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IF YOU'RE worried about erectile dysfunction there is a sure-fire way of keeping the condition at bay. Only 33 per cent of men who have erectile dysfunctions seek help and advice about their problems, according to the UK Health Centre. Wondering how it all works?
Erectile Dysfunction is the consistent inability to obtain and sustain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse.
ED can be caused by psychological or physical disorders, certain medications, or a combination of the above. For men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Peyronie’s Disease, a penile prosthesis may be placed (Figure 4) followed by penile straightening with manual modeling. Straight Talk is an educational series, sponsored by Coloplast, designed to inform and empower. Most men suffer from one form or another of erectile dysfunction (ED) and in their lifetime.
AMI we can diagnose and treat Male Sexual Dysfunction in: · Increase in blood flow, · Increasing hormone levels. Erectile Dysfunction (Erection Problems) -  Erectile Dysfunction (Erection Problem) affects the lives of many men and their partners to varying degrees. AMI was formed 20+ years ago with the objective of treating Men’s Sexual Health problems…. Sexual Performance can be affected when you have diabetes, no matter what type of diabetes. I always speak about sexual issues within my practice to my clients and nine times out of ten people are relieved when I discuss it, because there is an issue and they were either too afraid or embarrassed to talk about it. The sad thing is, the more the issue is ignored due to fear or embarrassment, the bigger the problem it becomes.
We also need to consider all sorts of possibilities when dealing with & discussing sex such as age, sexual orientation, teenage sex, sexual preferences.
Up to 50% of men can experience some difficulty with sexual performance when they have diabetes. Also many women may suffer from Vaginitis, which is inflammation of the vagina, dryness of the vaginal area, difficulty stimulating the clitoris or achieving orgasm.
Sex is an exercise, so your risk of going hypoglycemic either during or after sex is the same for any exercise. If you use an insulin pump, you may want to set a temporary basal or disconnect it during sex to avoid going low. If you have an understanding partner, there should not be much of an issue, once you are both open and discuss about how diabetes can affect your sexual performance.
Tiredness can be a problem for people with diabetes, which is normal to experience when you have diabetes. Sadly, sexual dysfunction can be a tough problem to solve, because it presents itself in so many different ways.
While many people think that sexual dysfunction is a physical problem, it is not always the case.

If it seems like you have tried every erectile dysfunction treatment out there, erectile dysfunction hypnosis might be the perfect solution. Your subconscious mind is like a giant filing cabinet that holds a record of everything you have ever experienced – big or small.
Whatever the past issue is, hypnosis can help you take charge of the memory and put it into the proper perspective. During a New York Hypnosis erectile dysfunction hypnosis session, you can identify the event from your past that has been blown out of proportion. Hypnosis is a natural state, that when achieved, allows your hypnotist to access your subconscious mind. By teaching your subconscious to view your current sex life as a healthy, positive thing, you can go into each sexual experience with a sense of peace and relaxation. A penile prosthesis is a device that produces an erection-like state that enables a man to have sexual intercourse.
The problem is that only a fraction of these men will seek qualified medical help to solve their problem. The new Oral strip technology for treatment developed by AMI is the World’s first for the treatment of Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction (sexual dysfunction) in man.
General consensus is that any sexual intercourse that does not last more than 3 three minutes can be considered premature ejaculation or rapid ejaculation.
There are four basic types of incontinence: Stress incontinence occurs when pelvic muscles have been damaged, causing the bladder to leak during exercis. But it is an issue that can be difficult to discuss in a consultation with a health care professional, especially if your partner maybe with you, or if you are from Ireland, there was no such thing as sex in Ireland before The Late Late Show (in house joke amongst the Irish!).
The symptoms of low testosterone maybe missed as they are very similar to other conditions.
Having diabetes should not stop any woman from having a baby, but issues can arise if blood sugars and diabetes management are not controlled for both mother and baby. This can be especially true if you are combining alcohol and sex, as alcohol can lower your blood sugar levels. The length of time you can safely keep the pump off without an injection depends on how active you are.
But if you are in a new relationship, you maybe tempted not to tell your partner about your diabetes, which can lead to problems, as sooner or later your diabetes will emerge and your partner will need to know how to handle certain situations when you can’t. People who suffer from it can experience a variety of symptoms – from a decrease in arousal, to the inability to achieve an erection, to pain during intercourse, to the inability to reach orgasm.
Whether you need erectile dysfunction or some other form of sexual dysfunction treatment, hypnosis attacks the problems the same way – by tapping into your subconscious mind.
However, it’s not uncommon for the subconscious mind to blow things out of proportion, so you may not even remember the past event that has led to your current challenge! You may not realize it, but all of that talk about sex being sinful might be preventing you from having a normal sex life with your spouse. By working with your consulting hypnotist, you can teach your subconscious to differentiate between healthy sexual experiences and those past issues.

Your hypnotist can then reframe the way your subconscious mind perceives that event, allowing the fear and anxiety to be released. When you watch a movie, read a book, or focus on a project at work and lose track of time, you are experiencing hypnosis.
Whether you require hypnosis for erectile disorder, hypnosis for orgasm dysfunction, or hypnosis for impotence, we at the NY Hypnosis Institute are ready to help. As the penis has an extensive nerve and blood supply this can become damaged over time from diabetes, from vascular damage and also diabetes neuropathy. If you have concerns or require further information the American Diabetes Association have the ADAM Questionnaire that you can take to assess your symptoms. These issues occur similar to men, from vascular damage and diabetes neuropathy (damage to the nerves), as there is an extensive nerve and vascular supply to the vaginal area in women. Also psychological issues such as depression, stress and anxiety can lead to problems with sexual performance. In addition, the American Medical Association says that about 43% of women have experienced some form of sexual dysfunction.
Making the issue more complicated, many people suddenly fall victim to it after years of an active, normal sex life. Something that you don’t even consciously remember can be playing a role in your sexual problem. It may be as simple as an awkward sexual experience when you were younger that has made the idea of physical intimacy difficult now. If your subconscious can learn to separate the two, your past issues will not be able to hold you back.
Essentially your hypnotist will teach your subconscious mind that those negative experiences from your past no longer need to impact you in a negative way.
Once a client is guided into hypnosis, we at the NY Hypnosis Institute can then give positive suggestions directly to the subconscious mind. For many men the problem of erectile dysfunction can be the first time they find out they have diabetes. It is important to discuss with your medical team, as your sexual issues may not suggest a physical problem, it maybe psychological, vice verse or a combination of both. This can enable you to enjoy, and become immersed in, all the amazing sensations that lead up to intimacy. Erectile Dysfunction can also occur or can cause psychological issues, many people with diabetes suffer from depression and may not even realize it.
Sexual Disorder Hypnosis can help you to remain present and eliminate the negative self-talk and fears that you typically have right before an intimate encounter.

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