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Hi Ruth, It's great that you are aware which house transiting Saturn is moving through as this describes the area where events are occurring. Jupiter is exactly conjunct both Chiron and Neptune in late Aquarius squaring Mercury retrograde in Taurus and the Sun in the second degree of Gemini, as well as forming a loose square with the Moon in Taurus.
I have just worked out where my Saturn is transiting and I’ve been experiencing many of the issues you mentioned in that area.

Don't forget to look at the house and sign where your natal Saturn resides as this explains how you express your Saturn, and the effects of this expression that has led to the events you are experiencing as transiting Saturn moves through another part of your chart.
Also, check the houses where Capricorn and Aquarius (co-ruled by Saturn)are on the cusp as these areas will show the outcome - the lasting effect of your Saturn transit.

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