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SUNY Downstate Medical School's competencies state what skills, attitudes and knowledge our graduates need to demonstrate to go on to residency training and to becoming independent physicians. These are six broadly defined groups of knowledge, skills and attitudes required of all graduates at the end of 4 years as depicted in the following graphic. Graduates must demonstrate an awareness of the relationship between themselves and the patient, community, and healthcare system as well as recognize the impact on optimizing patient care. Graduates must demonstrate a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities, adherence to ethical principles, and sensitivity to a diverse patient population. Graduates must be able to demonstrate interpersonal and communication skills that result in effective information exchange and teaming with patients, their patients families, and professional associates. Graduates must be able to investigate and evaluate their patient care practices, appraise and assimilate scientific evidence, and improve their patient care practices. Graduates must be able to provide patient care that is compassionate, appropriate, and effective for the treatment of health problems and the promotion of health.
Graduates must demonstrate knowledge about established and evolving biomedical, clinical, and cognate (e.g.
Attend to others though effective listening skills, a lack of interruptions, and eye contact.
I'm going to use this assignment as an early introduction to the use of WebEx in this class.
You will be asked to use a similar format when you are sending me your graded Practice Sessions later in the semester so you need to learn how to do this now. During the session the Counselor has the task of engaging their Clinet in a casual conversatoin getting to know them. This 28-day canoeing course is designed to help struggling young adults and their families address behaviors such as unhealthy risk-taking, low motivation, defiance and poor school performance.
Presented as metaphors for the transition from childhood to adulthood, courses help young adults connect their desire for more freedom with the reality that they must take on additional responsibility.
Outward Bound Intercept expeditions are specifically designed for struggling teens and their families. Build core skills: Instructors teach students the skills they need to travel safely through the wilderness.
Practice Outward Bound values: Instructors mentor students through the process of self-discovery and encourage appropriate risk-taking and positive approaches to daily challenges. Demonstrate mastery: As the course nears the end, Instructors step back - and allow students to experience the joys and challenges of taking charge. Transfer skills: Students prepare to reunite with families and transfer Outward Bound successes to lives back home. What students learn: Armed with conflict resolution skills, communication strategies and a keen awareness of themselves and others, students are empowered to start on a new path. Participants can expect to spend a good deal of time each day in canoes going from campsite to campsite as they paddle through Florida’s ecosystems.
The three-day Urban Section will includes community service projects, workshops and seminars designed to help young adults determine the next step in their life; whether it be college, a new job opportunity, or simply returning home with a new outlook. During the final expedition, the group applies the skills they’ve learned to take on more leadership. Near the end of every course, students will separate from one another to be alone, or Solo, for a period of time. Solo is a great time for students to relax, recharge and reflect on their course after having had long days of strenuous activity and group activities. After the course is completed the student, parents and the instructors follow-up with a debrief over the phone.
Central Florida is home to some of the country’s most historic and biologically diverse waterways.
This course takes place off the west coast of southern Florida in Everglades National Park and Ten Thousand Islands national Wildlife Refuge.
If you are ready to enroll on a course click the enroll button next to the course you wish to select or you can enroll over the phone by speaking with one of our Admissions Advisors (toll-free) at 866-467-7651. Maybe you’ve heard that teaching sign language to babies is a great way to boost their communication skills before they are able to more easily communicate through speech. The benefits of learning sign language for the hearing population go beyond these 5 reasons. If you’re looking to learn sign language or teach it to your children or in your classroom, there are many tools available. The overall purpose of this class is to explore the integration of interactive games and simulations within your curriculum, along with the implications for effective  assessment. In order to “level up” one must earn a designated set of Quest Badges PLUS 150 Reward Points.
Each Quest Badge represents completing individual Quests to demonstrate what you have learned or mastered. It may take a lot of effort or a little to earn a Badge.  As one earns badges, they will appear  on your My Badges page and side progress widget.
Since each Quest Badge represents something learned or mastered, you must produce evidence of your mastery in each Quest.
In addition to postings on your Journey page, with each submission you will be directed to a discussion forum.
BadgeStack is built on the premise that we are all in this together, so there are certain community behaviors that are expected. We’ll start with a handful of Reward Badges, but they will be added to as you progress through the site.
You are asked to self-assess your work prior to submitting the quest activity.  A general rubric is provided below to guide you.
Complete all 3 levels of the BadgeStack and earn an A, almost finish the Master level = B, only finish Novice = C. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assert that equality of opportunity is a good thing. Belatedly, we have seen many improvements in equality of opportunity for people with disabilities. For a simple and obvious example, consider a physics undergraduate student who uses a wheelchair. Similarly, universities must make exams accessible to blind or partially-sighted students by printing their exam papers in Braille or large print.
