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Moreover, sharp and fast movements are annoying for bees also, which are understood as a threat. When a bee stings the victim having pain, redness, weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, and even 5-15 minutes rash may appear.
Sensitive to bee venom and the elderly with a weak heart people often suffer from bee stings. When a bee sting you should first carefully remove the stinger immediately that it does not penetrate deeply. If a person suffers severe allergies , then immediately put on a place of sting a cotton wool moistened with a solution prepared in the following manner.
Usually you can lubricate place of a sting with ammonia or calendula tincture, treat the wound with a solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate 1:1000), the juice of garlic. Also, if a bee sting, garlic juice has soothing and analgesic action, bandage is moistened with it and then it is put to the affected area.
Diphenhydramine, papaverine, procaine, prednisone, hydrocortisone, calcium chloride, suprastin also block the effect of bee venom. With strong bee venom poisoning you should give excessive drinking to a victim and call an emergency. Choosing a good bushcraft knife is never an easy task – but when it comes to overall quality, the Damascus steel is one of the finest for your knife blade.

A damascus knife can comprise as little as two different metals, although most are made from four different carbon tool steel billets folded to give many layers.
This process gives a knife blade of exceptional strength and quality, with an aesthetically beautiful look. They are more than capable as a bushcraft or survival knife, being strong and holding an edge for a very long time.
Easy to sharpen and relatively rust free, they are the ultimate choice for many true bushcraft practitioners. But fortunately for most people they are still within an affordable price bracket to consider as a nice treat….!
Odor creams, perfumes, cologne, alcohol, garlic, onions, sweat, gasoline, kerosene are annoying for bees.
In 20-30 minutes swelling may appear on the place of the inflammatory edema and  it can be for several days.
Remoted sting can not be left on the body, as under the action of the muscle fibers it again begins to move and can pierce the body. Ointment consisting of petrolatum, rectified spirit and 10% solution of calendula can be used also. By changing hot towel with a cold, you can significantly reduce the temperature and swelling in place of a bee sting .

If the bee begins to circle around you, do not dismiss it, but stop and wait until it flies away.
Such a person should be put to bed,the fan must be turned on  and direct air is directed towards the victim. After removal of the sting you can put fresh parsley leaves to the affected area to reduce pain and remove the inflammatory edema. This mixture is well suited to those who have strong reaction even to the bites of mosquitoes and black flies. You can not do that, because you will crush the tank with bee venom, and this  smell is very annoying for bees. They can develop nettle, cause swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, rhinitis , asthma and anaphylactic shock . To do this, take 2 tablespoons chopped parsley roots, pour in a thermos and pour 500 ml boiling water.
To avoid suffering from bee stings, you must strictly follow the precautions: not to walk barefoot on the grass,  particularly where a lot of flowers, from which bees collect nectar.

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