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Use Prolotex™ RELAXED FIT Far Infrared Socks to increase circulation and speed up healing of the torn ligaments.
Most ankle sprains occur when the foot is suddenly turned inward, tearing the outside ligaments. Sprains of the ligament group on the inside of the ankle are less common because it is less likely for the foot to be forced outward and because inside ligaments are stronger. A mild sprain occurs when there is minimal force with only slight stretching or tearing of the ligament group. In a severe sprain, a ligament group can be completely torn; swelling and pain are immediate and obvious. The doctor will examine your ankle and order x-rays if necessary to determine the nature and extent of your ankle injury. Elevation of the injured ankle to the level of your heart and ice pack around the area to reduce swelling and pain. Immobilization of the ankle in an ankle brace, walker boot, or cast may be necessary to ensure proper healing of torn ligaments. Physiotherapy exercises such as range of motion, stretches, strength training, and proprioceptive training. Custom Orthotics if malalignment of the foot or leg is found to be cause of frequent ankle sprains. The most common cause of persistent pain following an ankle sprain is due to incomplete rehabilitation. If you suffer pain after an ankle injury or experience frequent ankle sprains, our doctor who has extensive knowledge in treating this problem can help. Don’t let your foot and ankle pain or discomfort prevent you from having a healthy lifestyle.
If you suspect that you have a fractured pinky toe, the first step in treatment is to have it evaluated by a doctor. Most often when a fractured pinky toe occurs, it results from a severe blow or trauma such as stubbing the toe very hard or dropping something heavy on it.
The most common recommendations for the treatment of a fractured pinky toe involve simple remedies that can be implemented at home. First, your healthcare provider tries to determine the cause of your problem in order to suggest ways to relieve pain. To reduce severe pain and swelling, your healthcare provider may prescribe pills or injections or a walking cast in some instances. Your healthcare provider may consider surgery if other types of treatment don't control your pain. Ochsner is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, founded on providing the best patient care, research, and education. Ochsner is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, disability or any other protected characteristic under applicable law.
At the UTC I was quickly examined by the doctor who might I note, also didn’t think I had broken my foot. Tuesday I finally made it to the Orthopedic office where the doctor decided to put me in a walking cast. I went back the following Tuesday (after the event) for a check-up and to re-x-ray my foot. I could tell the minute I walked (with crutches and the splint boot for my cast) that my muscles had majorly atrophied.
Now that I’ve shared with you my six week healing journey, I’m going to share my top 5 tips that will make your life easier with a cast! When the tendons are being repeatedly stretched for long time, it may cause tendinosis and in rare cases, it may rupture. Ankle injury is caused when a person walks on irregular surface and due to repeated sports activities. Compression : You can get help from someone for wrapping the injured ankle with compression for keeping it intact. Your doctor will examine the injured ankle and may ask for X-ray to find out the extent of damage. For mild form of sprain, first aid treatment of RICE is repeated for many weeks until the swelling subside. For moderate sprain, apart from compressor or ice application, your doctor may put you on a splint or boot for keeping the ligaments intact. For severe form of sprain there would be tearing on the ligament and it takes more time for it to heal.
Very often, a person having a sprain will need 3-7 days of rest, after which he will do regular exercise for gaining strength.
If there is injury in the tendon, the doctor will use a cast or splint and give anti-inflammatory medicine for reducing pain. The accumulation of fluids after a ligament injury may cause symptoms characteristic of a sprained ankle: swelling, pain, and bruising of the ankle and foot.
Bruising can appear on both sides of the ankle and boney injury may also occur at the same time.