Things become a lot more complicated where a specific learning difficulty (SpLD) is involved because, whereas hearing or walking are not crucial abilities for STEM subjects, learning is a university’s core business. This makes a thought-provoking distinction between ability with academic tasks and intelligence. When learning is itself the subject of an Assessment of Needs, as it is for people with Asperger syndrome or dyscalculia, for two examples, then the assessor’s own academic background becomes relevant.
For instance, while good writing style is deemed relevant to an English degree, physics examiners are often instructed not to mark a particular student’s work on the basis of their grammar.
Of necessity, when the 2010 Equality Act became law, new systems were hastily put in place, without much time for consultation. To avoid any misunderstanding, I want to make a clear distinction between teaching and examination. The most common provision in an Assessment of Needs is the stipulation that a particular student should be given extra time (typically 25% extra) to complete their exam.
One might suggest that exams do not exist to test a person’s intellectual ability, but only to test how much they have learned during a particular course of study. So there would be advantages (as well as massive logistical difficulties) in having untimed exams.
Mike Evans is a theoretical physicist at the University of Leeds, researching statistical physics in the Department of Applied Mathematics. I mean, when you want to measure the processing power of a computer, you don’ exactly look at its hard drive capacity, you look at the processor. Reyna Rodriguez, Miss Earth Goddess Mexico 2016 – Photo courtesy of the Miss Earth Goddess pageant. If you have ever wanted to compete in a national AND international pageant but are not ready for Miss World, Miss International, or Miss Earth, or if you have aged out of those systems or are for some reason ineligible for those pageants, then Miss Earth Goddess is the pageant for you.
The Miss Earth Goddess International Pageant (which is in no way affiliated with Miss Earth or Carousel Productions, Inc.) will be crowning their first Miss Earth Goddess THIS June 2016 in Las Vegas!
They are currently expanding to include national preliminary pageants for certain countries and territories for the upcoming 2017 competition year. With that being said, they are now accepting applications from interested girls around the United States to audition to represent their state at Miss Earth Goddess U.S.

Applicants auditioning to represent their state at nationals will compete in a video conference interview, recorded video personal introduction, one color photo photogenic competition, and will need to have completed 20 hours of community involvement. For nationals, state representatives will compete in Interview, Personal Introduction, Photogenic, Evening Gown, and Community Involvement. Crown and sash representing a regional state, local city, or county to be used to meet your state audition requirements.
Designer pageant outfits of their choice for all competition segments of the 2017 International pageant. To apply to audition to represent your state at the 2016 National pageant, go to the Miss Earth Goddess U.S.
The cost is $195 and a payment plan is available ($60 due at the time of registration, and the remaining $135 due 30 days later).
So, now that you have decided to compete, have registered, paid your fee in full, and have received your crown and sash, it’s time to get your audition materials ready to go.
To ensure you have the best interview possible, you will need to make sure you have a good webcam, great sound quality, clean and appropriate surroundings, and no outside noises or distractions during the interview. Judges will ask questions regarding your personality, achievements, goals, and charitable interests. You will be judged on facial beauty and grooming, personality, articulation and communication skills.
To help practice for interview, you can signup for a mock interview via The Pageant Planet’s VIP Program. For personal introduction you will create a video no longer than 5 minutes introducing yourself, where you are from, your platform and what you would do to promote it, and why you should be selected to represent your state at Nationals. Your video can be filmed using your webcam, but you want to get the best quality possible, so experiment with a variety of cameras as webcams may vary.
You will upload the video to Youtube or Vimeo and send the link with your audition materials.
Judges are looking for facial beauty and grooming, personality, communication skills and overall impression. You want to look and dress your best for this photo. You must wear something formal or semi-formal that would come across as elegant and classy. Applicants are required to complete 20 hours of community service volunteering at any non-profit or charitable organization. 3-5 photos of yourself in action participating in your community service project and wearing your crown and sash.
The name of each organization you volunteered with including a brief description of each community service project you’re participating in with the organization, and the number of hours completed for each project. There is no talent, no swimsuit, no political questions, no height or weight requirements, and no historical precedence standing in your way. You don’t have to pay a large fee, round up sponsors or sell ad pages just to get to your state pageant. If you are selected to represent your state, you don’t even have to worry about having a state director who can line up sponsors to get you outfitted, made up, and to the national pageant. They changed the name of their competition from “Miss Earth Goddess” to “Miss Planetary” International Pageants.
Graduates must also assess personal values and priorities in order to maintain an appropriate balance of personal and professional commitments. WebEx is a videoconferencing software that you need to sign up for to complete assignments in this class.
You (the Counselor) will set up an appointment and email your peer (the Client) an invitation through the WebEx interface to join you at a specific time through WebEx.
