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Note: If you need help accessing information in different file formats, see Instructions for Downloading Viewers and Players. George’s “Pennsylvania Month-by-Month Gardening” helps you know when to do what in the landscape. A side effect of all the rain we’ve had lately is the unusually diverse bloom of fungi all over the landscape.
The good news is that most of what pops up in our lawns and garden beds is harmless and sometimes even edible. The bad news is that a few species, if eaten, can make us and our pets sick and in rare instances, even kill. The take-away advice is that if you’ve got toddlers or pets – or if toddlers or pets are likely to happen across your yard – it’s best to decapitate and remove the fungal growths. You’re not going to prevent them or stop them anyway, says Emberger, and using fungicides to kill lawn mushrooms and the like would seriously threaten the population of beneficial microorganisms (the majority of microbial life). This entry was written on September 27th, 2011 by George and filed under George's Current Ramblings and Readlings, Uncategorized. Since severe vomiting can cause your dog to lose essential electrolytes and fluids – and may be an indication of some serious health problems – it’s important to be aware of the possible causes of his vomiting and to know when it’s time for a visit to your veterinarian. You should also call the vet if you think your dog has eaten something toxic or poisonous, or if your dog is a puppy and has not yet received all his vaccinations.
It is important for your vet to diagnose exactly why your dog is vomiting in order to determine the appropriate treatment.
Degree and severity – This is indicated by your dog licking or smacking his lips, drooling, swallowing or gulping. Medical history – The more information you can provide about your dog, the easier it will be for your vet to make a diagnosis. She will probably weigh your dog and take his temperature, check his heart and respiration, palpate his abdomen, check for dehydration and perform a rectal exam. She will look inside his mouth to check for foreign objects such as string, which can “wind around the base of his tongue, with the rest of the object extending into the stomach or small intestine,” according to Washington State University. In some cases, your vet may recommend a fecal flotation, which, according to Nash, checks for parasites such as intestinal worms.
Your vet may also perform blood work, including a complete blood count and chemistry panel. For some diseases, it may be necessary for your vet to perform a biopsy and examine it microscopically.
Unless your dog has ingested a toxin or has a bacterial infection, your vet may prescribe medicationto help stop the vomiting. You will typically need to withhold food for 24 to 48 hours, and provide your dog with small and frequent amounts of water to drink.

If your dog stops vomiting, you can feed him ”small amounts of a bland low-fat food three to six times daily for a few days,” according to Washington State University.
It’s funny… I’m usually not the kind of person who acts like a big baby when he isn’t feeling well but today I’m breaking from the norm.
Went to the doctor yesterday and sure enough, Charlie exposed me to bronchitis (which I felt totally obligated to play host to it seems). The doctor put me on ten days of Moxifloxacin, an antibiotic which the nurse practitioner says is used to treat pneumonia.
52-years old and determined to sail through life with a smile (but sometimes brash as hell). But err on the side of caution because a few poisonous species look like the harmless ones. It’s not always easy to tell the difference either because the few worrisome ones look a lot like some of the harmless ones. I can’t emphasize enough to get a definitive ID of anything before you even think about eating it.
But what if your dog has vomited several times, or you think he may have gotten into the trash and eaten toxic table scraps? If your vet suspects a bacterial infection, she may perform a fecal culture and sensitivity. X-rays may be taken if your vet suspects your dog may have a tumor, foreign body or other internal problem. Your dog may need to avoid certain ingredients, or you may need to add fiber to his diet or decrease the fat, according to Nash.
My voice was becoming increasingly hoarse, breathing labored and we won’t even start describing the congestion. Email addresses are never shown and are only used by myself if a public reply would be too personal or inappropriate here.
My temperature finally appears to have broken but I’m nowhere close to having my strength back yet. Miller, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology), College of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M University Photo courtesy of Matt W. The severity of the vomiting – how often it occurs and whether it is projectile – should also be considered.
Other imaging such as a barium study or ultrasound, or an examination using an endoscope or colonoscopy, may be recommended. I treat life as something that is to be enjoyed and suffered through, all at the same time.
Born and raised in Carlsbad, New Mexico but having lived more than half of my life in Texas.

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No and that will become quite clear as you read some of the entries I've written for this blog. Miller, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology), College of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M UniversityHeartworm disease is a serious disease that results in severe lung disease, heart failure, other organ damage, and death in pets, mainly dogs, cats, and ferrets.
By the latter, I simply mean to imply that sometimes things just don’t go the way that we want.
Raised with a strong faith in God but describe myself more as simply a faithful person rather than a Christian. Some days, I'm insightful and considerate; on others, raring for a fight and the resulting entry is more akin to a rant. But if your dog’s esophagus muscle loses tone, it dilates, preventing food from moving to his stomach. When that happens you have to just hold your chin up high and put one foot in front of the other. Am equally disgusted with both parties at the moment and tired of the status quo in Washington, D.C. However, as long as the temperature stays normal – if you want to spend some time catching up this weekend, you’re welcome to come over sometime Saturday. No, it's a part of being human; it's an imperfection we all must live with for the most part. Immiticide contains arsenic and is given by deep injection into the back muscles to treat dogs with stabilized class 1, 2, and 3 heartworm disease. Another drug, Advantage Multi for Dogs (imidacloprid and moxidectin), is FDA-approved to get rid of microfilariae in the dog’s bloodstream.
Cats with heartworm disease may show very nonspecific symptoms that mimic many other cat diseases. These nonspecific symptoms include vomiting, decreased activity and appetite, and weight loss. And only one drug, Advantage Multi for Cats (imidacloprid and moxidectin), is approved to prevent heartworms in ferrets. Available only with a veterinarian’s prescription, it is a topical solution that is applied monthly. Crum, DVM, at Stahl Exotic Animal Veterinary Services in Fairfax, VA for sharing his ferret expertise.

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