When soft tissue such as ligaments are injured, they may take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to heal.
This means that patients either don’t complete the right type of rehabilitation or they don’t progress properly (i.e.
An appointment is required to ensure we give each patient sufficient amount of time to address their concerns and needs.
Often this kind of fracture is simple and can be treated with minimal, non-invasive interventions such as anti-inflammatory medications, icing the area, and "buddy taping" the toe.
This kind of broken toe is called a traumatic fracture and can occur in any of the several bones that comprise the pinky, or more than one. Fractured toes usually develop swelling and colorful bruising so frequent applications of ice, in addition to keeping the foot elevated, are usually advised to minimize these symptoms. Sometimes a complex fracture can occur, and the pieces of bone do not line up, one rotates, or there is significant separation.
Physical therapy, such as ultrasound or a daily stretching program, may also be recommended. The orthopedic doctor I was referred to put me in a walking cast (terrible name because I couldn’t walk on it) for six weeks and I finally got that dreadful thing off a few days ago! The North American Junior and Young Rider Championships were two days out and we were busy getting everything set up for Monday when everyone started arriving.
I would have never thought that I would be put in a cast for a broken foot, but oh buddy I was. I had worn a maxi dress to cover up my leg and I’m glad I did because guess what girls? My doctor told me to use a splint boot and crutches to get used to bearing weight again on that leg. Here comes the gross part- your leg and foot will peel like you’ve had a sunburn for like a month.
Always keep a garbage bag with you: Depending on the time of year, it may be more likely to rain that others. Purchase Extra Crutch Padding: My Mom had come across these crutch pillows at our local Walgreens and they made crutches much more comfortable. Clean those toes: Make a habit of getting a wet paper towel and wiping in between your toes after every bath. I broke my ankle in 2 places Monday at gymnastics and now I am in a cast but it starts way above my knee and ends at before my toes like yours.
Earlier it was thought that this type of injury is reserved only for sports personalities but you may get injured by simply walking on uneven surface. A sprain occurs when the ligaments are damaged or stretched beyond their capacity and a strain develops when there is damage to the muscles or tendons.
Sometimes it can occur during a fall or a jump in awkward position and due to sudden injury or trauma while driving a bike or car. In case of severe fracture, it might take about 1-2 years for the ligaments and joints to get healed completely. In many cases, the pain will reduce after 2-3 days and you should not put weight on the ankle for few days.
After complete healing, the person will be asked to follow certain exercises for gaining strength on the ankle. Once the swelling subsides, he will be asked to do physiotherapy or stretching and strengthening the ligaments. For gaining enough flexibility and get back to normal position, it might take several weeks or even months. Some individuals will experience frequent ankle sprains due to previous ankle injury or congenital ligament laxity. She enjoys treating all aspects of foot and ankle pathologies with a special interest in pediatrics, sports medicine, and reconstructive surgery. In some cases, the fracture can be more complicated and may need to be set or even require surgery.
If you think you your pinky toe is broken, the first step is to have the injury checked out by a medical professional.
Another important element of treatment is anti-inflammatory medications, which will reduce swelling and relieve some of the pain. In these cases, the bone may need to be realigned, or set, so that it can heal properly, or may even require surgery to insert pins to reconnect the pieces. My cat and I were playing (we play hide and seek) and while I was running out of the room my foot collided with a plastic storage bin during the upswing of my stride. Since you can’t get you cast wet (it could mildew and start smelling, plus the fit will be compromised) keep a few garbage bags with you where ever you go.
After surgery and break period, the patient will be given physiotherapy for strengthening the bones.
In case the pain does not get reduced, surgery may be done for reconstructing the ligaments that are torn.

If you feel that your progress is not going along properly, ensure you seek advice from a doctor who specializes in the foot and ankle. Even if the fractured toe has been examined by a doctor, you may need to get a second opinion if treatment doesn't help. Broken bones need support and minimization of movement while healing; as a result, patients are advised to wear supportive, rigid shoes.
If the toe was examined at the time of injury but doesn't seem to be healing, get a second opinion with X-rays. Now at that point in time, I had been living in my new apartment for maybe three weeks and because I was so busy preparing for the event- I hadn’t had much of an opportunity to unpack.
One of the vendors at the event (an absolute angel) gave me a cast shower cover, so I could at least still shower. Now the stubborn southerner in me only took two days to wean myself off, but it’s all about how your leg feels. Since I was outside a ton while I had a cast, the garbage bags saved my butt on several occasions! I have it pictured below, but it basically creates a water-proof seal above the cast so you can shower as normal as you possibly can. Just make sure to wring the excess water out of the paper towel before you bathe your toes, otherwise you’ll get your cast wet. Often the doctor will recommend typical home care, but depending on the fracture additional treatment may be needed. It is also often recommended to "buddy tape" the fractured toe to the one next to it by wrapping tape around both of them.
The bone may not be reconnecting, or knitting, on its own, and medication or surgery may be required for a complete recovery.
Still to this day I limp in my walk and I feel like I’m not walking level, but I can also feel my muscles growing stronger each day.
For the first week in my cast I slept on my couch with it elevated to reduce the intense swelling that accumulated each day.
Wiping them daily will also help exfoliate the dead skin and don’t forget to put on a light moisturizer afterwards to keep those toes feeling comfortable. A tendon is attached to the muscles of bones and is responsible for movement of foot and ankle.
This allows the neighboring digit to act as a splint, thereby providing support and reducing movement. Now I initially thought I had broken my toes, but about 30 minutes later they stopped hurting and it was inside my foot that hurt to walk. The UTC gave me a delightful splint boot to wear out of the office, told me to use crutches and bear no weight on that foot. Between the 90 something degree heat and being on my foot 90% of the day, both my foot and leg would swell to incredible proportions- which go figure hurts! Around 20 minutes I was beginning to feel a little raw so I stopped, patted dry my leg, and moisturized. Even the last week in my cast, my foot would swell if I was out in the summer heat for too long.
As always, you can find me on my social media accounts in between posts (links in the sidebar) and I’ll catch y’all next Friday!
The under arm pillows made a world of difference with rubbing on my sides and overall comfort. When you think of a broken bone, you generally know it by the characteristic black and blue bruising and swelling. In that time frame between the UTC and Orthopedic visit I still had to run an outdoor horse show, all while learning how to walk on crutches. I’ve never broken a bone before let alone needed a cast and boy did I regret not thinking to ask for pain killer while I was at the office Tuesday. Once the cast was off I had one more round of x-rays to ensure my foot had fully healed and thankfully it had! Below is a photo of my leg currently, the leg on the right in the photo (my actual left leg) is the one that had the cast. It wasn’t until Friday (four whole days of major pain and crying later) that I finally got a prescription. However, when I woke up the next day it still hurt to walk so I went to my local Urgent Treatment Center (UTC). I also had to go back Friday to get my cast trimmed around my pinky toe because it was digging into it, even more so when it was swollen.

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