Students experience the joys and challenges of canoe travel, camp craft and group dynamics while traveling in the unique ecosystems of Florida’s waterways. These highly structured courses remove young people from the pressures and influences of home and school, and present them instead with healthy risks and natural challenges. This phase involves two days of volunteer work and culminates with a facilitated conversation between students and their families. These canoes are tandem, which means student duos must learn to work together and communicate as they travel.
Most students use this time to write in their journals, sleep or practice technical skills they’ve learned thus far on course. During the debrief, instructors facilitate a discussion between parent and child about what the student learned on course, the student’s goals for their future and family expectations going forward. It offers paddling on small, winding canoe trails as well as larger rivers and lakes, with camping in a variety of environments from hardwood hammock forests to barrier islands. As the largest sub-tropical wilderness in the United States and third-largest national park in the lower 48 states, The Everglades provide a variety of precious wildlife habitat.
The Florida peninsula is believed to be the last part of the continental United States to rise from the ocean, making it the youngest region geologically and only Alaska can claim a longer shoreline.
Now researchers and educators are learning that sign language isn’t only valuable during those first years of life when it comes to communication skills for the hearing population. Improves spelling – Research is showing that children who learn the basic sign language skills (such as American Sign Language – ASL) of signing the alphabet can have improved spelling skills. Improves classroom behaviors – Some teachers who have incorporated sign language into their hearing classrooms are finding that they have better classroom management.
Improves small motor skills – Sign language helps to develop small motor skills because of the dexterity required for communicating with hand gestures.
Builds overall communication skills – When you think of “language” you might just think of your spoken native language, such as English. Builds a better vocabulary – People have a natural tendency to use their bodies to communicate – such as pointing, shrugging shoulders, or wrinkling the nose. Try some of these apps for baby sign language, or look for video tutorials online that demonstrate each sign. This is a place for social interaction among players, but it is interaction with a purpose. When you demonstrate these behaviors, you are rewarded with points.  In our BadgeStack, you need 150 points earned through Reward Badges to complete each level.
An inspiring leap forward was made by the London 2012 Paralympics in dispelling some of our social prejudices.
Assessors and staff of Equality and Diversity Units often have medical or humanities training. The assumption is that ability to write good English is not part of the discipline of physics, and can be separated from it as easily as the ability to walk or to hear. As a consequence, examiners were never asked, for instance, whether we should expect a physicist to demonstrate good communication ability. Any good teacher needs to have empathy for their students, and pitch their teaching at a suitable level and tempo for each individual. That sounds like a reasonable idea but, in fact, we do not measure a student’s scientific ability at the beginning and end of a science degree course, and award the qualification for self-improvement, irrespective of whether they are any good at the subject. They would allow each student to demonstrate their abilities, while removing the element of speed from the assessment of their expertise. Do we want exams to test what a candidate is able to achieve within a fixed time, or do we only want to know what they can achieve when given as much time as they require?
His focus is non-equilibrium systems, such as flowing fluids, and he has published over forty papers in peer-reviewed academic journals. We host comment and analysis on a wide range of physics matters, from particles to policy, education to energy.
They are looking for delegates right now to represent their state at the National Preliminary pageant in November 2016. You will receive the information to log-in for your interview one month prior to the final deadline. Additionally, practice using your webcam so you can position your chair and the angle of the computer screen to ensure it shows you in the best light and angles. It can be your go-to little black dress, a glitzy dress, cocktail dress, evening gown, or even a semi-formal pants or skirt outfit along with your applicant crown and sash.
Look online at titleholders in other systems to see how they are photographed with their crowns and sashes to get an idea of how to pose with yours.
You will be judged on facial beauty and grooming, sense of style and elegance, personality, and overall impression. All 20 hours do not have to be completed with the same organization, but you will have to keep a Community Service Log created in Microsoft Word and upload it with your audition submission materials.
If anything, the only thing you would have to pay, other than the $195 entry fee, is for your photo to ensure you have a good quality photograph, and possibly for hair and makeup depending on your preference.

Choose a registration option below to write reviews, contribute to our Hall of Fame, and more! The Counselor will then send me a link to this video and I will view it and evaluate the sender's interpersonal skills using the rubric below.
You must MASTER this software in order to pass this class, so you need to beyond the challenges of the technology. New activities, crewmates and environments help to break bad habits and coach students on discovering the next positive step in their lives. During this time, instructors will assign each participant with their own individual campsite within a designated area. The aquatic preserve includes more than 350 species of birds, 300 species of fresh and saltwater fish, and 40 species of mammals, within its confines.
The Everglades are mild and pleasant from December through April, with low humidity and clear skies.
Acquiring sign language skills has benefits for hearing children and adults as well, and some of those benefits might surprise you.
Signing helps to give kids another tool for remembering spelling words and leaves a larger imprint on the brain. Using signs for things such as toilet and question can reduce interruptions and help keep students on track during lectures. Those who struggle with small muscle strength and coordination can build these skills as well as learn to communicate more efficiently with another language. However, language involves many other aspects including body language, emotional language, and more. Sign language takes that natural tendency and helps to reinforce vocabulary and the meanings of words.
