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The Johnson Stud Finder Plus has a magnetic pointer that allows you to quickly locate metal studs or nails.
This question is from Stud Finder Plus 1 answer How do I know the request to ship to a store has been received? The parameters for a review on this website is 50 characters .Simple inexpensive and it works.
Celebrated Southern California’s lasting impact on modern architecture with exhibitions and programs presented by seventeen area cultural institutions from April through September 2013.
Center image: Samitaur Tower, Culver City, California, by Eric Owen Moss Architects, 2008–2010.

Use it for general carpentry projects to help locate wall studs and to check wall-mounted objects for level.
Unfortunately, I need more information from you in order to properly address your question. I am sure one of my friends have metal studs and I gave him this for a late Christmas gift. Architecture and Design Collection, Art, Design & Architecture Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara.
I can't say how many times I have opened a wall to find a large metal vent pipe running to the attic.

Just level it and slide it in any direction across the surface when you see the indicator twitch, you've found the obstruction.

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