st century. 1.         Emergency Services at the touch of a button – using the app, members can call an ambulance quickly, allowing KRCS to reach more Kenyans in the hour of need.
3.         Blood – the app will help KRCS mobilize donors to donate blood and address the current shortage in Kenya.
4.         Membership – become a member of KRCS and make a difference to the lives of Kenyans.
The Kenya Red Cross application was developed and is powered by Connectik Technologies Limited which is sponsored by Willful Capital with the support of IFRC and the participation of the Petran Foundation. The Kenya Red Cross Society’s emergency operations centre immediately activated a disaster response team and dispatched two ambulances to the airport. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the world's largest humanitarian organization, with 190 member National Societies. Posted September 23rd, 2013 by Simone von Burgwald & filed under News, News & Media, News archive. The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) was the first to respond, reacting within minutes after a shooting onslaught erupted at a popular shopping centre in Nairobi on 21 September.
THE CENTREIs hosted and supported by Red Cross in Denmark and supported by The Canadian Red Cross Society, Finnish Red Cross, French Red Cross, Icelandic Red Cross, International Federation Tsunami Unit, Japanese Red Cross Society, Norwegian Red Cross and Swedish Red Cross.

THE MOVEMENTThe Red Cross Red Crescent Movement is composed of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the 189 individual National Societies. The British Red Cross is working with communities in northern Kenya to prepare for drought and other natural disasters.
The Kenya Red Cross, with support from the British Red Cross is directly helping 12,000 people in the Turkana south region to improve their ability to withstand natural disasters like drought. The Kenya Red Cross is developing a volunteer network in Turkana South to gather community feedback on the cycle of aid dependency that has crippled them for so long. By building trust among people, the Red Cross will be best positioned to raise awareness of the impact of natural disasters and help communities to prepare. After fighting broke out in South Sudan’s capital Juba over the weekend, Red Cross staff are beginning to assess the situation there. Millions of pounds raised by the public will bring safe water and better sanitation to 380,000 people in Kenya and Bangladesh. The British Red Cross Society, incorporated by Royal Charter 1908, is a charity registered in England and Wales (220949), Scotland (SC037738) and Isle of Man (0752). Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) is a voluntary organization operating through a network of 8 regions and 64 branches countrywide.
18 million people in Kenya are living in desolation due to poverty, drought, floods, poor health, malnutrition, lack of clean water & sanitation, education and much more. Installing this app means you can always play your role to help in case of any event: emergencies, incidents, activities or accidents. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. On 2 April 2015, gunmen stormed a university in Garissa, Kenya, northeast of the capital of Nairobi, killing 147 people, the majority of them, students.
Our team is offering psychosocial support to assist families to cope with the shock, and to allow them time to mourn. The work of the Kenya Red Cross Society in being first responders motivated me to join in 2013.
When I was assisting families with the process of identifying bodies, I remember seeing an old man break down after receiving his daughter’s body. It is not easy to do this every day but I think of the many families and the heavy losses they have to bear.
I started volunteering for the Kenya Red Cross Society at a young age when I first came into contact with their first aid activities.
I feel it is important to know what has happened to your family member regardless of the circumstances. An initiative that demonstrates our positioning and diligence as one of the leading National Societies in Africa using innovation and technology to address humanitarian needs and mobilise humanity into the 21st century. The majority of humanitarian apps that are available to download can only do a specific function. With an estimated population of 500,000 people, no one can say exactly how many people live here – it changes every day. Election campaigns in the past decade have seen violence, loss of life and thousands of people forced to leave their homes. At the request of the UN Refugee Agency it is also taking on other health, water and sanitation services that were previously provided by other agencies.
But, while many organisations have pulled out due to the deteriorating security situation, the Kenya Red Cross is scaling up its operation.
Although originally designed for 90,000 people, the camp now holds over 450,000 refugees – in terms of population, Dadaab camp is effectively Kenya’s third largest city. There has been violence between refugees and attacks on aid workers, guards, churches and entertainment centres in the region. People with different livelihoods have specific annual periods where food is in short supply.
While working with communities in East Africa to improve their long-term resilience to food insecurity, the Red Cross is also providing immediate relief to thousands of vulnerable people in refugee camps. In the Dadaab camps – home to more than 463,000 refugees – the threat of improvised explosive devices, kidnappings, vehicle hijackings and banditry remains high. Around 5,000 people in Ifo II East and West extension camps of Dadaab lost their shelters in the floods. It is providing health and nutrition services, psycho-social support, security training and hygiene promotion. The money will help provide logistical equipment such as vehicles, forklifts, generators, relief items, construction materials and supplies.

Connectik provides ICT platforms for enterprise, partner, and customer collaboration and engagement that connects an enterprise with it’s management, employees, customers and partners all within an open cross-platform, cross-channel ecosystem within a highly secured communication environment.
As part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, our work is guided by seven fundamental principles; humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.
Each has its own legal identity and role, but they are all united by seven Fundamental Principles. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. The area’s physical remoteness and undeveloped economy mean that over 93 per cent of its population live in extreme poverty.
Many communities are rendered entirely dependent on food aid due to regular natural disasters that could be managed before they become crises. Volunteers trained in first aid, disaster response and psycho-social support are working across the area to form links with health, water, sanitation and environment workers to form community action plans. The Society has more than 70,000 volunteers and members who assist in implementing activities at the headquarters as well as regional and branch levels.
Through various programmes, KRCS has increased community resilience through the strengthening, diversification and protection of livelihoods and assets. The Kenya Red Cross Society responded immediately, deploying teams of volunteers to provide psychosocial support, tracing and first aid and medical support. When I meet someone later and they thank me, it feels gratifying to know that I contributed in their healing process.
It was heart breaking to watch him and I felt a gush of sadness and I could feel tears in my eyes.
We also gathered information on the injured, in coordination with the teams on the ground, to find out who survived.
It is crucial to clarify the fate of a loved one to the families who make enquiries so that we can allow them room for either celebration or mourning.
The KRCS App has twelve functions that include vital features such as Emergency Alerts, Ambulance Services and Blood Donations. Increasingly, there are daylight assassinations within the camps, and roads have been booby trapped with mines.
For instance, agro-pastoralist farmers who depend upon both livestock and growing crops are hungry during the rains; in this period before the next harvest, stocks are low and prices are high. Several police officers and refugee leaders have been killed, and aid workers have been kidnapped.
We called in the National Youth Service, the Kenyan Army and the National Disaster Operations Centre, which quickly activated their respective response teams. We respond fast providing aid in major emergencies, disasters, fires and road traffic accidents. Membership to the Society is open to everyone without any discrimination based on race, sex, religion, class, political opinion or nationality. The interventions have an integrated approach through programming for improved livelihoods with a holistic view of access to water, irrigation, agriculture and by extension, health. My driving force is the thought that if it was my family that was affected, wouldn’t I have liked them to receive the same help we are offering?
It is heartbreaking to see mothers and fathers coming through our tents crying for their loss. As part of the response to the attacks in Garissa I assist in packing up the donations from well wishers.
Pastoralists – who rely on livestock as their main source of income – are hungriest before pasture is replenished by the rains. With malnutrition already a problem in the camps, people are particularly vulnerable to disease outbreaks. We organized standby ambulances at Kisumu International Airport after it was reported that some planes were being diverted there.”Jomo Kenyatta International Airport serves as East Africa’s regional hub. Operations have been suspended following serious damage to the airport’s arrivals hall and one international departures unit.
It is expected that a few domestic flights will take off from the airport later this evening.The Kenya Red Cross Society’s disaster response and emergency medical teams will remain on standby, ready to respond to any crisis.

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