Supreme Court officially recognized ASL as a true language, and many schools and colleges are allowing credits for this as a study in foreign language.
Even just beginning with the basics of signing the alphabet can lead to improved spelling, vocabulary, and overall communication skills for the hearing.
No longer do you have to be an aristocrat or wealthy land-owner to study science: Michael Faraday broke that mould. Meanwhile, with the introduction of the Equality Act 2010, educational establishments have set up new procedures to ensure that disability does not result in inequality.
So their university has a responsibility to make sure that they are not disadvantaged during their learning and assessment. The instruction assumes that the exam should only test the student’s ability to calculate or recall facts, rather than a holistic ability to understand an English description, translate it into a calculation, solve the problem, interpret the solution and communicate it well. As we iron out the system’s early teething troubles, we need to address these kinds of question. If it is a job interview for a steeplejack, then it’s a fair test that discriminates appropriately between the best and the worst. Being armed with the maximum possible information about the student’s particular needs and abilities is always helpful, and the good teacher will make appropriate provisions whenever possible. If a person can solve a particular puzzle more quickly that another person, although both might get there in the end, should their university award them a higher grade?
At the end of that interval, anyone who has not finished misses out on the marks that they were too slow to accrue.
With the best intentions, we have stumbled into the new age of equality with a flawed mixture of two systems.
Creating fair and meaningful methods of assessment requires an open debate on what we want from an exam, what we want from a degree classification – and what we want from a physicist.
With this growing pageant in it’s young stages, you could be at the forefront of putting it on the map. But odds are you probably have, or know someone who does have, the wardrobe needed for the remainder of your state audition application. This is rare in pageantry as delegates from states without directors often bare a large financial burden. Led by instructors who are experts in risk management and masters of group facilitation, expeditions maintain a maximum 1:5 ratio of instructors to students. These areas are both secluded and within hearing distance of other group members for safety. These rivers support a variety of ecosystems, including freshwater springs, swamps, sandy beaches, hardwood hammock trees and salt marshes.
Our muscles have their own mini-memories, so when we add signing a word to orally spelling the word is it easier to remember. An interesting study shows that people who can sign have improved abilities to read general body language – an integral part of communication. When you can hear the word and see the word spoken it leaves a stronger imprint on the brain. Those with disabilities such as autism can also find it easier to communicate when given the tools of an alternative language such as ASL. Above and beyond all of that, you’ll be able to communicate with the non-hearing community. It would be unfair to arrange their exams to take place at the top of a steep flight of stairs.
Yet they and other medical professionals are required to write Assessments of Needs that carry the weight of law, and dictate some parameters of the teaching and assessment delivered by the subject-specialists.
Of course, no examiner would mark a physicist’s work exclusively on their writing style, so we are only talking about a handful of marks at stake.
The extent to which special provisions should be made during exams is an entirely separate question. A person’s intellectual ability cannot be quantified on a single, one-dimensional scale. That ability might have been innate when the student arrived at university, or might be the result of more-than-average hard work.
An exception is made if a medical professional has predicted, rightly or wrongly, that the student would need extra time for their exams, and has written their prediction in an Assessment of Needs. Candidates whose needs have not been assessed have their abilities measured by a fixed-duration exam, while others have the duration of their exam determined by their abilities.
The change in the pageant system’s name has come to ensure distinguishability from other pageant titles currently in the industry. The course is comprised of a Wilderness Expedition, Urban Section, Final Expedition and Family Debrief.
Students will be given all of the necessary gear, food, water and skills to complete this portion of the course. Shaded by giant Cypress and Tupelo trees, these rivers support a variety of wildlife and have deep cultural histories. Think of the other ways you communicate beyond spoken words, such as sending someone red roses because as a message that says love, because you have learned that different flowers have different emotional messages. ASL signs are also often closely tied to the actual meaning of the words – they make sense – such as cupping your hand behind the ear to sign “listen”. While that playing field may not be as level as it should be, at least officially sanctioned sexism has been abolished since Rosalind Franklin’s day. Their institution needs to be aware of their condition and make sure that they can access the exam.
To what extent can we separate our assessment of a physics student’s linguistic ability from their other skills?
They will also know the location of their instructors’ Solo site should they need to contact them for any reason and instructors will be monitoring students closely during this experience. Sign language also helps communicate emotions and sometimes allows people who can’t express their emotions in words easily to still give voice to their feelings. A more accurate and individually tailored assessment of each student’s needs could be made in the exam hall. I don’t know the answer, but I do know that it is complicated and not obvious, and should be debated before the rules are set in stone. We could unambiguously identify the students who need extra time, as a result of their own unique abilities and disabilities.

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