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Neo-Freudians: Carl Jung One of Freud’s best students – his “surrogate son” Freud was said to have fainted in his presence several times!
Neo Freudians Erik Erikson ? Disagreed with psychosexual stages ? Instead, created his psychosocial stages ? Trust vs. Neofreudians: Karen Horney Our general social anxieties create neurotic tendencies These anxieties can manifest in “normal ways”…. Refresher: Psychodynamic Theories of Personality ? According to psychodynamic theories, what drives personality and human behavior?
Uncovering the Unconscious: Psychodynamic Assessments ? According to Freud, what is projection? Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Examiner chooses 10 cards with ambiguous black-and-white drawings of people in various emotional, yet undetailed situations Have psychodynamic undertones (i.e.
Experience the Tests Take the TAT test and have a partner “interpret” results using psychodynamic concepts!!
Modern Applications Rorschach ? Exner’s Comprehensive System of scoring ? How much of the inkblot is referenced, story that is told, level of detail (i.e.

Other Projective Techniques (Provide interesting insight into personality, but lack reliability or clinical purpose) House, Tree, Person – Draw and describe each Word Association – Mother, Father, Sex Complete the sentence – A best friend _______ – Mothers ___________ – My worst experience was __________________.
Humanistic Theories Emphasize the goodness in humans You have the potential to control your future – Why would Freud disagree with this? Carl Rogers The impact of love ? Positive Regard ? Conditional – you are only loved when you conform to others’ wishes ? Unconditional – you are loved no matter what choices you make ? Positive regard impacts personality and happiness ? Real self – what you really are ? Ideal self – what you want to be ? Will overlap if you get unconditional positive regard! Behaviorist Theories Behaviorist theories claim that personality is formed through environmental stimuli – reinforcement and punishment. Behaviorist Theories Operant Conditioning Skinner – personality could be learned by being reinforced or punished for certain behaviors. VIRKELIGHETSOPPFATNINGER ? Konkret realitetstesting ? Generell realitetstesting Universelle mater a karakterisere virkeligheten pa Hva kan man generelt forvente i denne verden? FREUDS MENNESKESYN ? Repetering Umodne drifter “er domt til utslettelse fordi [onskene] er uforenelige med virkeligheten og det ufullstendige utviklingsstadium barnet har nadd” Driftene som en trang til a gjenopprette en tidligere tilstand ”[Lystprinsippets] program [er] i strid med hele verden, med makrokosmos savel som med mikrokosmos. Please email Miss Croft if you are not a student of DHSB and would like access to the website. Social Psychologist You are a member of a group or culture whose behaviors depend largely on those around you!

Next time you gaze at the clouds to determine a shape, think of what you may be projecting!! You are a hardworking person because you’ve been rewarded for good grades by your parents You will NOT swear, Johnny! For a kunne nedlaste denne presentasjonen, gjerne anbefal den til din familie og venner I et sosialt nettverk. Hvilke generelle utsikter har jeg til smerte, lidelse, suksess eller fiasko, reaksjoner pa oppror og protest? Freud and the psychoanalysts: You are the screwed up product of your childhood conflicts (siblings, parents, friends).

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