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In addition to our two day Outdoor First Aid Courses we also run Emergency First Aid at Work courses.
These courses are ideally suited for nominated first aiders in smaller, low risk working environments but they also give you vital skills that you might need in an emergency out of the work place too! Once you’ve completed the course and flown through your assessments, your paper work is check by ITC. The ITC First Aid course format provides a systematic approach that develops your skills progressively. Pet First Aid & CPR Classes If your pet has an emergency… Will you know what to do?
American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), one out of four animals could be saved if just *one* pet first aid technique was applied? While we all hope that no accidents or emergencies befall our beloved pets, chances are, something will happen in their lifetime. Central Ohio Pet First Aid is committed to the health, safety and well-being of our canine & feline friends! A rash will not appear for two weeks, so there is usually plenty of time to wash off the irritating oils that may have come in contact with your skin.

Use this bandage to hide Walkman earphones from the Scoutmaster so he will not confiscate them before your favorite song is finished playing. For fractures of the lower jaw, put hand below jaw and raise it gently until upper and lower teeth meet. Use for hyperthermia to maintain body temperature because ninety percent of heat loss is through the head.
There is something in his eye and you cannot get it out, so both his eyes were covered with dry sterile gauze pads before taking him to the doctor. Pads were wet with warm milk and applied to the eye lids so the dirt under the eyelids would dissolve.
The sling keeps your injured elbow from moving around during the trip to the doctors office.
These one day (6hr) First Aid courses are designed for people who want to learn first aid that’s particularly relevant to emergencies that might happen in the work place.
After that you will be awarded an ITC Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate which is valid for 3 years.
These can be arranged at a convenient location for you and we offer a discount for group bookings.

You may already provide them with the high quality food, toys and plenty of exercise, but do you know how to provide for them in case of an emergency? This qualification also satisfies the HSE obligations for the employer for small, low risk workplaces. You have loads of opportunities to practice and you will be given tips and strategies to help you to remember what to do and when!
Let us teach you these lifesaving skills that give you the confidence to care for your pet from snout to tail on your quest to promote a safe, healthy & loving home. Each participant in our First Aid & Care for your Pets class or our PetSaver course will receive a workbook as well as a completion certificate.
Touching this plant can cause a rash, possibly severe, with redness, blisters, swelling, itching, burning, fever, and headache.
Your assessment is ongoing throughout the course so that you have the chance to refine your skills as needed.

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